Cartagena, Colombia: 4 ways to visit before leaving home

If you are not sure what you expect to plan a trip to Colombia, you already have a wide selection of useful references in popular culture to give you an impression of the place before leaving. One of the places that appears time after time is Cartegena, the colonial port city that is on the Caribbean coast. If you want to get excited about a vacation in Colombia, try any of the following four options.

Love In The Time Of Cholera – Gabriel Garcia Márquez & # 39; Novel
The most famous literary export in Colombia and # 39; Gabriel Garcia Márquez spent most of his first years at Cartegena. Although the city is not mentioned explicitly (named after the "Caribbean port city"), it does not have any genius to see that Márquez writes about Cartegena to Love In The Time Of Cholera, one of his most famous books he turned A cinematographic adaptation in 2007. Wearing a complex narration that turns and turns between the "steamy and sleepy streets" of the city, Márquez will be ready to reserve your ticket, although the novel is set between the late nineteenth and XIX. early twentieth century

The Mission: The winning film of the Robert De Niro Prize
With the mission of 1750, the Mission tells the experiences of a Jesuit missionary in the forests of South America. The Mission, who was nailed with prizes, won the Palme d & # 39; Or, and the Academy Award for Best Cinematography The shooting was carried out in Cartegena and Brazil, so to present it to the city through an award-winning film, you should review this.

Smuggler the # 39; s Blues – Miami Vice's favorite episode & # 39; s
It has only been long since the references to drugs refer to any mention of Colombia, but what better way to introduce them than through one of the most popular episodes of Miami Vice & # 39; The classic police program of the eighties goes to the road, while Crockett and Tubbs are hired by the DEA to track a local police that kills drug dealers and their families in cold blood. The episode takes its name from a song by musician Glenn Fray, who appears in the episode as a well-equipped jet pilot, Jimmy Cole. If you look at your bare nails, you will see that most of the shooting takes place in Cartagena, Colombia …

The red herring: Roman the stone
A popular offer from the mid-eighties, you've probably seen Robert Zemikis & # 39; Romanizing the Stone at one time or another. Kathleen Turner & # 39; s big screen and Michael Douglas & # 39; Reintroduction to the cinematographic audience, the movie was blockbuster. For those who do not see, the film follows the romantic novelist Jean Wilder, who was attracted to Colombia when his sister rescued … yes, you guessed it … Cartegena, Colombia. However, before exiting the video player and that old dusty tape, you should know that most of the shootings took place in Vercruz, Mexico. You want to see the possibility of seeing a Colombian view of Indiana Jones. While explaining the reasons for not seeing this movie, Douglas pronounces the name of the city Cartegena ("Cartehenya"), unlike the correct "Cartehena", a source of much annoyance among the locals.

Maybe you're not going to visit Colombia in the eighteenth century and do not want the guys at Miami Vice, but you can surely allow yourself to be associated with a little emotion and romance that will undoubtedly be part of your vacation in Colombia if you decide to visit Cartagena .