Table Ways in Romania

Planning a trip to and wondering about the right way to eat when visiting friends / family or just staying at a hotel? Well, let's look at how people arrange their dinner table and enjoy each other's company once sitting around the table.

Plating dishes

Everyone sitting at the table has two plates in front of them – first and second year.

The knife is on the right and the fork on the left.

Serving the dish

The food is served by the host, who is usually the lady of the house, but sometimes it is possible for family members to help themselves.

Table ways in:

It's a good idea to wait for all the guests to gather around the table before they start eating. It is considered bad manners to say something while chewing food. However, Romanians talk a lot during the meal. It is disrespectful to leave the table before everyone is finished eating. It is also impolite to smoke while other people serve or still eat.

At the end of the meal, people usually thank the host for it and congratulate the host for such a wonderful meal, even if you did not enjoy the meal, it would still be polite to thank the host for having gone through many preparation problems. its probably in your honor as a guest of the house.

Traditional Customs In:

There are two traditional holidays that bring together all the family members, Christmas and Easter. At Christmas, people usually eat pork, and at Easter, people usually eat lamb. Traditional food and drink usually consists of two main dishes and a desert. The traditional second course is a cabbage roll.

The desert is usually ice cream or cake. Romanian adults drink wine and plum brandy, known locally as Tuica, which is a traditional alcoholic beverage. At the end of the meal, Romanians occasionally drink coffee. Usually children drink juices. Restaurants are popular In Romania, people who spend a lot of time at work sometimes have lunch or dinner at a restaurant with their family or friends. Having an evening at a restaurant can be very enjoyable after a work day.

Why not try spending some time with a Romanian family enjoying delicious Romanian food, a taste of local plum brandy and a lively and fun time?