Bitcoin price increased 42% the last time it reached that level, and BTC touched it again

Late last month, Bitcoin (BTC) saw an amazing trading session, with the cryptocurrency price earning 42% within a 24-hour period; This has been the best daily performance of BTC in over six years. This move, which brought the property from $ 7,300 to $ 10,500, shocked many, and many saw the increase as something that was completely insensitive.

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However, the retrospective analysis showed that $ 7,300 was the 200-day moving average price in the CME futures market at that time, making 42% of the rebound the most bizarre.

While there is no guarantee that a rebound will come again, Bitcoin knocks on the door of the 200-day average in the CME table. What do you expect analysts to do this time?

The key level of Bitcoin taps; What next?
For those who do not know, technical analysts believe that the 200-day moving average of any asset is a level indicative of macro trends; Above-level trade implies a bullish macro trend, below-level trade implies a bear’s macro trend. As read in this section from Investopedia entry:

The simple 200-day moving average (SMA) is considered a key indicator by traders and market analysts to determine the overall long-term market trend … As long as the stock price remains above the SMA 200 in a daily timeframe, usually the operation is considered a general trend .

As noted by Mexbt analyst and as mentioned, Bitcoin has taken the 200-day moving average on CME. This time, this price did not respond, as the BTC was reduced slightly above $ 8,000.

Bitcoin is re-examining its 200-day CME 👀

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12:23 – November 20, 2019
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Although 42% recovery from the 200-day moving average is not very likely, there are signs that bulls may be ready to take over the crypto market again.

According to previous NewsBTC reports, Continuous Indicator Tom Demark, who uses time and prices to determine trends and investment points, has just printed two “Buy Nine” candles on the Grayscale CME and Bitcoin Trust. Also, just today, the BTC Spot Graphics just printed a nine-purchase.

This is far from the end of the bull story. Co-operator Jedox recently noted that the Bitcoin price action from the $ 3,150 long-term fund set up in December 2018 so far looks a lot like a textbook template by Richard Wickoff, marked by a sharp rise. Upwards after a bear market, double standard ceiling, backwards build up and then a bullish bull after bull break.

cryptocurrency live market

Jedox suggested that if his interpretation of this Wickoff pattern was correct, Bitcoin found a $ 7,400 mid-term fund and would soon see a sharp upside break.

The surrender occurred
Of course, the above is fine, though a key bear signal just appeared. The signal in question, the fire ribbons cross the bassist. As explained in this media in a recent report, this signal implies that miners are switching titles, selling their coins to turn on the lights, withdraw cash or upgrade their systems for the future.

The fire movies actually invested days before Bitcoin began a 50% decline from $ 6,000 to $ 3,000. In addition, this signal was seen several days before a 30% decline in 2016.

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Adventure Games: The Top 10 Adventure Games by LucasArts


For the majority of people born in the mid-seventies through the mid-eighties, their childhood included the rise of video games as a dominant form of entertainment. One of the most popular genres during this period of time was Adventure Games. These are games where the player takes on the role of the main character in a story that generally involves a search of some sort. The player is obligated to perform various actions and use various items that carry to his “inventory.”
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To be successful, the player must use problem-solving skills to advance throughout the game. It was and is still a great way to promote thinking out of the box, while creating a fun experience. The success of the genre generated many games that tried to take advantage of increasing popularity, but one of the protagonists to constantly produce quality games with a high value of entertainment was LucasArts. Here is the list of LucasArts’s top 10 adventure games:
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# 10: The Dig: check out Boston Low commander who is stuck on an alien planet in this sci-fi adventure game.

# 09: Loom: Play as Bobin in this fantastic adventure where you have to use music-related puzzles to advance your search.

# 08: Full Throttle: controls Well, a cyclist in a futuristic utopian society.
# 07: Grim Fandango: LucasArts’ first adventure game to use 3D graphics, this game focuses on Manny Skull and takes place on Earth of the Dead.

# 06: The Curse of Monkey Island: plays like Guybrush Threepweed, a self-proclaimed pirate who tries to rescue his lost love in this third installment of the Monkey Island franchise.
# 05: Indiana Jones and the destiny of Atlantis: this game takes the hearted Indiana Jones movie character and sends it on another adventure looking for the lost city of Atlantis.

# 04: Monkey Island II: LeChuck & # 39; s Revenge: The second game in the Monkey Island series has the player again controlling Guybrush Threepwood on another rescue mission.

# 03: Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle: Using elements of the journey through time, the player is able to play as several different characters while trying to save the world from a mutant tentacle.
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# 02: Sam & Max Hit The Road: They play Sam (a dog), half of a peculiar detective team assigned to solve a case that brings him and his partner Max (a rabbit) across the country.

# 01: The Secret of Monkey Island: The first appearance of Guybrush Threepwood is a classic that has generated four sequels and is the game that really pushed the success of the LucasArts adventure games to a totally new level.
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One of the most attractive aspects of LucasArts adventure games is that the player can never “lose” and is able to progress throughout the game whenever he can find out what to do next. This prevents an error from being committed and you have to start your game again from the beginning.
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LucasArts adventure games are also filled with humor to accompany the story so that the experience is much more enjoyable. If you want to play fun and fun games, it is highly recommended that you consult some or all of the games listed above.
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Submarine temple of Taman Pura


Indonesia is the country of the largest archipelago in the world. It has more than 13,600 islands that many of them directly exposed to powerful ocean waves rush from fierce southern seas.
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Scientists discovered some new species that had never been exposed, a giant submarine volcano, like prehistoric fish that were believed to have been extinct millions of years ago. Indonesia is also a site of exclusive interest for marine biodiversity, with Bali.
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Bali is the island of paradise that is closely linked to art and culture. It is also a good place to practice nautical sports such as excellent surfing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and rafting. A last discovery took place in Bali. It was a submarine temple.
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But was it really an ancient relic? The first time it was found, people are sure that this is a prehistoric discovery of relics. But it’s not in the Indiana Jones movie or in role-playing games that are usually played on many consoles.
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People ask about the originality of the underwater temple. It does not mean so much that that temple was found, the mystery of the presumed submarine temple has been resolved. It is not an ancient relic. This temple was built as part of a recent environmental conservation program.
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According to Paul M. Turley, owner of the Sea Rovers Dive Center in Pemuteran, Bali, the site of the temple actually exists and the location called Taman Pura (literally means temple garden) was created in 2005. This marine garden is extremely beautiful.
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This temple is unique, consisting of ten statues and a temple structure, the project was also a series of bio-shipwreck sites and a Reef Gardiners reef conservation project funded by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid).
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Taman Pura was created as some people are concerned about marine ecosystems and to protect the reefs to survive and recover from damage caused by excess nutrients, climate change and physical destruction.
That temple is really an engineering deed with more than ten large stone statues resting on stone plinths and a four meter high temple door that had dropped to a depth of 29 meters. In 2006, a second stage was built in these temples at a depth of 15 meters to allow the submarinists with less experience to be able to submarine the location.
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Although the submarine temple is not an ancient relic, it is worth seeing. This temple is a masterpiece of architecture and ornamentation of the main characteristic of Bali. There would be no secret treasure hidden inside. It is a modern place with an old touch.
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“Because we are always on top of what will happen, we can see when those funds start going toward the exchanges,” Elliptic co-founder and CEO James Smith told CNBC in a telephone interview. “We were able to let our clients know that these funds were going towards them, and they were able to stop them.”
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The firm on Wednesday said it raised $ 23m in a funding round led by Japan’s SBI Holdings to push for aggressive expansion in Asia. SBI, a financial services business rooted in SoftBank, has made headlines in the past due to partnerships with blockchain companies such as Ripple and R3. Elliptic also accounts for bitcoin value
Terrorist financing is just one area of ​​illegal activity that the firm’s platform deals with. Hassle has also been used to track down traffickers of child pornography and drugs, as well as hacking resulting in theft. Elliptic points to another side of the crypto industry, as its technology is seen as more favorable to businesses and financial services regulators.

Smith said the cryptocurrency industry has seen more growth in the past 18 months than in previous years. Bitcoin’s publicity has doubled since the beginning of the year, and Facebook announces plans to launch a virtual asset-backed currency called Libra, in partnership with other tech and finance firms.



Excellent airline ticket prices: explore alternative airport options to make great savings.


When traveling, many people only accept the prices of airline tickets from the nearest airport to their home. This is a big mistake, as there are often better rates available at nearby alternative airports. Learn more about how to take advantage of alternative airports to save ENERGY.
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For the purposes of this article, we reserve a hypothetical bus of economy / coach buses from Cincinnati, Ohio to Las Vegas, Nevada for two people at Delta Airlines. We will leave on a Monday and we will return on Friday. From here, the article will focus on ways to lower the cost of our airline tickets for this flight. All the research will be done on Priceline.com, but you could use one of the other online sites so easily.
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It is important that you understand that a flight booked outside an important international airport will cost much more than a smaller airport. If you want to leave a smaller airport, you can often save a significant amount of money from the prices of your airline ticket. Also keep in mind that a first-class flight that has four hours or less is a waste of money. Save that money for anything else and book tickets for coaches and economy
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Book the flight to exit Cincinnati on Monday, November 24, 2009 and return on November 27, 2009 gives us a price of less than $ 308 per person. But the same flight from Indianapolis to Indiana is only 228 dollars. In Columbus Ohio they are only $ 218, and in Dayton Ohio only at $ 188. This means that you can save up to a ticket of up to $ 120 just traveling outside a different airport.
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This type of savings is worth adding extra gas money to reach the other airport, especially in this case, where Dayton, the airport with the lowest price is only one hour away.
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Try to plan ahead and see how the price of your airline tickets will affect, as it will also save you money. It is not uncommon to find significant savings this way and it should also work in the city.
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In addition to saving money on the prices of your airline tickets, finding this way will often reveal significant savings in package deals where a car rental or a hotel stay is included.
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Do some homework on online ticketing sites before buying tickets for the next flight. Simply, choosing the nearest airport flight like everyone else, you’ll probably get higher airline ticket prices than you need.

