Hawaiian cruise aboard the Norwegian Pride of America

I recently spent some time visiting most of the big islands that make up Hawaii. It was my first trip to the 50th country and I had a hard time deciding where to stay when I got there. I spent countless hours scouring the internet and various forums to get an inside scoop on which island I would enjoy the most. What I found is that every island has a lot to offer and my ideal vacation will be spent seeing them all. It was there that Norway's pride came to the rescue.


Norwegian Cruise Lines – America's Pride sailed in 2005 and it is the first US flag ship built in nearly 50 years. One look at this glorious vessel; and you can say that the name "Pride of America" ​​goes beyond just the letters outside. Everywhere on this boat you are reminded of what a great country the United States is, and most of the lounges, restaurants, etc. … have an American theme. Some reviewers commented that they thought it was too sticky, however, please be different, to some extent, all of these ships are sticky and this one seems to fit

however, the décor was tasteful and the layout of the ship itself was very functional.

One of the main differences of this ship is that most of the personnel are American citizens. The online forums are filled with mixed feedback on the level of customer service they have received on board. Many attribute this to American staff; however, I find this too narrow of a thought process. I have found some cases where the service was missing but you are on vacation, try to ignore these limited cases and enjoy. The price you pay for what you are experiencing can be neglected.

Here's a breakdown of the cruise from Honolulu to the departure day.

Bring it with you

· Sunscreen


· Beach towels

· IPhone (sorry to be impartial)

· USB cable and charger (USB can be used with many rental iPhone cars)

· Check that your insurance policy covers the responsibility for the rental (this will save you about $ 20 each time you rent a car)


· Urbanspoon – Find places to eat based on past users

· TripAdvisor – Find things to do near you, Read user reviews, etc. …

· Orbitz.Com – Use this book beforehand with your car and if you book your flight through Orbitz, it will send you text messages about flight status, etc. …

· GPS device – A paid application that can replace your GPS needs

· Travel deck – An application that you can store all your itineraries, flight numbers, number confirmation, etc. in one app.

· My radar– A weather app that gives you almost time weather maps

· Open table – Reservations for busy restaurants


Day 1 “My group and I flew to Honolulu International Airport and packed our luggage around. Just outside the terminal is a taxi station with an employee to assist you and your party in transporting to and from your hotel and / or port. Ticket price from Waikiki Airport was $ 35. I chose to fly one day early to allow myself time to adjust to the changing weather off the east coast of the United States.

I was looking for a safe, clean and cheap hotel in the Waikiki area right next to the beach. I found this in Miramar Waikiki. The hotel was booked for around $ 145 on and really exceeded my expectations.

We were all upgraded to an Oceanview room with a 15th floor balcony. This hotel is close to many shops and restaurants and several blocks to the beach. There are days to the right in front of the hotel for breakfast, and on the International Market a place for shopping outside the hotel door. I found a fantastic Vietnamese Pho place in this market and it was the best meal I had while in Hawaii.

You can also travel to Ala Moana Mall and shop for hours at this giant mall, with one of the best Asian food courts I've seen.

Day 2 upload,

We left the Miramar Hotel around noon and boarded a taxi to the port. ($ 22 taxi fare) Upon arrival, you are instructed to tag your luggage and take them for a short walk to the baggage handlers who scan the luggage. After they take your luggage, you have to register and set up your Norwegian board account. This is your only source of purchasing power while on board, money is not accepted everywhere on board. Now that the techniques are complete, you are ready in 7 days to see some of the most beautiful islands in the world.

If you notice, I got on board around noon. The ship can be boarded so early, although it does not sail until later in the afternoon. Aloha coffee is available for lunch and we took full advantage of it. I was impressed that along with the standard American fare, there was an Asian and Indian portion of the buffet every day. After lunch we waited about 30 minutes and they started announcing the number of rooms available. This turned out to be enough time for my husband and I to stay in our balcony and sleep before dinner. We booked a room with a balcony (7158) and after entering the room we were a little surprised by the size of the cabinet. It was smaller than the other balcony rooms we had booked in the past, with less storage space and a smaller TV. It should also be noted that the bathroom does not come with the free toiletries I have seen on other ships. The size, etc. … is not a deal breaker, and once we got used to it, it became a problem. The balconies are of sufficient size, with 2 chairs and a small table.

