Enjoy Vacation Vacation Time in Belize

The fabulously colorful and exotic Central American nation of Belize is becoming a more popular vacation destination with North Americans, Brits and Europeans as it becomes more accessible and better known. It's a stunning Caribbean country with so much varied flora and fauna, with dramatic scenery, untouched coastline and a wealth of things to do and see – so much so that it's as popular today with backpackers as it is with families and it is as popular with the baby boomers as it is with young couples!

A truly paradise nation, Belize is seriously worth consideration if you're after a bit of adventure tempted with a laid back lifestyle, and if you like to combine beachcombing with mountain climbing! In other words, there really is something for everyone in Belize and because the US dollar is pegged to the Belizean dollar, Americans will not find it expensive and British and European visitors will find it positively cheap!

In terms of things to do in Belize – how about this for starters – you can explore the rainforest and share the experience with over 500 amazing species of wildlife. You can explore caves and Mayan ceremonial sites, you can island hop by boat, by canoe, kayak or even under your own swimming steam! You can sunbathe until sunset and then watch the sun setting over the ocean or atop a mountain or a Mayan temple. You can snorkel, learn to scuba dive and explore the stunning reefs around the country's coast, you can fish, hike, bike, be wined and dined and just fall in love with the culture, history and vibe in Belize.

The only trouble is that there may come a point during your vacation when you realize that you do not want to leave! And if you find yourself in this position the good news is that you can probably get a visa to stay! Visas are available for all ages and for most nationalities and you can get a visa to live and work in Belize, a visa to retire to Belize or just a visa to extend your vacation … to find out about your rights as a foreign citizen who wants to live, work or even buy property in Belize visit the Belizean embassy in your country.

My Perfect Vacation at Wisconsin Dells

Long ago, going to Wisconsin Dells really was this type of big dream, my family were too busy and now we actually do not have sufficient budget to look there. When I got job I made a decision to save lots of on the cost to visit Wisconsin Dells even in a student budget vacation. So there, it's now a dream becoming to reality. I went there with my friends also it was amazing, the costs were just worth the price for that many incredible water parks I've seen in Dells. I then conclude that Wisconsin Dells is just right to be known as the lake Park Capital in the US. I have to share for your requirements the places that I've gone through the Wisconsin Dells.

1. Noah's Ark Water Parks- The first time I saw it, I'd say it had been a real superb and appealing spot to be. It was awesome to watch since there you will see essentially the most breathtaking-taking water slides, rides, America's longest water coaster as well as the black Anaconda! If you may have young kids with you they would definitely love to click here simply because they have Tadpole Kiddie Kingdom Water Playground and Noah's 4-D Dive-In theater. There, I'm sure whether it's my friends or family holiday, your vacation will certainly be satisfying.

2. Wilderness- What's awesome about Wisconsin Dells is, this location for nature lover vacationistas because they had the ability to reserve natural resources, endangered animals plus some other interesting views within the wilderness. Before, I believed their wilderness may have been completely changed but surprisingly it is possible to still glance at the ambiance for being natural and you also could really claim that it's a "wilderness".

3.Lodging- before I and my friends decide to go there, lodging is one of the reasons that hold us back from visiting Dells because we expect lodging would be very expensive the fact that they are known as the best in leasing business. We learned that Dells has 6,000 rooms and 4,000 campsites so with these many accommodations to stay we have a lot of option as to where we could save.

These places that I've mentioned are just a few attractions that I've gone through in Wisconsin Dells. Even then words are not enough to express how happy I was to be in that place. Hopefully one day I would bring my family and friends out there and have some fun! You too should not miss out the opportunity to have a perfect vacation at Dells.

Spending Your Mexican Vacation

Are you dying to get to your next travel destination? If you love the sun and the sand, then Mexico might be the destination for you.

Mexico is one of the top destinations especially for those who love the beach. Mexico has a combination of Sub-tropical and Mediterranean climate and is endowed with a rich coastline.

Here are some things that can guide you on your travel to Mexico:

Basic feats

Mexico has an ideal location below North America with coastlines facing the Caribbean, the Mexican Gulf and the Pacific ocean. You’ll get a lot of sun in Mexico where the climate is a mix of Sub-tropical and Mediterranean. Aside from the beaches, plateaus and mountains are also found towards the mainland.


