Submarine temple of Taman Pura

Indonesia is the country of the largest archipelago in the world. It has more than 13,600 islands that many of them directly exposed to powerful ocean waves rush from fierce southern seas.
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Scientists discovered some new species that had never been exposed, a giant submarine volcano, like prehistoric fish that were believed to have been extinct millions of years ago. Indonesia is also a site of exclusive interest for marine biodiversity, with Bali.
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Bali is the island of paradise that is closely linked to art and culture. It is also a good place to practice nautical sports such as excellent surfing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and rafting. A last discovery took place in Bali. It was a submarine temple.
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But was it really an ancient relic? The first time it was found, people are sure that this is a prehistoric discovery of relics. But it’s not in the Indiana Jones movie or in role-playing games that are usually played on many consoles.
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People ask about the originality of the underwater temple. It does not mean so much that that temple was found, the mystery of the presumed submarine temple has been resolved. It is not an ancient relic. This temple was built as part of a recent environmental conservation program.
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According to Paul M. Turley, owner of the Sea Rovers Dive Center in Pemuteran, Bali, the site of the temple actually exists and the location called Taman Pura (literally means temple garden) was created in 2005. This marine garden is extremely beautiful.
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This temple is unique, consisting of ten statues and a temple structure, the project was also a series of bio-shipwreck sites and a Reef Gardiners reef conservation project funded by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid).
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Taman Pura was created as some people are concerned about marine ecosystems and to protect the reefs to survive and recover from damage caused by excess nutrients, climate change and physical destruction.
That temple is really an engineering deed with more than ten large stone statues resting on stone plinths and a four meter high temple door that had dropped to a depth of 29 meters. In 2006, a second stage was built in these temples at a depth of 15 meters to allow the submarinists with less experience to be able to submarine the location.
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Although the submarine temple is not an ancient relic, it is worth seeing. This temple is a masterpiece of architecture and ornamentation of the main characteristic of Bali. There would be no secret treasure hidden inside. It is a modern place with an old touch.
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