Learn more about social media marketing

Some people find traditional marketing and internet marketing too challenging. Wait for them to try social media marketing, which is like a herd of cats.

Facebook is now gaining more traffic than Google, while TripAdvisor reviews affect millions of travelers every month. Finally, social media marketing has the upper hand as a way to reach and engage with customers.

To help you understand this latest media phenomenon, it is best to break it down into something that is easier to digest.

Social – Finding pleasure in the company of others in a friendly and expressive way that often comes with exchanging views at the same wavelength

Media – a medium of communication (such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines) that has the ability to reach and influence people

Marketing – What a company does to gain more customers and connect with them

Social media marketing aims to partner with clients who share common points of view and interests through social sites to build a long-lasting, revenue-generating connection.

Regular marketing can be seen as a one-way street where you can place ads on the newspaper or television to allow you to deliver a message to your target audience, but with limited ability to engage with your customers. You have control over most mechanisms such as message, creative execution and frequency, among others.

Keep in mind that internet marketing allows you to effectively deliver a message that is tailored to your target audience and allows you to engage with your customers. You have control over the same mechanisms mentioned above.

On the other hand, social media is a two-way platform that allows you to interact with your customers in different ways, such as one-on-one or many-to-many. However, it is comparable to sheep cats because you have no control and after trying to control it you may eventually scratch and bite.

Social Media is available in a wide range of tools, resources and websites that range from the very popular and visible ones like Facebook and Twitter to niche communities like Digg or StumbleUpon, each with their own distinctive touch and distinctive feel. To be successful, it would help to use a social media strategy as well as a partner who can help guide and implement this element of your comprehensive marketing plan.

What will work and how can you stay up to date?

To tell you the truth, it's actually difficult. This is the reason why social media companies are created. These companies are experts and experienced in the field and have the resources to keep up with social media sites, tactics, strategies and trends. They also consolidate and integrate them into social media programs that are tailored to suit every business, whether we're talking about small market segments or broad-based products and services.