DAYS 3 & 4 – MAUI

The ship arrives at Kahului (Maui) port at 7am and will be docked there by 6pm the next day. As it was a one-night stop, passengers are allowed to come and go as they please, regardless of the time of night. The area we arrived at was an industrial warehouse area and after leaving the boat, many car rental agencies give the shuttle a rental car. I strongly recommend that you rent your own car on each of the islands, with the possible exception of Kona and I'll explain later. Also, you must book your car before arriving to ensure availability. Prices are really reasonable on all islands.

Our next decision was: Where do we go and what do we see? I'm sure any guide you ever read to Maui will order you to drive the Road to Hannah. I was dead to do this before I got here, but I tend to look for signs that point at me in certain directions. One such sign came to me for a Grand Slam breakfast … Our waitress in Denis, Oahu, was a native Hawaiian and, as it turns out, a well-traveled sage! My advice to me was that I definitely needed to get on the road to Hannah if I wanted to be stressed, kept on the move for 4 hours, just to get to a city with very little work. She advised us to see the Haleakala Crater and to go round the road leading to Lahaina and see the same nature. I know I'll have some who won't agree with me, but I'm glad I went with my gut. So …

After picking up our rental car, we decided to drive to Haleakala National Park to see the Haleakala Crater. The cruise line offers both sunrise and sunset cycling down the crater. I'm sure this will be a watch site; nevertheless, we decided to just see the island in our free time and did not want to be on schedule. Riding in the park is very simple (using GPS) and before you enter the park, look for Kula Lodge. There is a small shop adjacent to the restaurant, which is your last chance to get food and snacks before you enter the park.

I was a little worried about visibility in the crater since it was as late in the morning as this could be a problem; nevertheless, we had 100% visibility and were amazed at the views from the top. Driving up was great as you actually drive through the clouds on your way to 10,000+ feet in the air. I would advise anyone with a medical condition affected by altitude to consult a doctor. I personally have asthma and felt my breasts tighten and my heart rate increase, but it wasn't so bad that I couldn't enjoy it. After leaving the park it was time for lunch and we decided to return to Lodge Tower for lunch. The food here was a little pricey at lunch, but we grabbed pizza and enjoyed the phenomenal rear deck views.

In the afternoon we traveled to the center of Maui Ocean, a large aquarium with many exhibits, located about 25 minutes from the cruise port. The exhibits were great, the entrance was about $ 22, and most of the sights you can see in about 2 hours. After our visit we returned to the ship to relax and eat dinner. You have the right to park your rental car overnight very close to the boat. On our second day in Maui, we decided to travel up the coast to Lahaina to see some sights and do some shopping. The road leading to Lahaina is full of beautiful beaches and mountains, and it becomes increasingly difficult to continue driving when you really just want to pull up and hang out on the beach all day long. If you feel so inclined, I'm sure you won't regret it. I should note that once you enter Lahaina, you will want to look for Old Lahaina Front St.This is where the shopping is. There is another Front Street, but not much shopping.

Shopping in Lahaina is made up of many chain stores, local artisans, many restaurants and you are right on the water, so it is a very relaxing environment. There are Bubba Gumps, Kimos and several other highly rated restaurants. However, when I'm out of town, I like to eat what the locals eat. So we headed to the mixed Aloha plate. The mixed Aloha plate is a favorite of both locals and tourists alike. They have a great outdoor seating area near the water and have plenty of cold drinks, and their mixed dishes were the best I had while on the islands. Calahua's pork was exceptional! Service was a little slow; However, a waitress who was in our area did her best to please everyone. After lunch, we returned the rent to the agency.

You must plan to do this no later than 30 minutes to an hour before you are scheduled to be on board again. You start your car and then grab a shuttle back to the harbor.