There’s a list of several countries whose citizens are no longer required to get a visa in Mexico. All they have to do is bring their passport and fill out a form when they get there. But for those who are required to get a visa, you may do so online. or you can also visit the diplomatic offices of Mexico at your area.


The basic mode of entry to Mexico is by plane as various flights fly in from around the world. For some, long drives to the Mexican border may work. Once you get there, you can always opt to take a cab or rent a car. But you can also go for public transport such as trains and busses.


With the in flock of various tourists from all over the world, a lot of hotels, resorts and inns have also mushroomed. If you want to have a luxury stay, there are high en hotels especially in the coastline areas of Mexico. But if you’re travelling on a budget, you can also go for low cost inns and room rentals.


The thing that attracts a lot of tourists to Mexico is the beach. Puerto Vallarta and Acapulco are just two of the famous beaches in Mexico. the plateaus and mountains also hold a lot of natural beauties like rainforests. But touring around the city can also help you get to know more about the culture, the food and the people themselves.


There are tons of things which you can do in Mexico. Mexican food is one thing you can indulge on. You should also grab a shot of authentic Mexican tequila. You can also go for various adventures both at sea or on dry land.

Indira and the Holiday Balloon

Indira, the four-year-old East Indian child, tortured and pitched gigantic tantrums every time she spied the "Trick or Treat" balloon tied to the lamppost in front of my apartment.

At first, her mother patiently researched her pleas but finally went to a store and purchased one for her.

Then came the Thanksgiving season and she squaled and stamped her little feet for the balloon shaped like a turkey. And again the mother said firmly that she could not have it for it belonged to me, her neighbor. But the child remained extremely upset, so her mother bought another balloon.

Christmas drew near. I tied a reindeer-shaped balloon to the lamppost and, again, Indira begged for it. After I left for work, the frustrated parent marched over to the colorful, distractive toy whipping about in a strong wind, untied it, and thrust the bright thing into her child's eager hands.

"There!" the mother snapped. "Stop crying. Indira's sobs subsidized.

When I returned home from work, Indira and her mother came over immediately. The child clutched the reindeer balloon and stared at it with joy-filled, dark luminous eyes that would melt the hardest heart.

The mother asked me not to display more balloons where her daughter could see them, explaining "I can not afford to buy her a balloon every time she sees one in your yard."

She had spoken the request sadly, but I was weary from a hard day at work and was impatient. So I insisted that Indira return the balloon or reimburse me for its cost. Meekly Indira's mother nodded and claimed that she would return to settle the matter.

True to her word, the mother appeared with the child still clutching the reindeer balloon. Indira stared up at me with those same dark, limpid, soulful eyes. She had never spoken a word in my presence. I later learned that the child knew no English, which accounted for her silence.

"Indira would like to keep the balloon," the Indian parent announced and placed several bills in my hand.

Having rested and feeling more neighborly, I pushed the money away. "Never mind paying for the balloon," I said, "and I promise not to temptation Indira again, even if it was unintentional." To Indira I said, "You must not get so upset over such things, little girl." The child nodded her head as if she understood.

To the mother I asked: "Why does she appear to be obsessed with balloons? Has she kept watched television too much-Pooh with his friends and balloons, or Sesame Street and their birthday parties?" Aren ' t you worried, too? "

I should have asked sooner, I could see, for the mother responded with, "When the family was packing in India, preparing for the journey to the States, Indira's grandmother, who was not to come with us at that time, wave Indira a pretty balloon which she carried regularly with her for the several days before our departure. Then, at the airport, a sudden gust of wind swept the balloon from Indira's hand and away out of sight!

There was no need for the mother to tell me that Indira missed her grandmother and grows upset when she sees a balloon which, as a child may reason, would be the one she had lost. I also learned that day that Indira's grandmother is coming to live with her in time for Christmas.

"Perhaps she will no longer cry, but we will see," the mother expressed her hope but with a tinge of doubt.

I, too, await the grandmother's coming. It will be a happy day!