Copyright (c) 2009 Drew C Spaeth


Created for bond: changes that cure part II


Failure to develop relationships

Emotional ties have a dramatic effect on our well-being. When one does not develop relationships or ties with others, it affects and can often affect their ability to avoid or recover from a variety of physical, but emotional, evils. When they learn to unite and rely on others, they begin to develop not only emotionally but also psychologically. Thus, its ability to bind to others … to get close together, often going forward with home life.

When a child is distressed, it can show unusual signs such as increased pulse, increased or worked breathing, helplessness and hopelessness, and can be easily annoyed. These signs are often seen when the biological parent remarries and the child tends to believe that he must compete with the parent for the care of biological parents.

When the adoptive or step son adopts the situation with food, physical contact, compassion and other help, the child learns that their parents can meet their needs. Then the child is more active and is able to respond to stimulation such as playing. When the child is happy, he is able to sleep and feel comfortable in his surroundings.

According to Deborah Gray, author of Attaching in Adoption, "attachment is a relationship formed primarily with family members and requires more time and interaction to be created. The attached file is referred to by most adoptive parents when They talk about linking with the child. Adopted children of all ages can be linked to their birth family, although the relationship is neglected or abusive. Many adoption experts agree that if a child can form a parent's attachment And to welcome them, you will have the abilities to join her. Foster family too. "

Signposting of a secure attachment

The process of parental attachment can take many weeks or years to develop completely and, in some cases, there may be perverse apprehension disorders for which professional therapy will be required. A strong indicator of the possibility of having an affair is the comfort with which the parent or the parent is able to recognize the needs of the child. It is important to remember that repeating parents with children's needs is the foundation of forming a safe attachment with children of all ages, not just with babies.

The hitch link forms the brain of a baby

The bonding link is the term of our first interactive love relationship, which we had with our primary caregivers, that is, with our mothers. The mother-child link is essential to shape the baby's brain. This important attachment deeply influences our self-esteem, our expectations of others and our ability to attract and maintain relationships of success. So, the success or failure of our first love – the bond of bondage – has an effect of life.

Our secure attachment configures our capabilities to:

  • to feel safe
  • Develop meaningful connections with others
  • explore our world
  • cope with stress
  • balance emotions
  • experience comfort and security
  • give meaning to our lives
  • create positive memories and expectations of relationships

The attachments are as unique as us. Primary caregivers should not be perfect. They should not always agree with their babies & # 39; Emotions, but help if they are emotionally available most of the time.

We were born with an innate or pre-programmed link need with a very significant person: our primary caretaker, usually our mother. Like all the babies, you were a small group of unleashed emotions, who experienced intensely fear, anger, sadness and joy, often at the same time. The natural emotional ties that grew between you and your caregiver were the first interactive relationship of your life and depended on non-verbal communication. Therefore, the link you have experienced in this relationship determined how you will interact with other people throughout your life. This link relationship established the basics of any verbal and non-verbal communication in your future relationships.

For better or worse, the coupling link deeply affects the child's brain. It is a first loving relationship for babies. When the main caregiver can manage personal stress, calm the baby, communicate through emotion, share happiness and forgive easily, the nervous system of the young child is "well-tied." The fundamental basis of a secure hitch link allows the child to trust himself, trusting, hopeful and comfortable in the face of the conflict. As an adult, it will be flexible, creative, hopeful and optimistic.

People who fail to establish this type of linking relationship often experience confused emotional communications, frightening or broken during their childhood and often they become adults who have difficulties in understanding their own emotions and the feelings of others. This hinders your ability to establish, build, and / or maintain attachments that lead to successful relationships.

What is the attachment?

The attached file is the relationship between babies and their primary carers: it is responsible for:

  • configuring the success or failure of future intimate relationships
  • the ability to maintain a normal emotional balance
  • the ability to enjoy ourselves and find satisfaction to be with others
  • The ability to bounce successfully from various disappointments, discouragement and misfortune

Many scientific studies on the brain – and the main role the patient has in their model – have given us a new base to understand why a large number of people have great difficulties in communicating with the most important people in the world. his life and love. Once, we could only use convictions to try to determine why important relationships never evolved, nor did they develop chronic problems or break down. Now, thanks to the new visions about brain development, we can understand What you need to help build and nourish significant and productive relationships at home and at work.

What is he attached link ?

According to the document, the mother-child link is the main force in the development of the baby theory of attachments a pioneer for English psychiatrist John Bowlby and American psychologist Mary Ainsworth. The theory has gained strength through global scientific studies and the use of brain imaging technology.

The theory of attachments establishes that the relationship between infants and primary caregivers is responsible for:

  • configuring all our future relationships
  • Strengthening or damaging our ability to focus, be aware of our feelings and calm us
  • The ability to bounce misfortune

The scientific research reveals the interactions between babies and adults that have resulted in a success, for sure The attachment, where both people are aware of other feelings and emotions, is the precursor necessary to have successful relationships. These studies also reveal problems, or insecure Affection, in which communication of feelings fails, leading to an inability to form the necessary link to establish a solid relationship. The researchers found that to be successful adult Relationships must exist in us and we must depend on the ability to:

  • manage stress
  • stay "attentive" with emotions
  • use communicative body language
  • Be playful in a way that they are accomplished
  • forgive easily, give up scales

The same research also found that when one insecure There is some type of mistreatment caused by attachment, but it is the same as probably caused by isolation or loneliness. These recent discoveries offer a new vision of successful love relationships. Taking these observations into account often provides the keys to identifying and repairing a loving relationship that is narrowing or drowning.

Unsafe affection affects adult relationships

Insecurity can be a significant problem in all our lives and it is usually rooted when the bond of a baby's affection does not provide the child with sufficient structure, recognition, understanding, security and mutual agreement. These insecurities can lead us to:

  • Adjust and deactivate -Many times, if our ancestor is not available and absorbed, we can lose ourselves, as children, in our own inner world, we become introverted, avoiding narrow emotional connections. This often causes adults to move away physically and emotionally into relationships.
  • It remains unsafe -If we have inconsistent or intrusive parents, it is more than likely that we become unreal and anxious and fearful, never knowing what to expect. Then, as adults, we can be available again for a moment and totally reject the following.
  • It becomes disorganized, aggressive and angry -When our first needs for proximity and emotional comfort are abandoned or when erratic behavior of parents is a source of disorienting terror, there will surely be emotional problems. As we grow in adults, we may lack the ability to love easily and, unknowingly, is insensitive to the needs of our partner.
  • Slowly develop Problems often occur when they do not develop as quickly as we should, both emotionally and intellectually. These developmental delays often manifest themselves in the form of deficits and often lead to subsequent physical and mental health problems, and generally lead to social and learning disabilities.

Lessons learned from our attached link

There are many powerful lessons that change life, which we learn from our bond of attachment: our first love relationship continues to teach us as adults. The intestinal knowledge that we have obtained from this link guides us to improve relationships between adults and make them safe.

Lesson no. 1-All adult relationships depend on nonverbal forms of communication to succeed. These abilities of nonverbal communication are learned from childhood. Newborns can not speak, reason or plan; Still, they are equipped to make sure your needs are met. Babies do not know what they need, they feel what they need and they communicate accordingly. When a baby communicates with a caregiver who understands and meets his physical and emotional needs, an affection takes place and the force of this attachment influences other later life relationships.

Lesson no. 2: The relationships in which the parties are tuned among them are called tuned relationships, and the mutually agreed relationships teach us that:

  • Non-verbal indications deeply affect our love relationships
  • While we play, it helps us smooth out the turbulent times we endure in love relationships
  • Unavoidable conflicts can create relationships of trust if we approach them without fear or without punishing or reprisal

When we can recognize knee the memories, perceive expectations, inappropriate attitudes, unfounded hypotheses and inappropriate behaviors as derived problems unsecured bonding, We can exclude its influence and its effect on our adult relationships. This recognition allows us to reconstruct easily healthy Non-verbal communication skills that produce in the end hook attached and relationship of success.

Become an adult orientation and relationships

As we grow older, we mostly take with us the ideas and communication lessons we have learned since our childhood. If these are good or bad depends on our ability to not only see life from our perspective, but also have the ability and willingness to see things from the point of view of the other person. When we are able to do it, we are in a more astute position to deal with situations and circumstances that are adverse to us.

As we go through the stage of the life of adolescence we are disagree not only with others but also with ourselves. We want to be an adult with all their rights and privileges before we can become one, but at the same time we want to abdicate the responsibility that this station has in life. It is time to take your own decisions and take authority over your own life, but you are still there. You must learn to keep control of your impulsivity and your inhibitions. You must be able to re-evaluate your beliefs in an objective way, see your parents and their authority figures in a realistic way, recognize and pursue your talents and goals given by God and be willing to assume your ultimate responsibility for you they themselves Finally, you must be able to accept and appreciate people who are different.