Day 5 – Hilo, 8am – 6pm

Hilo – Same workout … I got out of the boat, grabbed a shuttle to my pre-booked rental agency and headed for Vulcani National Park. There are many shops and gas stations in this area of ​​Hilo to stop along the route for toilet snacks, etc. … Since we only had one day in Hilo, time was of the essence. We entered the park (for a nominal fee) and found that all the attractions were clearly marked and could be easily driven alone. We first tackled the steam vents, an area where heat from a volcano causes steam when it comes in contact with water.

There are scenic views just a few steps away, and once you leave, drive directly to the Jagger Museum. Find information on Kilauea and the best views of the volcano here. The loop around the volcano is currently closed due to volcanic fumes, but the areas that are open are grand. When leaving the park, be sure to stroll the lava tubes.

This is an underground tunnel formed through a stream of lava. Very interesting and quite easy walk for most people. The whole walk takes about 15-20 minutes.

After exiting the Vulcani National Park, enter the Mauna Loa Macadamia Farm into the old GPS and take a solo tour of this huge Macadamia plantation. The tour itself is not that fun, but trees are something new to most people's eyes and you can stop by the free sample gift shop and buy some snacks along the way.

This whole process should not take more than 30 minutes from the time you drive until you leave. The next stop is one of my favorites of the whole trip: Akaka Falls. Once again, we discovered this area by entering the name only in our Garmin GPS. This destination takes you somewhat along a trodden path through a small town and through some cow pastures, but the falls themselves are worth every minute of it! You will find out as you approach, as you will see cars lined up along the side of the road. These cars are parked here because there is a parking fee in the park area. I suggest you pay the price and park here. Revenues from parking fees are used to maintain these areas. Once you arrive, you will see a footpath and after about 15 minutes walking down you will see the beautiful Akaka Waterfall.

After leaving the waterfalls, it was time for a late lunch, so we headed to downtown Hilo. I highly recommend Cafe Pesto in the Old Town. The atmosphere of this place is that of Hawaii since 1950. The food is great and accessible and overlooks the old city center; and the ocean makes you want to stay for dinner!

If you have done all of the above, it will be a good time to get your car back and get back to the ship. On the way back, be sure to stop by and see Banyan trees planted with mahalas and shakers at this time on Banyan Tree Drive. But wait: no trip to Hilo would be complete without a trip to Hilo Hatis! On your way back to rental car agencies, stop and pay homage to one of the largest gift shops in

Hawaii: Hilo Hatties.

The store is loaded with any type of Hawaiian saunas you can imagine, browsing Hawaiian shirts, coconut syrup, jewelry, etc. … but be prepared to pay. This store has a great selection, but if bargains are what you're looking for, look downtown or wait to pick up this Uncle Tony gift in Kona. He returned the car and carried the shuttle back to the ship.

Day 6 Kona – 7 am – 6 pm

Kona is the only port of call on this trip that I would consider NOT renting a car. As you are only in the port of the day (this is also a port auction), you could potentially waste a few hours just haggling, getting to the rental agency, renting your car and giving that much time to return. the car, auctioning back to the ship. If you decide to rent a car, you can visit various island attractions, such as the city of asylum or the Kona coffee plantation. If you are just looking for some R&R, Hapuna Beach State Park is the preferred beach access area on this island. Hapuna Beach is about 30 minutes from the cruise port by car. We chose to spend the day shopping at the many shops along Main Street in Kona and at lunch at Inn Kona. Inn Kona opens at 11:30 and offers fantastic views of the ocean as you eat.

Eating lunch is almost a sandwich fee, but the setting compensates for any food shortcomings. After shopping we took a taxi to a local beach where many cruise ship employees and some locals were hanging out. Here you can get shaving ice and swim snorkel with the local sea turtles.

Day 7 – Nawilliwilli 8am Morning to 2pm The next day

Kauai is my favorite island in Hawaii. This island is much more relaxed than the rest, nature is magnificent and there are chickens everywhere! Yes, chickens … According to locals, these chickens spread like crazy during a hurricane several years ago. Hawaii law protects all native birds and these chickens are no exception. You will see them everywhere you go, they are no threat and will add to the feel of this picturesque island.