If You Are Traveling Overseas This Year Then Here Is How To Find Cheap Holiday Car Rental

When you want to hire a car for a holiday, you are likely to look for an option that will allow you to spend less. This is the reason why many people like it when they get cheap holiday car rental. They know that by finding cheap holiday car hire, they will save a lot of money which they can then use to make their holiday experiences even better. However, what you need to know is that without you hire the most suitable cars, your holiday will never be as good as you want it to be.

Be careful when choosing a company to hire cars from. What should not escape your mind is the fact that unless you choose a reliable company, you will be more likely to end up with many problems. Although there are many companies that rent out cars, what is obvious is that not all of them can be trusted. You therefore need to know how good each one of the companies is before you decide to use their services. For example, find out the type of cars that they have, how long they are willing to rent them out and how much they charge for this.

Another important thing is to know if you are allowed to rent from them. This is because there are some companies that will restrict people from hiring their vehicles. For instance, a company may not allow you to get cheap holiday car rental if you have a bad credit score. Others may not agree if you are going to use the cars beyond the geographical limits that they specify. However, the good thing is that there are other companies who will provide cheap holiday car hire without bothering too much about your credit score or how far you intend to go in their vehicle.

You also need cars that are in a good condition. They should be well serviced and ready to be used immediately. Just because you are getting them at cheaper rates does not mean that you should be provided with cars that are too difficult to use. Remember that a person going for a holiday needs to be comfortable all the time. This will not be possible if you do not receive a vehicle in good condition. You also should ask them for things such as insurance. Let them tell you if they will be paying for it or if they expect you to meet the costs of insurance for the period over which you will be using the car.

Since one can not tell exactly how much cheap is, you need to ask them to state how much you are expected to pay. There is a wide variation in the amount of money that a client can pay for cheap holiday car rental. This depends on the costs that the companies incur and many other things. If you have the time, you can compare prices from several companies in order to know which one offers the most affordable services. This can be done online for faster results.

Tour Cape Town’s Beaches by Train on Your South Africa Holiday

When enjoying a holiday in Cape Town you might like to experience an economical and unique tour of the southern peninsula of Cape Town and the coastal suburbs of False Bay, by train. The suburban rail service that serves the suburbs along the line from Cape Town to Simonstown an inexpensive and relaxing way to travel and see so many of the coastal attractions from a unique perspective – the seat of a railway carriage. Although it is an interesting trip for adults, children wi; delight in such a journey from the surfers paradise suburb of Muizenberg to Simonstown.

Board the train at Muizenberg, where you will be sure to admire the historic Colonial red brick and stone faced station building with a teak clock tower, built around 1913. It houses a couple of antique shops and a popular restaurant overlooking the ocean. The train journey offers a unique viewing opportunity, as you travel along the spectacular False Bay Coast and the train snakes along the shore, passing beautiful white beaches and tidal pools; at times skirting the sea with just a wall of rocks between the rail and the ocean. You should open the carriage window and inhale the fresh sea air, as you marvel at the spectacular view that you will have across the whole of False Bay. At St James you will see the colourful bathing boxes on the beach, famous subject of many holiday postcards, and watch the bathers at play in the tidal pool. Along the rail trip you will see surfers riding the waves, speeding towards the rocks, and people in kayaks paddling across the bay. Further down the line is enchanting Kalk bay, a working fishing harbour suburb, and popular destination with both locals and tourists because of the main road with enticing galleries, restaurants, antique shops and other delights for browsers and collectors. You are bound to delight in the colourful fishing boats bobbing at their moorings in the harbour, and perhaps succumb to the temptation to alight for a morning of shopping and picture taking.

As the train rounds the corner towards Fish Hoek, it runs right along the sea and affords a marvellous opportunity to watch the whales basking and at play. You may be lucky enough to spot one just a few metres from the the train line. Clovelly station will be your next marker; the only station in the world with a sign prohibiting fishing from the platform. The train will continue along Fish Hoek beach where you might spot fishermen pulling their catches in. The journey continues, hugging the shore of Simon’s bay, with even better opportunities for whale watching, as the bay abounds with these magnificent creatures between June and October each year. Simonstown is home to the South African Navy and it is not unusual to see one or more of the warships or submarines manoeuvring in the bay. At the journey’s end in Simonstown one will find another historic station building, and there is plenty to see and do in this popular naval town. A walk to the centre of the town will take you through the interesting historic mile and an eclectic selection of historic buildings. Be sure to take a cab to visit the famous African penguin colony at Boulders Beach, which was recently rated by a UK magazine as the best family beach in the world.