This ability helps us to accept good and bad because we are able to cope with situations in a mature way. When we do this, we position ourselves in a position of strength and translate into a correct assessment of ourselves. Thus, we manage to overcome some of the most persistent problems we face every day, since now we can not only see black and white things, but also in the various shades of gray. As such, we can make mistakes in the mistakes of our peoples and other peoples.

At this moment, we realize that everything that makes life does not have to follow our path to be happy. We have a new perspective on ourselves, others and God as a result of our change of thinking. Then we are able to deal with mercy, with grace, with the understanding that we also make mistakes. When we enter into the field of tolerance and forgiveness, we can love others without being perfect.

But, in order to achieve the task and the responsibility to grow, we also have the responsibility to take responsibility and be responsible for the things that have entrusted us. These things include our attitude, language and actions. While we continue to grow in height and wisdom, the level of maturity of our lives should also increase proportionally.

Differences between men and women

Based on my experience in dealing with women (my mother, my children, my sisters, seven sisters and a lot of friends and associates), I see that most women are generally oriented toward existing friendships, while that men were more interested in meeting new people and finding people who had similar interests, that is, men would prefer the arrival of new people instead of building their existing relationships.

These results contribute to the increasing research on social capital, the creation of networks and demonstrate the importance of examining specific interactive applications. The importance of distinguishing strong ties with the weak plays a fundamental role in the establishment of new relationships. It is also important to consider the importance of taking gender differences into account in the patterns of social interaction. While, women increase their share capital as a result of the use of these sites, but men do not. Women, on the other hand, show a diminution of the social capital bond with people who are outside their area of ​​normal influence.

The fear of incorporating emotional intimacy into these associations / relationships is mainly due to fear of rejection and encouragement: a fear of losing the other and / or losing. To overcome this obstacle you must be able to establish an inner link with yourselves. Internal bonding is a transformative process to cure the fear of ideas related to privacy that have been derived from past experiences.

The mental visualization of these experiences often causes us to fall into a state of emotional security that hinders our ability to openly tolerate the inconsistencies that we see in others. As a result, we ourselves move to a protective state and, therefore, unable to cope with the negative feelings we will experience invariably. This barrier can prevent us from solving problems that, in reality, are not problems.

Adolescence imadurization

The struggles with identity and depression of adolescence usually settle down when an adolescent experiences a loss. The most important loss of your life is the changing relationship between the teenager and his parents. Teens can also experience conflicts in their relationships with friends. This may be due to the activities in which your friends participate, such as smoking, which makes teens feel as if participating in activities of these activities is probably essential to keep these friends. Sometimes, adolescent depression can be extremely intense due to physical and hormonal changes, but emotional instability is part of adolescence. Change, mind, body and relationships often appear as stressors and, according to this, they represent a change.

Your experiences in life help you to mature. Maturity develops when you know that you have no one to blame the past, but about your circumstances and immaturity. Often, your immatureness prevented you from having an adequate perspective of the facts and seeing things as they were. This made others blame for your sufferings. It is possible that you have created and increased your suffering without realizing the facts and circumstances and making an easy way out, keeping the others responsible for it.

You feel that you are always at the end of receipt of all errors or misperceptions due to immaturity. However, life has a good deal of repeating memories and after a few years it recreates the same circumstances, but this time it puts you on the opposite side (ending), you have no choice but to accept the fact that you are so immature. They have grown over the years. As you mature, life makes you see your age & # 39; In another person, now in these circumstances, you know that the other person still has to wait years before to grow up and realize these facts.

Maturity slowly drives wisdom when you know that it is only you who have to stand up and take responsibility for their past: action / inaction, sufferings / failures instead of being responsible for others. It is really said that you create your own happiness. By blaming others and sustaining scales, happiness is at stake and it is allowed to hate and self-compassion. However, with time and wisdom when you accept responsibility for your sufferings and embrace all your successes without pride, you are really happy.

Divorce and its effects on maturity

The children of divorced parents usually bitterly promote failure to repeat the same mistakes. They want to avoid putting themselves and their own children through the pain that comes from the dissolution of a marriage. But, according to researcher at the University of Utah, Nicholas H. Wolfinger, these aspirations for children have unfavorable odds. "Growing up in a divorced family greatly increases the chances of ending their own marriage, a phenomenon called the divorce cycle or the intergenerational transmission of divorce." Dr. Wolfinger has spent almost a decade studying the marriages of children from divorced houses in America. These children are more likely to marry during their adolescence, to cohabit and marry someone who is also the child of divorced parents. And they also have a third less chance of getting married if they are older than 20 years.

"Understanding the divorce cycle: the children of divorce in their own marriages," by Wolfinger, published by Cambridge University Press, contains important information for those interested in divorce and their repercussions. "Divorce is an important issue because it has so many consequences for welfare," writes Wolfinger,

"Their transmission between generations adds a completely new dimension perpetuating the divorce cycle. In short, the divorce cycle can be thought of as a cascade. Finishing the marriage begins a cycle that threatens to affect an increasing number of people with The passage of time. Thoughts stand out in a time when half of all new marriages fail. "His research also suggests that if a spouse comes from divorced parents, the couple may be twice as likely to divorce. Spouses who are children of divorced parents are three times more likely to divorce couples coming from intact families.

In addition to observing the civil stability of the offspring of divorced couples, the book by Wolfinger & # 39; s offers another perspective on how parental divorce affects marriage time, marriage selection, cohabitation relationships and the historical tendencies of the divorce cycle. Wolfinger also explores the divorce reform movement in America and argues in favor of divorce laws without guilt, arguing that returning to an age of harsh divorce laws would recreate social conditions that would make divorce difficult for children.

My opinion, taking into account everything written on this subject, is that one of the reasons that children from divorced families divorce more frequently is because they tend to marry adolescents. Social history shows that the greater you are when you get married, the less likely you have to divorce. It is a good advice for everyone. "

On the other hand, the more transitions the children experience while they grow older, the more adults will experience. Given this, the question that should be asked is: "What is more difficult for children is how many interruptions they experience: cycles up and down.

This is a valid question because many children will have sibling parents, and some will see that their new families will be dissolved. This type of disruption occurs at any time lost by a parent, except death. This is not different and does not have the same negative effects on children … while divorce is ambiguous. The children ask themselves if the divorce was their fault or who is to blame. I wonder what's coming back? & # 39; "It is without a doubt good news that people are less likely to remain in marriages with higher conflicts than before. However," ending a marriage with low conflicts can harm children as much as staying in a high conflict family " , and the probability of Divorce transmission is actually higher if parents dissolve a marriage after little or no conflict, therefore, we should assess the effects that divorce will have on our children and their emotional well-being should to decide to travel this road.

But before making this decision, we should sincerely examine ourselves and the motivating things that move us in this direction. This inventory, if a prayer is made, will allow us to see more clearly the point of view of other people and make the necessary adjustments, if any, to solve the problems that precipitated the situation. If we are really willing to continue the relationship, we must take the necessary measures to solve the problems of what is good or bad, first considering what we could have done to alleviate the problem instead of blaming them. When we allow the power of forgiveness to flow into us, we can not only confront the past and the present, but also the future, as the ties are cemented.

Gray, Deborah . Adjunct to adoption: Practical tools for parents today and # 39; s. Indiana: Perspectives Press Inc., 2002.


Borat – orientalist satire to make a glorious Western Intelligentsiya debate


"Dzienkuje" Sacha Baró Cohen!

We were waiting for Godot, but you heard what we really needed and, instead, you sent us Borat! And Borat is if it's not a mobile party and a gift that he continues to give. At the same time, he was able to offend the Kazakhs, frighten Jewish anti-defamation groups, outraged the monitors of Orientalism, remove Americans from hypocrite skin, provoke laughter to the generations of Beavis and Butthead, Southpark and Archie Bunker, and finally, however , of course, no less important – offers a glorious opportunity for western intellectuals to criticize and debate the merit, meaning and interpretation of masterpieces of celluloid. Finally, thanks to you, we can now confirm that rumors of the death of Yakov Smirnov and # 39; They were very exaggerated. It turns out that he's doing well and doing well, after having found work in the big American city called Branson, Missouri ("Hours great … auditorium, career and less-filled pockets … but what country!" … well, bad example)! Slama dunk, emission achieved, and hiyya-fiyva, to you Sacha!

Talk about a movie that caused cinemakers to be bombarded, even before they checked the hours of the movie, with indications and conflicting instructions of cultural elites, designers and peers of reference:

1) Go to the movie. Rio, have fun!

2) If you go to the movie, do not laugh!

3) Go to the movie, laugh, but then I'm outraged!

4) Do not go to the movie, partly because you could laugh!

5) If you go there, something goes wrong.

6) If you do not go there, there is something wrong with you.

Borat!: Cultural Learningings of America for Make Benefit The Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan can not help, but I do not leave the impression that we may have become an over-programmed culture with too much script.

This article tries to address some of the greatest controversies and ramifications derived from the character Borat and Borat! the movie (from here on Borat!). He does this by touching some of the broad criticisms, publishing options and online publications that the film has generated. An admission and a type of resignation on the film seems in order before beginning: I went … I laughed … I cried … (but because I laughed, not because I went).

It's to make fun of Kazakh people! … NO !!!

