Aphrodite Beachfront, Northern Cyprus

In 2006 I came to Northern Cyprus for the first time. The reason for the trip was to see and possibly buy an apartment in a development that would have attracted our attention.

Before flying, I had talked to some Cypriots who ran a barber shop in southern London. When I mentioned that the development was close to the city of Guzelyurt, his response was: "Why do you want to buy there, there are no other news, it's just an empty beach near a sleepy city" . This was music in my ears and I had to go see it, because for anyone who was looking for a development that has potential, it marked all the boxes.

The Pre 74 title will surely increase the value of the final political result, a new location but with an already improved infrastructure, an undervalued market, empty beaches. This adds the fact that I knew there were some serious Israeli funds. I left the following week and booked a hotel in the beautiful city of Kyrenia. The next day they brought me to the development location. The car drove us on embroidered roads on either side of orange trees and lizards, the trees were in bloom and the scent was intoxicating. We traveled through the city of Guzelyurt, where local inhabitants were dedicated to their company in the morning sun, as described by my Cypriot friends.

After 5 minutes more, we arrived at the town of Gaziveren and we went for an injured track towards the coast and Morfu Bay. We came to an empty field near the sea and my guide informed me that we were stopped at the site. I still remember the emotion of looking at this beautiful landscape and seeing the sea a deep turquoise in the evening sun. On the left I noticed some type of farm and made a mental note to use it as a reference for future visits in case my guide had led to the wrong field. I went back to the law firm and arranged a deposit, confident that there was not only a good deal here but also something special. If there was ever an opportunity to introduce something at ground level, it was this. Now it's 2010 and the first phase of development has ended, which includes our apartment. Getting to the balcony and looking towards Morbu Bay shines in the sun is a real pleasure.

To the South, only 15 km away are the Troodos mountains, to the north, the Kyrenia mountain range. The second phase is under way. The properties now come above the initial purchase price, although far below what I think they should achieve. The TRNC government is actively promoting Morfu Bay as an area for the development of tourism and is already improving the infrastructure. There are hotels planned, you can expand and improve the golf course and an ecological village will be built. The Nicosia freeway and the Ercan airport is already underway and it is opening a new crossing that will make the Pafos airport 45 minutes away. car

At Aphrodite Beachfront, the semi-Olympic pool is over, the restaurant is open and the gym and sauna work. The front beach is built with a breakwater and work will soon begin at the center of nautical sports and in the indoor pool. For now, I can still see calmly the roof of the farm that was my point of reference, although soon it will not appear. We make decisions about life, some good ones, some not so good. This seems to be firmly on the good side, and I would say to anyone looking to buy on this island that I consider Aphrodite Beachfront. This area is still pending to take off and now is a good time to seek an agreement.