Whilst one can purchase train tickets at Muizenberg station, Cape Town’s Metrorail Southern Line Tourism Route offers a hop-on hop-off ticket from Cape Town through the suburbs of Observatory, Newlands, Muizenberg, Kalk Bay and Fish Hoek Stations for just ZAR30 per one day ticket or ZAR 50 for a 2-day ticket- (US$ 4-6 respectively). If you purchase the hop-on-hop off rail ticket you will also receive a map showing all the attractions of each of the suburbs within a 2 km walking distance.

A further innovative partnership project was launched at on 27 May 2010; between Cape Town Tourism, Metrorail Western Cape and The Green Cab, known as the Rail and Ride initiative, It offers a scenic travel opportunity by rail and eco-friendly cab from Cape Town to Simonstown, commencing in the first week of June 2010, in time for the 2010 World Cup. The route will include a Southern Line train ride from Cape Town to Fish Hoek, followed by a “Green Cab” taxi ride along the scenic coastline to spectacular Cape Point, and a return to Simonstown. The tour can be pre-booked and visitors travelling on the Southern Line Tourism Route will travel in a designated carriage accompanied by informed tourist guides and dedicated security guards. Green Cabs are available at Simonstown station to take one on a guided tour through Simonstown by way of the famous African penguin colony at Boulders beach to the spectacular Cape point nature reserve. The cost of ZAR 600 (US$80) includes transport, tour guide, security as well as entrance to Boulders Beach Penguin Colony and Cape Point Nature reserve, making it excellent value for money. The Rail and Ride service will be offered on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, departing from Platform Five at Cape Town Station.

For more information about the Rail and Ride tours contact Metrorail: railtourism@metrorail.co.za or the Green Cab +27 (0)86 184 3473 or call Cape Town Tourism on +27 (0)21 487 6800.

Ultimate Checklist to Welcome Holiday Guests

As the arrival date of holiday guests quickly approaches, there are a number of little things that can be done to ensure a very warm welcome.

Surprising your guests with little goodie baskets and an inviting bedroom that makes them feel at home is key.

Some of these items might even be mandatory depending on how much assistance with last minute tasks and help with the kids you plan on requesting.

In a bedroom and bathroom that have been cleaned from top to bottom and adorned with a little bit of holiday decor, considering adding a few of these ideas …

Bathroom Counter:

* Fresh set of towels

* Goodie basket filled with trial-sized products:

  • shampoo, conditioner, hairspray
  • moisturizing soap and / or shower gel
  • disposable razor
  • disposable toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash
  • moisturizing lotion, lip balm, soft cloth wipes
  • Tums, Visine and Ibuprofen

Bathroom Cabinets & Drawers:

* Hair dryer

* Fresh towels, wash cloths, hand towels

* Toilet paper – 2 to 3 rolls

* Sanitary supplies

Inspired Note: The hand towel hanging by the sink should be for guest's use. However, put a big beautiful bow around any other decorator towels that you would prefer are not used.

Guest's Bed:

* Made with fresh linens

* One blanket that is soft and warm

* Second blanket that is folded in half and covers the bottom half of the bed

One Bedside Table:

* Lamp

* Bottle of aromatherapy lotion

* Candle, lightly scented

* TV remote control

* Interesting short read book

* Variety of magazines

* Box of Kleenex

* Coaster for drinking glass

* Alarm clock with correct time set

* Power strip on floor for chargers

Other Bedside Table:

* Lamp

* Homemade welcome card from the kids

* Small plate of sweet trees

* Couple of packages of light snacks

* Water bottles

* Coaster for drinking glass

* Instructions for Wi-Fi connection

* House key on a ring with a bow

* Power strip on floor for chargers

Bedroom Closet:

* Plenty of open hanging space and floor space available

* 10 or more unused hangers


* Folding luggage rack

* Drawer space for folded clothes

* Nightlight in the bathroom

* Nightlight in the hall to the bedroom

* Nightlight at top of stairs


* Cold bottles of water in the refrigerator

* Ingredients for making sandwiches

* Cookies, fudge and other sweet treats on counter

* Fresh fruit on counter

* Napkins in plain sight

* Sinus, cold and allergy medication in cabinet

Getting the Bedroom Ready Immediately Before Arrival:

* Turn bedside table lamps on

* Turn the bed down

* Put mints on the pillows

* Open or close blinds depending on the time of anticipated arrival

* Turn the ceiling fan on low (moving in the direction that pulls heat from the ceiling)

* Spray a light mist of a room deodorizer around the room

Ambiance through the House:

* Christmas music playing on the radio / stereo

* Holiday movies or sporting events on TV

* Christmas trees lit all day

* Fresh, lightly decorated candles or brick warmers burning

* Christmas or winter décor in all main living areas

* Daily newspaper sitting on the kitchen table

* Fresh, warm breakfast ready when guests come down in the morning

Dogs & Guests:

* Take dogs out to go to the restroom before guests arrive

* Give them a treat and let them hang out in your bedroom, while guests greet the family and bring in luggage

* After everyone has had a few minutes to get settled, then let them out to say "hello," too

These are some ideas that I have come up with over the years to welcome our guests.

This is a comprehensive list and rarely do we do every suggestion listed at the same time.

A thoroughly thought through combination of ideas will make them feel very welcome!

Here's to another Inspired Minute!

Marbella, Obama Family's Holiday Destination

Spain is becoming one of the favorite destinations for foreigners and even for residents in Spain. They arrive attracted by it's culture, history, cuisine and beaches. We will now talk about Marbella, the destination chosen by Obama family to enjoy their holidays.

Marbella is located on the south coast of Spain and it belongs to the province of Malaga, in Andalusia. It is one of the top favorite for European travelers and what was once a village of fisherman with the genuin, Mediterranean architecture is now a cosmopolitan and luxurious place where most of the famous and popular figures like to have a break. Antonio Banderas (popular Spanish actor) was born in Malaga (Benalmadena).

The city offers a touch of the ancient and the modern and beaches, great climate, mountains, golf courses, casinos, and a lively nightlife.

Legend in Malaga

There is a very popular legend among the fisherman in Malaga, a city with a great maritime influence and where the residents are very religious. It is told that a group of fisherman where surprised by a storm while they were fishing.

Unfortunately they were swept out to sea and were not able to reach the coast in spite of their determination. In between huge waves and black storm clouds they entrusted their souls to god thinking it was the end, but suddenly a ray of light appeared in between the wild waves and floating on the water a carved, wood cross with a crucified Christ. They reached for this figure and they realized it started to blood from one of the sides, so they bought it onto the boat and after that the storm died down and they managed to survive.

This Christ was taken to the "Convento de la Merced", where it is venerated since then, as the "Christ of blood".

Gastronomy in Malaga

Malaga's cuisine is very healthy, light and Mediterranean like the most. The seafood and fish are very common in this place. One of the most popular dishes is the "Ajoblanco", this is a sophisticated, cold soup made of olive oil, garlic and almonds. You can also taste the "Gambas a la Plancha" (grilled prawns), "Almejas" (clams) and "Boquerones en vinagre" (anchovy with vinegar).

Places to visit

Marbella old town, Alameda Park, Orange square, Banus Port, Basilica Vega del Mar, Arab Castle of "Alcazaba", King Fahd's gardens and at Rio verde you will find remains of a roman village.

The Ultimate Family Ski Holiday Packing Checklist

There is no better family holiday than one on the slopes but, even more so than beach holidays, it is important to remember to pack the essentials to ensure you and your family aren’t left out in the cold. While on most holidays, if you forget to pack a certain item it is just a case of buying a replacement, leaving behind ski equipment can be a costly mistake that is not as easily rectified as sourcing substitute trunks or a spare toothbrush.