Let's start with a question that has consumed so many keys in recent months. In part, we can do it because the intention of Sacha Baron Cohen (that is, from the point of view of production / supply) is much simpler than the question of how it is or has been interpreted and used The film on the part of the public (that is, on the side of consumption / demand).

Shortly after the American launch of Borat! An interview with Sacha Baron Cohen appeared at the Rolling Stone edition on November 14, 2006. It is clear that a lot of people do not know about the interview, have not read it, or do not want it , because the Internet is the debate about who satirized Baron Cohen in the movie. While there may be, they are and there will be many interpretations of who is harmful due to Borat! (more information below), the comments of Baron Cohen & # 39; Interviewer Neil Strauss really eliminates much of the speculation that Baron Cohen intends to make the film. That Baron Cohen would have noticed too late that there was a real value and the power to keep the mother about his intentions with Borat is possible when you consider that, according to Strauss, Baron Cohen was disturbed enough by the meeting that Strauss called a week after the interview to speak.

Here is what Cohen Baron said, although he probably did not win, he would have to diminish speculation about his motivations in favor of Borat! Baron Cohen reacted to the news that the Kazakh government was thinking of suing him and published a full-page ad that promoted the country to the New York Times (they finally did):

I was surprised, because I always had faith in the public who will realize that it was a fictional country and its sole purpose was to allow people to bring their own prejudices. And the reason why we chose Kazakhstan was because it was a country that nobody had heard about, so we could play basically with the stereotypes that could have on this former Soviet rear. The joke is not going to Kazakhstan. I think the joke is about people who can believe that the Kazakhstan that I describe may exist, who believe that there is a country where homosexuals wear blue hats and women live in cages and drink fermented horse urine and the age of consent It has been raised until the age of nine.

In this way, much of the debate about the intentions of Cohen & # 39; s. These are Borat interviews for people, in the American film, and not for Kazakhs and Kazakhs. The film is intended to be American.

Certainly this was what pulled the movie Ryan Gilbey from the left-wing weekly of London, New Statesman. An article introduced as "Sacha Baron Cohen's American crass show" and "Kazakh journalist reveals uncomfortable truths about the US" summarized the film as follows:

Borat's violence in the New York subway after trying to greet the strangers with kisses is really frightening. There is an aging cow that only requires the possibility of supporting the murder of gays and Muslims. Others are accused so much they do not say or what they do. A multitude of wheels does not show any kind of fulfillment to encourage Borat's borate speech on Iraq, without realizing clearly that what he said was actually: "We support your war of terror!" And it is impressive to bear witness to the tacit acceptance with which Borat's borate requests are welcomed. Trying to find the ideal car to seal gypsies or seek the best weapon to kill Jews, only finds compliance among sellers of America. It seems that the client is always right, even when he has the extreme right.

An April 2003 article by Lucy Kelaart in the British newspaper The Guardian suggests that some Kazakhs, at least those with a certain exposure to the West, have understood Borat until then (according to their British television visits to the United States). Most interview topics by Kelaart & # 39; Almaty's streets did not have fun, instead of being really offended and they thought Borat was simply stupid:

Ainura, 25, spent a year living in the United States. He thinks Borat is giving Kazakhstan a bad name. "Borat does not make fun of the Kazakhs, he makes fun of Americans," he says. "They are credible. You have not said any of them, and in any way, this can not be true." The program describes an American stereotype, not a Kazakh. # American attitude toward foreigners: strong accents, strong voices, stupidity, male-chauvinism. "

Of course, as I said before and we will see, the intentions of Baron Cohen & # 39; It was all the criticisms of this article would be much shorter than it is. Especially in the period of postmodern criticism, the audience and any real or potential sub-audience take center stage.

The "complete" Sacha Baron Cohen: Beyond Borat

What less American than see Borat! Consider in ethnocentric terms that we are the main objective of Baron Cohen & # 39; In his work, it is instructive to look at the "complete" Sacha Baró Cohen or, at most, a wide range of characters that he has played on television and in the movies. .

In the other signing role of Baron Cohen in Hollywood movies in 2006, he played the role and antagonist of Will Ferrell & # 39; to the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. The character of Baron Cohen & # 39; Jean Girard is a French pilot of "Formula One" that takes the NASCAR circuit by storm. It is a march of achievement that some could say of the "fried of freedom", American stereotype of "franc (frit)" (franc): a snob, effet, espresso gossip, opera escort, L & # 39 ; Etranger reading (adding insult to the injuries while driving!), a homosexual sponsored by Perrier (his long-time partner played by Conan O & # 39; Brien's lead partner Andy Richter) .

It is difficult to see this as a role in which Baron Cohen exploits the American public in some way, unless interpreting a stereotype destined to be the highest offensive, in a certain sense condescending to that public and his intelligence . Rather, his role as Jean Girard seems to be an English par excellence (at Benny Hill) and, in that sense, gives light to Borat, as we learn from his interview with Rolling Stone that Baron Cohen grew idolizing to Peters Sellers and loved Sellers & # 39; famous French stereotype, inspector Jacques Clouseau:

The future of Baron Cohen was established when he was about eight years old for two significant events. The first was to see one of Peter Sellers & # 39; The Pink Panther films at the ninth birthday of a friend, which is a lifetime admiration of the British comic book and # 39; The other was when his older brothers snatched him into a theater to see Monty Python & # 39; s the life of Brian.

Certainly, the most famous character of Baron Cohen and whose success was probably responsible for Borat having a long-term opportunity – is the false rapper "gangsta" Ali G. In fact, it is Instructions to keep in mind that in the first feature film of Ali G. & # 39; In 2001, Ali G. Indahouse, instead of an epic quest for Pamela Anderson, Ali G. pursues the supermodel Naomi Campbell. Much of the criticisms of "Ali G." It sounds, in fact, remarkably familiar when we see complaints about the insensitivity of Baron Cohen and # 39; s to Kazakhs. In the United Kingdom, Ali G. precipitated comments like that of Felix Dexter, a comic book of a British television series. It replaces "Kazakhs" with the "black street culture" and we could get a characterization similar to what we see after Borat!: "But a lot of humor makes laughing at the black street culture and is celebrating because it allows liberal middle classes to laugh at that culture in a context where they retain their sense of political correction ".

Tell the Kazakhs! … However, why exactly Kazakhstan?

Borat's ancestor and prototype was the character of a Moldovan television reporter, Alexi Krickler, who Cohen played in the mid-1990s on British television. According to Cohen, this character was based on a doctor who met in a free beach getaway in Astrakhan, in the south of Russia: "… there was a guy who was a doctor and, at the time I met him, I went I started laughing … I had some Borat elements, but I did not have any racism, misogynist or anti-Semitism. In fact, it was a Jew. "

This is revealing in that personal characteristics are separated from the visions it attributes to their artistic creation, something that some might complain is the essence of the stereotyped.

It was like Alexi Krickler that Baron Cohen collided with what Strauss called "a tiny epiphany that would end up feeding the Baron Cohen's career # 39;"

For example, when someone interviewed the British Lions British team, he would return and return with the interviewee for ten minutes, apparently unable to understand that they do not have real lions playing rugby. "I was shocked by the patience of some of the high class members who were so willing to look polite, especially in a camera, that they would never get out," says Baron Cohen.
Of course, there was a difference that may have been evident over the years … at least to Borat !: Originally, Baron Cohen concentrated a lot on the truly powerful, whether celebrities or those with money and power, but Borat! He clearly began to slip towards "extreming the gang of" more average citizens. Maybe it's where he goes "cross the line".

Greetings from "Post (card) -Commiestan"

Borat of Borat! He still had to have several incarnations of Alexi Krickler at Borat Sagdiyev today. After Alexi Krickler came an Albanian television journalist named Kristo. Only later became the "barred" of Baron Cohen & # 39; s: first as Borat Karabzhanov, later as Borat Dutbayev, and finally in 2003 as Borat Sagdiyev. This is perhaps important because it suggests that, although Sacha Baron Cohen and Kazakhstan have become inseparably intertwined, Borat & # 39; Kazakhness was almost incidental. Here, inevitably, an intent is wrong, sometimes it is convenient to read in retrospective analyzes: Bram Stoker & # 39; Dracula is currently inextricably associated with Romania, but apparently, Dracula began Stoker's imagination as "Count Wampyr" in Styria (Austria)) and only later (as Borat) migrated to the head in Transylvania

However, Moldova, Albania and Kazakhstan have a clear and common theme: they are part of the post-communist world of Eastern Europe and of the former Soviet Union. And it is worth remembering here the comments of Baron Cohen & # 39; mentioned above: "And the reason why we chose Kazakhstan was because it was a country that nobody had heard about, so we could basically play stereotypes that may be in this respect. The former Soviet ex-president" . That is, a generic place (card) -Commystan of type.

Baron Cohen has not commented specifically on why Krickler had to leave Moldova and change his name and why his television reporter is always in the post-communist world, but we can speculate. In this way, Bram Stoker has not changed a lot since the time of Bram Stoker, the need to find an environment both exotic and at the same time familiar, to act as a propitious one, but not to distract from the underlying objective of the artform. We wonder to what extent the Borat migration & # 39; s from Moldova to Albania to Kazakhstan was granted directly or indirectly for events in the real world: Albania surely lost part of the "unknown" character that is key to this argumental device, due to heavier news coverage. enveloping Kosovo in the late 90s (perhaps it is a witness to the Wag the Dog film). The distance, of course, facilitates parody (witness the famous song Weird Al Yankovic and video parody "Amish Paradise", talk about a disjointed community that is unlikely to bother!) But only to a point: Go to the young man! … but not too far in the world, because it makes you unrecognizable and your audience can not relate and the power of satire is lost.

Molvania, Romanova and Kreplakistan … Oh My!

This still leaves a key question unanswered: why has Baron Cohen sought out that his mock reporter came from real places … even though he was described fictionally? Yes, as Baron Cohen suggests, Borat is not a real Kazakhstan, but a fictional Kazakh man so absurd that "the joke lies with people who can believe that Kazakhstan can describe it", why choose a country name real to start. with? As a reflection of separation, the claim of independence and the micro-state phenomena of the region during the post-communist era have seen an explosion of "really imagined communities" in recent years in the form of fictitious countries to the post-communist space.

According to John Tierney, he said in a New York Times, "I would like Cohen to have invented a country like Molvania," instead of Borat coming from Kazakhstan. Molvania is, of course, the well-known fiction land of the Jetlag Travel Guide (Molvania: A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry), described as "somewhere in northern Bulgaria and below Chernobyl." (Despite the name of a fictional country, the stipulated location and its characteristics, its three Australian authors maintain that it was not modeled in Moldova or Romania, but was inspired by trips to Portugal.) Among many other things, Molvania is the home of Europe & # 39; It is the oldest nuclear reactor, and according to one of its authors, "It is a very beautiful country now that the levels of radiation have fallen to acceptable standards."

Unsafe nuclear power stations, environmental degradation and genetic mutation are also the fist of Ben Stiller & # 39; s Dodgeball comedy in 2004, which is presented to Fran Stalinofskivichdavidovitchsky of Romanova: "In his native country of Romanova, Dodgeball is the national sport and his nuclear power station won the championship five consecutive years, which makes the deadliest woman on Earth with an elusive. "

Then there's Mike Myers & # 39; Creation of Kreakistan in the Austin Powers series: Kreakistan is an old Soviet republic apparently unable to protect its nuclear fires and in a state of perpetual chaos (as CNN clashes of people who convey to us are mocking). There is speculation about Wikipedia that Kreakistan "is probably based on the true Autonomous Socialist Republic of Karakalpak, now the Republic of Karakalpakstan." More convincing, however, is the idea that "kreplak" inspires "kreplach, a Jewish dish from Eastern Europe consisting of meatballs full of flesh".

But, is to invent a country the solution to problems of stereotypes and negative prejudices? If the Internet is an indication: apparently not. Molvania contributes a strong criticism on the part of those who see it as another variation of the orientalist (neo) theme. There are angry allegations, especially from the photos that authors use in the book and on the Molvania website, since, while they play the role of fictional millers, they are really real people. The critics in Molvania have not only been sent to the monitors of Orientalism. In similar comments to Kazakh officials about Borat, in 2004, Britain's former British minister Keith Vaz criticized the book because "it reflects some of the roaring prejudices (in Europe) … The sad thing is that some of them people may actually believe that there is this country. "Ironically, too, the option of a fictitious" country "can be interpreted as even more insulting because it treats people from a whole region or group as a" they "essentially undifferentiated. I can not separate them, they all look alike … "

Borat, class and urbanity

The parallel drawn by John Tierney between Borat! And Molvania is, of course, natural and, therefore, one that has made many, especially on the Internet. Especially when stories about the way Borat & # 39; s scoffed at the "Kazakh" hometown of the film was filmed in a gypsy poor (Romanian) village of Romania – where the villagers received as a payment for their work the "pig party" and, While presumably, Sacha Baró Cohen spent the night at the refuge of the abducted mountain of Sinaia – the subject of the class entered the discussion about Borat! It is difficult to not reach the conclusion that the subject of the class can make the movie more attractive because it is portrayed as a "safe cultural environment". That is, poverty becomes broadly fun when portrayed by relatively unknown or culturally unprotected culture … whether it be Kazakhs or "trash trailers" in "America" ​​in red.

The Polish author of the blog "Beatroot" captured this well in a publication of Molvania's book titled: "Why is it that the only liberals think it is not good to laugh at them? days? the white working class and the central and eastern Europeans? "

Europe & # 39; s & # 39; white trash & # 39;

… There is something strange in the West. If you had written this type of books about African people, let's say, rightly so, there would be a hassle and an outrage. Words like racism & # 39; It would have been used by liberal left reviewers. But it seems that political correction currently extends to all groups, except for the poor targets of urban, rural or rural areas of America and Europe.

In fact, I would venture to speculate that the villagers had Borat! Presented as gypsies or "gypsies", rather than as fictional Kazakhs, there could be greater indignation over this, precisely because of the hierarchy of officially recognized discrimination that prevails in the cultural and political circles of the West. Being presented as relatively unknown Kazakhs, however, made "easier" laugh freely. If the English tabloid media had not been interested in the town of Glod (which means "clay!") And show the clips of the movie to the villagers, it is possible that these fictional Kazakhs would have been so discouraged as the familiar Amish. Weird Al Yankovic: According to journalists, "not a single villager with whom we have ever spoken could have allowed a trip to the nearest cinema, 20 kilometers."

Clay that is cooked in the sun or when things will be placed: uses of borate

It is well known that the finished cultural products can turn into intermediate inputs or be reprocessed by the things that their creators could never have dreamed and may even disagree. A few years ago, I remember seeing a television report in an important US metropolitan area where real estate agents were investigated to use the "Archie Bunker" shortcut to describe customers with discriminatory tastes, & # 39; thinking that, through this language, they were left in some way within the limits of equality of opportunity regulations. In the same way, US troops in Iraq have described the incorporation of the satirical jingoistic ballad "America, ** ck yes!" of Team America: World Police in their missions. So it has been with Borat. This is undoubtedly the complaint of Jewish anti-defamation groups: it does not matter that Baron Cohen is a Jew and seeks to highlight anti-Semitic prejudices, if his audience laughed, more than not, with Borat i # 39; s anti-Semitism

The London tabloid The Sun, well-known for his "deceit" about immigration, and some would argue his action against racist and xenophobic attitudes, sought his field of work to do away with Borat! in the context of the debate on immigration in relation to the entry of Romania and Bulgaria & # 39; to the European Union on January 1, 2007. The article is pleased to cite Gheorghiu Pascu, 46, saying that "Borat is a son of a bitch, who made us look wild. This is Transylvania, the Dracula's home. If he ever comes back, we will stick a stake to his back and we will prevent him. Then he would cut the b ***s. "Two weeks later, under the title that spread" We left Romania "was an image of villagers in carts drawn by horses with the figure "Horse and cart … The Rumanians are heading towards a better life, slowly." The article cites a villain saying that "people will simply avoid restrictions working on the black market or working for their own account" and ends with another commitment, "Borat should have an account. Soon it may reach some of us in London . "

American stereotype … Now that you reach a theater near you:
Incorrect reception of the United States, its incorrect rights and its incorrect rights

Borat! It is full of what we could call "nesting Westernisms" or "nesting anti-Americanisms": that is, it creates and plays with foreign and domestic hierarchies of Americans, good, bad and mild. Chris Jones focused on the guidance and nostalgia of Baron Cohen and # 39; Itinerary of the film as follows:

… Borat starts his American walk in New York, the land of the cold and the far, where the only communication is epithet. He then heads to the South, the land of multifaceted and idiocy, where local gothic artists have not changed their vision since Scarlett O & # 39; Hara He turns to Texas, where the dried fruits garnished with cowboy hats chew their lips in each corner. And after a short trip to the ghetto, where each street is called "Martin Luther King Blvd." – It ends in Southern California, where the breasts are surgically enhanced in each swimwear.

In other words, Baron Cohen traveled the way so often visited by the European attractions park of American stereotypes (and some of us would have to believe that only Americans see the world as an extension of Disneyland! ) "Otherwise", it turns out, it does not recognize the class struggle or the political correction.

Baron Cohen, certainly, is taken seriously, or at least wants to portray himself. Therefore, it should not surprise anyone that the Americans who get the best out of the movie are a Jewish religious age couple, who religiously watches, who runs bed and breakfast and an African American callgirl. be an actress):

I think that part of the film shows the absurdity of having any form of racial prejudice, be it the hatred of African Americans or Jews … Borat essentially works as a tool. Being the same anti-Semitic, let people lower their guard and expose their own prejudice, whether anti-Semitism or the acceptance of anti-Semitism …. I remember when I was in college I studied history. And there was this important historian of the Third Reich, Ian Kershaw. And his appointment was: "The road to Auschwitz was paved with indifference." I know it's not very funny to be a comic book about the Holocaust, but I think it's an interesting idea that not everyone in Germany should be a scary anti-Semitic. They only had to be apathetic.

But, is it really what we are talking about with the ugly Americans that Baron Cohen is in Borat! On the one hand, Chris Jones raises a good question: Baron Cohen had to "cross the lake" to find such disturbing stereotypes?

Since it seems that Cohen is the best paying comic in Britain, and because it is considered radical, here is the movie that should now be done. We see that Borat does some cultural learning in his own world of smuggling. It would not be difficult for him to speak a racist to a pub in London. He could go to any British football game and find a cacophony of anti-gay attacks. Get an Irishman on the street talking about immigrants from Eastern Europe and someone will set a foot. Borat could spend time with French gothic of the Dordogne. Could you teach us about how Europe has integrated (or not) its Muslim citizens? Do not have hookers in Hamburg? Let's see if they welcome your best German party.