This becomes even more important when having to remember that it is not just you or your partner that you’re packing for, but your children as well. So, be sure to follow these helpful ski packing hints and tips to ensure the only thing you will be leaving behind this holiday is the stresses of home.

Firstly, the easiest way to guarantee everyone has everything they need is to pack a ski bag for each person that is marked with contact information should it get lost or misplaced. If everyone has their own bag it is less likely that something should be forgotten and it is easier to see what has, or hasn’t, been packed.

In every bag, be sure to pack the basics: ski boots and socks, a helmet and hat, gloves, goggles or sunglasses, neck warmer, thermals, wind and waterproof jacket and trousers, all ski passes and tickets, as well as lip balm, sun cream, hand warmers and an energy bar, just in case. Also, make sure you check each bag before and after your day on the slopes so that nothing is left behind and your packing efficiency isn’t wasted.

It is well worth doing a run through of the items you pack, too. Before you leave, try on everything as though you were getting ready to ski – this will tell you whether everything still fits and is in working order so that you aren’t left with scratched goggles or missing mittens at the crucial moment.

When sorting out your child’s bag, be sure to pack extras of everything; there is nothing worse than getting wet thermals and then having to go without. By giving them their own bag to take care of, it not only makes it easier to keep track of their clothes and equipment, but it also gives them something to look after and helps build the excitement for the trip with their own responsibilities.

Finally, make sure to keep tickets, passports and documents all together in a safe place. By keeping this information handy, you will save time at the airport and at check-in. It also puts a stop to those last-minute panics when you think all the vital papers have been left behind, so your family ski holiday departure will be as chilled as the slopes.

Benalmadena Accommodation: You Can Spend Your Holidays In Great Comfort And Style

You were just making some routine search for information over the internet. This search was essentially all about Benalmadena accommodation. That is the time when you stumbled upon some website links which had headings, like, Fiesta Weekends Are Best Celebrated Here, Holiday rentals Are Very Easy To Get Including Apartments, Don’t Miss These Weekend Opportunities, Fascinating Splendor At Its Best IS What You Will Find At These Weekends, Things That You Would Love To Do In These Events, Cheap Accommodation Deals That You Will Find in Benalmadena, to name a few.

When you read in a magazine about this place, you were fascinated with one simple fact. The township is believed to house the largest example of a Buddhist Enlightenment Stupa. This is only existence in the Western world that was constructed in 2003.

You got interested and wanted to explore more about Benalmadena weekends and ways in which you would have a comfortable stay there and have a wonderful time. There are some famous attractions in this township which includes, Torre Quebrada watchtower, Bil-bil Castle, Cable Car facility in Benalmádena, Dolphins in Selwo Marina, Harbour of Benalmádena, Colomares Castle, Beaches in Benalmádena, Tivoli World amusement park, etc.

There are only three main urban areas that come under the jurisdiction of a municipal area, namely, Benalmádena Costa, Benalmádena Pueblo, Arroyo de la Miel, etc. It is widely acclaimed, the name finds its origin in the Arabic “Bani al-Medina”. This actually means “Son of the Settlement”. The place is also widely popular to have both, a traditional Spanish village as well as a modern coastal tourist area. It is the natural beauty for which this place is famous for. Its success in retaining natural beauty can be easily attributed to a determined administration that has taken appropriate care to harness it well. With their constant efforts and initiatives, they have been able to transform the entire city to a beautiful tourist spot. With its serene attraction of picturesque coastlines, it has become a major tourist attraction. They cast a mesmerizing affect on its viewers when you, for instance, watch out those spectacular creatures called Dolphins.

Those people, who prefer to go out there to celebrate a stag do, normally find the place galore with options to choose from. These activities can be:

  • Paintballing
  • Go Karting
  • Water Sports and Beach Sports
  • Spa

Most people who have visited the place are of view that night life is a vibrant and active one. This appears from the fact that it provides you with an array of choices, like Benalmadena paintballing. This is a small town and so, finding these options in self makes most tourists happy. When it comes to eating, presence of several methods, makes it easy for most people who look forward to a fantastic meal and cruise. Night clubs and bars give all the attention and have good crowds after sunset.