As Andrew Mueller points out on the film: "What surprises all Americans he finds is not his ingenuity, but his politude, hospitality and the extraordinary degree in which Borat must cause situations to provoke If you had tried these old ones in many other countries, taking dinner at dinner and spreading the national anthem to a rodeo audience, he would have carried out the advertising campaign.

He would argue that Baron Cohen to some extent misrepresents the reactions he "exposes." What he sees with the majority of Americans that he captures on tape is the same as "high class English … so keen to seem educated by the camera"? I do not think so. The reservation, the failure to act, the consensual behavior of the Americans Baron Cohen fulfills, arguing, is born from the desire not to offend the guest, however strange, to not speak or ask questions because they do not show a # 39; s ignorance After all, we are saying that the greatest step that can be done on the day and age globalized in the news is nowadays and the globalized age, and mock or express the ignorance of our interlocutor culture. Do not hear judgments, just play together, keep up well …

This is the American socio-cultural laissez-faire – also known as North American ocentism – in the best and worst case, a world where individual privacy can reach absurd proportions, whether it is asked a neighbor about your salary as the value of your home. or not interfere with the neighbor on the side, although it may be possible to doubt the noises that are felt at night as indications of physical or mental abuse. In fact, Borat's very American counterattack! can be seen in the final episode of the long-running comedy series Seinfeld, where the four main characters are tried in courts for not having complied with a recently approved law "Bon Samaritano" and help a man in a situation of # 39, anguish, who was fun instead. Due to its weight: a tribute, destined or not, to the American autocentrism.

Is it safe? … is it safe?

"Is it safe? … Is it safe?" It is nothing more than something that the dentist feels. És el pensament que travessa les ments de les persones abans, mentre o després de riure al nostre món postmodern. Potser la lliçó aquí, però, és no prendre-nos-ho massa en serio.

Els nord-americans haurien d’estar agraïts per una pel·lícula: fa un mirall i ens explica com alguns de la resta del món ens veuen. Com s'ha dit sovint, en el passat molts que no els van agradar als Estats Units tenien una visió compartimentada que separava la política exterior dels Estats Units amb la gent; cada cop més enquestes d’opinió pública estrangera suggereixen que els estrangers ja no distingeixen aquesta distinció (tot i que pot ser que les percepcions de la primera afectin negativament les segones). Ens agradi o no, el baró Cohen ha aprofundit eficaçment en les percepcions estrangeres dels Estats Units i ha trobat prou nord-americans per interpretar de manera brillant els lleus estereotips que esperava d’ells.

D'altra banda, sí, Virgínia, és segur fer riure de Borat. Andrew Mueller explica per què:

La raó per la qual Borat és un espant tan alliberador és que Baron-Cohen entén que res no és més divertit que allò que no ens haurem de riure, i, a principis del segle XXI, la pressió sobre nosaltres de no riure a l’endarreriment i l’estupidesa dels estrangers ha estat considerable. Es preveu que ens prenguem seriosament persones que volen executar dibuixants per dibuixar, i dones de pedra per tenir relacions sexuals, cap de les quals, com a idees, no és més que el costum kazakh, descrit per Borat, d’obligar les persones homosexuals a portar barrets blaus.

Tampoc hauríem de plorar massa pel Kazakhstan (Moscou, certament, no ho fa). Com un pòster en un lloc web que debatia sobre si Borat és bona o mala publicitat per a Kazakhstan, afirmava: "Sense Borat, el Kazakhstan és només una altra obscura república de l'Àsia central". Un altre apuntat, Borat és retratat com a "ingenu, però no és cruel ni dolent". Altres suggereixen que els kazakhs podrien treure un veritable cop d'estat si ara utilitzessin el personatge Borat en una pel·lícula per comercialitzar "el veritable Kazakhstan". El professor Sean Roberts assenyala que, segons GoogleTrends, Borat va més que doblar els èxits habituals de Google al Kazakhstan i # 39; durant el lideratge i l’alçada de la campanya de PR de la pel·lícula Borat.

L'únic que queda és l'últim dispositiu argumental perquè el baró Cohen assassini Borat, de manera que ningú no estigui molest. Una modesta proposta: què passa amb un gir de traça semblant a "Dallas" amb "Qui va disparar a Borat?" Eren els nord-americans, els kazakhs, els vilatans de Glod? … Per què va ser el mateix baró Cohen


Cartagena, Colombia: 4 ways to visit before leaving home


If you are not sure what you expect to plan a trip to Colombia, you already have a wide selection of useful references in popular culture to give you an impression of the place before leaving. One of the places that appears time after time is Cartegena, the colonial port city that is on the Caribbean coast. If you want to get excited about a vacation in Colombia, try any of the following four options.

Love In The Time Of Cholera – Gabriel Garcia Márquez & # 39; Novel
The most famous literary export in Colombia and # 39; Gabriel Garcia Márquez spent most of his first years at Cartegena. Although the city is not mentioned explicitly (named after the "Caribbean port city"), it does not have any genius to see that Márquez writes about Cartegena to Love In The Time Of Cholera, one of his most famous books he turned A cinematographic adaptation in 2007. Wearing a complex narration that turns and turns between the "steamy and sleepy streets" of the city, Márquez will be ready to reserve your ticket, although the novel is set between the late nineteenth and XIX. early twentieth century

The Mission: The winning film of the Robert De Niro Prize
With the mission of 1750, the Mission tells the experiences of a Jesuit missionary in the forests of South America. The Mission, who was nailed with prizes, won the Palme d & # 39; Or, and the Academy Award for Best Cinematography The shooting was carried out in Cartegena and Brazil, so to present it to the city through an award-winning film, you should review this.

Smuggler the # 39; s Blues – Miami Vice's favorite episode & # 39; s
It has only been long since the references to drugs refer to any mention of Colombia, but what better way to introduce them than through one of the most popular episodes of Miami Vice & # 39; The classic police program of the eighties goes to the road, while Crockett and Tubbs are hired by the DEA to track a local police that kills drug dealers and their families in cold blood. The episode takes its name from a song by musician Glenn Fray, who appears in the episode as a well-equipped jet pilot, Jimmy Cole. If you look at your bare nails, you will see that most of the shooting takes place in Cartagena, Colombia …

The red herring: Roman the stone
A popular offer from the mid-eighties, you've probably seen Robert Zemikis & # 39; Romanizing the Stone at one time or another. Kathleen Turner & # 39; s big screen and Michael Douglas & # 39; Reintroduction to the cinematographic audience, the movie was blockbuster. For those who do not see, the film follows the romantic novelist Jean Wilder, who was attracted to Colombia when his sister rescued … yes, you guessed it … Cartegena, Colombia. However, before exiting the video player and that old dusty tape, you should know that most of the shootings took place in Vercruz, Mexico. You want to see the possibility of seeing a Colombian view of Indiana Jones. While explaining the reasons for not seeing this movie, Douglas pronounces the name of the city Cartegena ("Cartehenya"), unlike the correct "Cartehena", a source of much annoyance among the locals.

Maybe you're not going to visit Colombia in the eighteenth century and do not want the guys at Miami Vice, but you can surely allow yourself to be associated with a little emotion and romance that will undoubtedly be part of your vacation in Colombia if you decide to visit Cartagena .


The ten best international spa sites


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Serious yoga professionals return year after year to renew the body and spirit in this five-star, adult-only spa on the hills of Costa Rica. Yoga classes at sunrise and at sunset, a yoga immersion program and exceptional spa treatments in one of the most tranquil surroundings of the Earth allow a completely rejuvenating experience. Guests will enjoy natural yogurt and complimentary fruit smoothies. If you decide to explore the island, you will find many things to do near the small village of Tamarindo. For a change of pace, there is a vibrant nightlife, sport fishing and a beautiful beach in Playa Avellanas. Fly to Liberia Airport, where a representative will welcome you and lead you to the complex.


THE ILLA EXPERIENCE, Ilha Grande, Brazil

The experience in the spa complements a full circle combining luxury and adventure in an impressive island next to Rio de Janeiro. The program of the week maintains an approach focused on spiritual renewal while physically challenging you with kayaking, snorkeling and hiking. One of the guests summed up his week at the complex as "Indiana Jones and the Spa Break." Go to the paradise through Rio's international airport, where you will find yourself at the door and you will be transported privately to the hostel.



The pure paradise for the athlete without commitment can be found very well here at Westin. The best spa resort in Scotland becomes the site of two championship golf courses, archery, horse riding and mountain biking. The award-winning spa offers the choice of a fast fitness studio and the serenity of hydrotherapy, reflexology and holistic body care treatments. Why not enjoy both of them contemplating its magnificent stretch of the Atlantic coast? Glasgow International and Glasgow Prestwick airports are an hour away by car and the Edinburgh International Airport is two hours away.



DAINTREE ECO-LODGE & SPA, Daintree Rainforest, Queensland, Australia

Daintree can be as green as it is for a spa traveler with ecological ideas. Massages and therapies inspired by aboriginal traditions are administered in a lush natural environment of a tropical jungle. You will discover uncontrolled waterfalls and appear in contemporary Australian cuisine with a natural touch. Each of the 15 well-equipped villas offers surprisingly all the amenities you want in a more urban location. The lodge is about 90 minutes by car to the north of the Cairns International Airport.




Many of the major destination spas are familiar, but few can compare with this Italian oasis. Fathers roam the extensive wine cellar or soak in hot springs, while children entertain in the popular Children's Club or salon for teens. Even the most terrifying children will love workshops, barbecues, movies and water games specially designed for them. The whole family can spend some time riding in the Orcia valley, by mountain bike or by the pool next to authentic Tuscan cuisine. Arrival by Perugia, Florence or Rome.



AMANSALA, Tulum, Mexico

Amansala makes the list of her acclaimed Bikini Boot Camp in an "eco-chic" environment. Forget luxury amenities and plush accommodations; There are no televisions in rustic cabins but with style. The philosophy of Amansala is to give you the shape with the electric walking sessions on the beach or the jungle, body sculpting and power ab sessions. For any "downtime", there are meditation, Maya Clay spa treatments and plenty of light. Tulum is located approximately two hours south of Cancun, near the historic Mayan ruins.



SPRINGS GRÁCIL, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Among the best spa destinations in health and wellness is Grail Springs. Customers enter into the holistic lifestyle of Graal as a way of living healthier and a path to longevity. They offer a comprehensive menu of increase in the health of tonics, ecological meals and treatments against aging. Night conferences, trainers and meditation classes are a delight for the mind and soul. Yoga, Pilates and cardio training are part of daily activities through personalized plans. The Feng Shui certified interior is filled with antique tapestry stone chimneys, which makes this castle-like resort destination the perfect refuge.




Experience an incomparable six-star luxury and immerse yourself in the rich culture of the Middle East in this architectural masterpiece. The small island of the Arab Gulf is a cultural fusion of the Greek, Portuguese and Arab influences with an ancient charm, which reminds us of the fabulous "Arab Nights". This is the visually awesome center where the true spousal connoisseurs live like royalty, only for a few days. The Bahrain International Airport is only thirty minutes away.


The use and symbolism of candles in Buddhism


"You can light a thousand candles in a single candle and the life of the candle will not shorten. Happiness does not diminish in being shared." The Buddha

The candles are a traditional part of the Buddhist rituals. Together with incense and flowers, they are placed in front of the Buddhist sanctuaries or statues and images of the Buddha as a respect mark. They are often accompanied by food and drink offers. The light of the flame of the lit candle represents the light of the teachings of the Buddha. Candles and incense also evoke the state of impermanence and change. You can also say that its light symbolizes the illumination of the Buddha.

Buddhist Candles Festival in Thailand

"Just as a candle can not be burned without fire, men can not live without a spiritual life." The Buddha

On Buddhist Lent in Thailand, an overwhelmingly Buddhist country, is in July every year and is practiced mainly by established monks. On the day before the beginning of Lent, Thai people celebrate the Candlelight Festival. This festival is celebrated throughout the country, but the celebrations take place mainly in Ubon Rachathani, in the northeast of Thailand (Isaan).

According to tradition, the Buddhist Lent began as a result of the people who complained to Buddha. It is said that a group of ordered monks did merit (tamboó) and had walked through wet pebbles. At this time, the rice fields were at the height of their growth and walking in them had ruined the crop. As a result, the legend says that the Buddha told all monks to practice merit while staying within the confines of their temples. Nowadays, Buddhist Lenture stipulates that all monks must remain confined to their temples for a period of three months during the rainy season, starting on the first day of the eighth descending moon.

The Thais offer a range of basic products to their monks and this offer also includes candles and, of course, includes the famous Festival of Candles. In earlier times most temples did not have electricity, and therefore candles had an important symbolic importance for ceremonies, but also more practically for everyday illumination. In addition, it is said that they represent wisdom as a divine light; During the Candle Festival, Buddhist lay people practice their beliefs by offering large candles and often extravagantly decorated to the monks.

Candle Festival: "There are two ways of spreading light: being the candle or the mirror that reflects it". Edith Wharton

The day before Lent, numerous groups of people meet with their decorated candles and go with them in elaborate and beautiful parades. The rich luxurious decorations carved in these beautiful works of art represent the willpower, unity and beliefs of this community. The procession of candle parades contains the widest section of the community with its finest clothes. Ubon Ratchathani also has numerous groups of performers, musicians and local Isaan dancers that accompany the candles as they make their way through the city. There is also a popular beauty contest to select Miss Candle (which is considered the most beautiful lady in this community).

All over the country, there are celebrations of the Candle Festival. Whatever the weather in Thailand, people have fun and express their faith on July 8, the beginning of the Buddhist lend.

"How far is that small candle throwing its beams! This makes a good action shine in a naughty world." William Shakespeare

Meditation with candles

Sit in a quiet quiet room and turn on a candle. It could be of any color, but some prefer a blue or a white one. Now look at the burning flame of the candle and focus it. Do not let your vision of the flame of candles fade. While you look at the burning flame, your mind will fill with the noise of everyday thinking, worries and trivial worries. This should only start to turn aside and after a while, you may start to receive images and thoughts that do not seem to come from you. Take them as your spiritual guides and try to interpret them.

Do not stop distracting the burning flame and do not try to interpret the visions you are receiving. A typical example is that of & # 39; see & # 39; a peeled onion At first, this may seem foolish, but in this example it can mean that as you travel later on your way of life, the layers are peeling so that you can see and experience the ultimate core of your existence.

As you progress with your meditation with candles, try to learn to rely on your own analysis and understanding of these thoughts that candle brings you. This form of meditation acts as well as a powerful way to focus your concentration.

Try to develop your meditation experience with candles from 5 minutes a day to 20 minutes and do it for several months. Your eyes will have to adapt to the faint light and, over time, you can distinguish your thoughts and what your spiritual guides may be.

"It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness" Chinese proverb

"Like a white candle in a holy place, so is the beauty of an aged face" Joseph Campbell

Where is the biggest candle in the world?

"We say that God and the imagination are one … How tall the candle rises the dark?" Wallace Stevens

Depending on the use of candles in Buddhism in my research, I turned to see what the human imagination could bring to the candlelight, that's what I found.

"A good teacher is like a candle: it is consumed to light the way to others." Anon

There are many contestants and a long history of searching for the greatest candle in the world. The first contestant in the biggest candle in the world is the USA: the Warm Glow Candle Outlet in Centerville, Indiana, where they claim to have the biggest candle in the world. However, the 1897 Stockholm Exhibition showed what has been described as the largest candle in the world. It is said that this massive candle was eighty feet tall and measured eight and a half feet in diameter.

The long established company of Ajello Candles is another contestant for the historic title of the biggest candle in the world. In 1921 he created memory Enrico Caruso. This candle measured five feet of circumference and had a shape of 18 cm. This candle had an impressive 18 meters high and, after burning the candle, the company claimed that it could continue for 1800 years, burning one day every year on the anniversary of the death of Enrico Caruso & # 39 ; s.

In 2005, in Jerusalem, they made the greatest Hannukha candle in the world. This massive candle was more than eight meters high and 85 cm wide. He was in the Pisga Mall of the city. These are just some examples of what they claim to be or be the biggest candles in the world.

"Nirvana is not that the candle is over. It's that candles are turned off because the day arrives." Rabindranath Tago


Interview with Tony Wells, author of "The black man under the deep blue sea"


Tony Wells has gone from being the son of a broken family, to one that has overcome many challenges until he can become the only commercial diver of the American black depths to work in the demanding oilfields in the south -est of Asia, Middle East and Africa. in the eighties and nineties. Along the way, not only did he become an impeller of the deep sea, but he knew humanity. "The black man under the deep blue sea" is his autobiography and is here today to tell us more about his incredible journey.

Tyler: Welcome, Tony. I am glad that you can participate today. I understand that the great change in his life began when his family moved to Hawaii when he was fourteen. Would you tell us a bit how was your life before that movement?

Tony: Before moving to Hawaii, I was happy with the country's peaceful lifestyle where we spent most of the time fishing and hunting after school and on vacation. For me there was no better way to grow a child during that time.

Tyler: What about the change in Hawaii that changed the direction of your future life?

Tony: Well, in Hawaii, you're in an island surrounded by the deep blue ocean, so it just felt natural to attract it by scuba diving and surfing. Since I've always been the type of adventurer, I have been easy to transform myself from exploring to the ground to explore underwater. All this turned out to be natural.

Tyler: Did you get to practice diving naturally?

Tony: Scuba diving was my means to explore and breathe underwater, so I took it as a fish.

Tyler: What do you think so funny?

Tony: It was like another world for me. A silent world that had unimaginable limitations and illusions and needed a lot to explore.

Tyler: A lot of people are going to dive. Why did you decide to transform it into an offshore diving race?

Tony: Actually, when I was scuba diving in Hawaii, I never imagined that I would someday become a deep sea commercial diver who worked in the demanding oilfields in the foreign country. Diving is a totally different world of commercial diving. When you go diving you do not have to have fun and have a good time, but when you work as a diver, you no longer have fun. Because you really work and most of the time you are under stress and pressure from above (personal and personal) to download and do a specific job. You do not have any time to enjoy.

Tyler: What made you decide to become a diver? Have you ever dreamed of being something else?

Tony: When I was young we lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Indy 500 racing track was half a kilometer away from my house, so we could hear when cars were practicing. After my uncles took me there to see the practice and the races I knew that my destiny in life was to become a professional car driver. Several years later, when my mother married a military man, we moved to Hawaii, and I became friends with some guys running through the oval landing slopes that helped them work on their cars, as well I planned to become a racing car driver someday. However, after graduating from high school, my family moved from Hawaii to California and started to go to college part-time and to work full-time. After a few years doing this, I noticed that I was bored and wanted to travel and do something more exciting for my work, so I decided to sign up for the professional diving course at Commercial Diving Center in Wilmington , California.

Tyler: Sometimes diving on the high seas has had its dangerous side. Are you going to tell us a little about these dangers and why, despite the dangers, have you still been worth it?

Tony: Well, I suppose any other profession. It has its dangers, but once you work under water, you just do not have to think about all the things that might go wrong. At the moment you start thinking about all this, you should no longer be a commercial diver.

Tyler: I understand that you were a diver for many oil companies?

Tony: Yes, most of us were freelancers & # 39; so that means that we would work for any diving company that had a job or, if there were several simultaneous jobs, we would work for any company paying the highest.

Tyler: What was the goal of your work and how did you face the stress of the demanding oil companies?

Tony: We did everything that people do while working on cutting-edge jobs. The only difference was that we were under water. Mainly, we carried out support work in the oil field, so it was implied to work on petroleum platforms, pipe placement boats, crane boats, derrick boats and out of large vessels, etc. For guys who did not have specificity or could not take them, you would have already fired (fired) or should leave and leave the office.

Tyler: You have also been hunting for treasure hunt. Will you talk to us?

Tony: My most remarkable treasure hunt was when we looked for the 500-year Portuguese boat called "Flor do Mar" on the northern coast of Sumatra. This was really exciting and lasted almost two years. Again, I was hired by the Pakistani government to find a dealer of smugglers sunk on the coast of Pakistan and that was quite interesting as well.

Tyler: How did you go from work for oil companies to treasure hunts?

Tony: My roommate in Singapore knew some guys who were together with a team to hunt a 500-year-old Portuguese ship that sank on the northern coast of Sumatra (Indonesia), so he invited me to join. me to them At that time, he was more than happy to do something different and exciting, as well as the usual work of the type of field oil he had done in recent years.

Tyler: I understand that a foreign government was detained illegally. Will you explain this event a little?

Tony: Well, this is basically a case that we were in the wrong place at the wrong time, as well as some corruption and greed for a combination that nobody would have wanted to catch at that time. This was outside a small island in Indonesia, where almost everything happens if circumstances happen against you as it was in our case.

Tyler: What kind of work did you do at the time and why did the Indonesian government get angry?

Tony: I did a good search on an English shipwreck that had sunk on a small island in 1789 that I had lost ten coffers of gold and silver coins, so I myself and a good friend, I wanted to take a look general in the area to see if the project was viable or not. Unfortunately, a few days before there were some other boys in that general area who used explosives to rescue a steel shipwreck, so when the Indonesian police saw us in that area, they were the ones we had saved sinister steel. . Therefore, they took us and stopped us to ask ourselves, but even when they realized that it was not us, they began to see signs of dollars as a requirement that they freed us.

Tyler: Tony, how do you see your life? Do your stories sound like the adventures of the movies? Ever wanted a quiet life?

Tony: I see my commercial life of diving as an adventure and, when I am contemplating it now, I can say honestly that I am happy to have lived it. I am also happy to have survived through some of the many nearby calls I have experienced on several occasions. Now that I am older, I like calm life, but in those days I enjoyed the excitement, the explorations and the adventures I experienced. Yes, in fact, I think my book would be hellish for a great movie! Haha

Tyler: Tony, what made you decide to write "Black man under the deep blue sea"?

Tony: Many years ago I noticed that it is so easy to forget the things I had done the previous week, or even the previous day, sometimes, so that for the last twenty or more years I've been keeping a newspaper because I would like to remember everything that happened to me in my life. Not that I was always thinking about writing my story, but when I started to remember and read those wild and exciting adventures that happened, I decided that maybe I should do it. write my memoirs I knew that if someone loves the excitement, the adventures and the humor they would like to read my book.

Tyler: Why did you choose to stand out as a black man in the title?

Tony: I am a black American, so at the time of choosing the title of my book it was really easy. I wanted it to be self-explanatory (Black Man) and it was just as exciting to attract the attention of the reader (Under the Deep Blue Sea). Hope he got it.

Tyler: Your book also talks about things you've learned about life and people. What would you say is the "message" of "The black man under the deep blue sea"?

Tony: Basically, what I have experienced during all my trips is that most people from different races in the world just want to be healthy, happy and have love for their lives. My message is that no matter what race or gender you are, do not let ignorance or jealousy take you away or tell you what you can! i & # 39; can & # 39; t & # 39; make life. Everything is possible, so if you want to do something, just go out and do everything possible and do it. If my book can inspire a single person in this world, I would feel very happy and happy to have written it.

Tyler: Tony, are you planning to write more books?

Tony: "The black man under the deep blue sea" is my second printed book. My first book is titled "Shipwreck and treasure sunk in Southeast Asia" and was the result of the investigation I obtained during our search for the 500-year Portuguese boat, "Flor do Mar". After that, I wrote an electronic book titled "Cannon Journal-Compilation of Information on Bronze Asian Type and European Type Cannons (1500-1800"). If you wanted an enthusiastic bronze gun, I would love this book. Anyway, the answer to your question is yes.

Tyler: Since you're no longer a deep sea diver, how can you fill your time now?

Tony: At this time I work full time for a company in Saint Petersburg, Florida, which makes the world just dream in 3D in real time. This keeps me quite busy. I'm also selling the online motorcycle changer cushion and I'm thinking of more marketing to increase sales, so I can do full time one of these days.

Tyler: Thanks for joining us today, Tony. Before going, tell our readers your website address and what type of additional information could be found on your book?

Tony: My pleasure, Tyler. My website is http://www.tonywells.net and I have more information about my story, some pictures of my family and also some tips for writers and inventors nearby. I am a part-time inventor, so there is a link to my invention of the changer pillow, Shiftcush. There is a link to my website of bronze guns. Enjoy!

Tyler: Thanks, Tony. I wish you many more adventures.

Today, Tyler R. Tichelaar, associate editor of Reader Views, is excited to have joined Tony Wells, who talks about his new book "The Black Man Under the Deep Blue Sea: Memoirs of a Black Scuba Diver to Southeast Asia ". PublishAmerica (2007), ISBN 9781424174225.


The best times of the year to spend exclusive vacations in Disneyland Paris


When you book your upcoming Disneyland Paris vacation, there are many things to keep in mind. Many people do not understand the importance of planning this trip and expect their vacations to end perfectly. Disneyland Paris is such a great theme park, which means that planning is absolutely essential. Treat this article as a guide when you book your next trip to Disneyland. You can find some useful tips that help your adventure start with style.

You'll probably start to tell yourself the days to book your vacations. In France, on Wednesdays (in general) it is not a day for children to go to school. Therefore, it is probably worth it to avoid this day if you can, since it is likely that there are many children who walk in the park. Sometimes it's inevitable, but it's worth mentioning, since you might want to keep the really popular attractions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Many families take Mondays and Fridays outside so they can enjoy a long weekend at the Disneyland Paris complex, so these days they are also very busy. Holidays also tend to fall these days, which must also be taken into account. You really need a few days of the week to fully immerse yourself in the way of life in Disney. A long weekend can do the trick, but it is recommended to stay for at least 5 nights.

Winter is a very quiet time to visit, and some tourists decide to take advantage of this fact and the all-inclusive holidays offered. From October to November (apart from the holidays), it is the quietest period to let yourself fall, and there are usually many vacation offers at this time. Christmas is a busy time in Disneyland Paris, as there are many special events. Visiting the park after 5:00 PM at the summer can be accessed at a much cheaper price (known as "starnights"). This is great if you go back to Paris for a short weekend and want to give children a taste of Disneyland. Disneyland Paris is an immense garden; Therefore, to see it with all its potential, you will have to visit the summer. Fire Tinker Bell Fireworks is also a must see. A quick pace is the best way to enjoy a one day stay in Disneyland and is available with many inclusive vacations. This will give you access to the best attractions of the park, such as Peter Pan, Space Mountain and Indiana Jones.


London – Would you like to live in a separate bedroom or bedroom in 4 bedrooms?


It's incredible to believe it, but soon, displaced people in London will be able to travel home to Corby, in Northamptonshire, approximately at the same time as it would take to reach somewhere like Wandsworth in the city. This is due to the opening of a new train station and the so-called Corby Extension. Corby's online direct travel time in London is expected to be in the 70 minute region. This is good news for a city that seems to be in constant depression since the days of Margaret Thatcher. As a retreat in the 1970s, the City Center would not seem out of place in an episode of Sweeney.

However, I have always found that Corby's reputation as a "tough" city precedes it. Actually, outside of a couple of properties (which, due to the planning ideals of the 60s, have surrounding roads and can be easily avoided), Corby is no different from any other important Midlands city. Its near neighbors are Kettering, Wellingborough, Rushden and Market Harborough, but it is a place to live. The arrival of the rail reinforces this point.

As a potential resident, look at the properties listings online. At the moment, £ 160,000 would get a study at Wandsworth, the cheapest market. However, £ 160,000 to Corby would get 4 separate beds, with double garage in a village location, independent dining room and laundry room as well. There is no comparison. In these telecommuting days, living in a city like Corby could mean a huge improvement in quality of life. Even if you were to travel to the city, you will not take much longer than the equivalent trip from somewhere like Tooting or Croydon.

If you consider leaving the smoke, make Corby your first consideration.