It should also be noted that since there are no native predators in Hawaii, the chicken population does not thin out … unless they wander on locals' property at which point they can

become dinner!

Once again, make the car shuttle shuttle and take your ride. You would do a great job if you didn't rent a car on this island.

The main drawback of a rental car on this island is the parking situation. The main overnight parking area is a short distance from the ship near Anchor Cove Shopping Center. if you plan to be out 21:00, plan on going with a group. The last shuttle from

Anchor Cove Shopping Center is open at 9pm. As the ship is parked in an industrial area, the surroundings are a bit striking. I wouldn't say that you should be worried about your safety as you go through the night, but my wife and I made the walk past 9, and although we were not afraid of our safety, it was a bit sketchy.

Вярвам, че норвежецът трябва или да осигури паркинг по-близо до пристанището, или да постигне някакво споразумение с транспортните компании. Някои от по-възрастните гости на нашето пътуване не искаха да направят прехода, така че успяхме да се приближим до пристанището и да ги пуснем. Въпреки това, совалният транспорт е много удобен и ще ви отведе до много от търговските центрове в близост.

Първото нещо в нашия списък със задачи след пристигането беше да видим каньона Уаймея. Каньонът Ваймеа е версията на острова на Гранд Каньон. След като се приближите до пътя, който ви води към каньона, спрете на последната бензиностанция, която виждате, и вземете няколко задушени кифлички, пълни с пиле Shoyu, за возенето. В каньона Уаймеа имате (много) живописна гледка, за да се насладите на каньона, а там също има щанд за плодове, за да си купите пресни плодове. Предлагат се и хеликоптерни обиколки, за да видите каньона и острова като цяло. Ако имате парите, мисля, че това ще бъде островът, който да го използвате, за да вземете тази вертолета.

Можете да напуснете каньона Waimea и да видите парк Kokee, но до момента, когато стигнахме до там, мъглата направи видимост близо 0%. След като напуснахме тези райони, се отправихме към курортната зона Poipu Beach. По пътя можете да спрете на плантация за кафе Kauai. Тази плантация предоставя безплатни проби от едни от най-добрите кафе в света. Предлага се за закупуване и горещо ви препоръчвам да го направите.

Пристигнахме в района на плаж Poipu и се спряхме на плажния бройлер на Brenneke's. Brenneke's има страхотна, прясна морска храна, и точно този вид затворен, плажен ресторант, който обичам. Пренебрегвате Poipu Beach Park; това беше любимото ми място в цялото пътуване. Ако искате да прекарате деня на плаж на Кауай, горещо бих препоръчал да дойдете тук, няма да съжалявате.

За да отпразнуваме приключването на нашето хавайско приключение, избрахме да го направим по „хавайски“ начин и планирахме да присъстваме на Luau. Въпреки че всички знаем, че Луау на острова може да бъде доста туристически, а не истински представи за островите, избрах да резервирам с такъв, който оперира на Кауай от десетилетия. На много от вас ще е трудно да се отърват от Luau, който се предоставя от NCL, но повярвайте ми, спестете парите си и отидете в Smith Family Luau.

Семейство Смит Luau се намира в близост до река Уайлуа и е собственост на семейството и се експлоатира и съществува от десетилетия. От церемонията по откриването можете да разберете, че старейшината на това семейство е много горд от бизнеса, който е изградил и семейството си. Теренът е красив, храната е изключителна, а всички напитки са включени в цената на прием и изобилни.

Самото шоу е страхотно, изпълнителите са страхотни, а в къщата няма лошо място. Една много важна забележка: ИЗПОЛЗВАЙТЕ СВОЯ GPS и ТИП В ТРОПИЧЕСКИ ПАРАДИЗМ на СМИТ. Единственият път, когато се изгубихме по време на пътуването си, използвахме адреса, даден ни в билетите ни за този луау. Освен това по пътя до това място се предвижда известно време за трафик, тъй като ще пътувате през главната пътна артерия.

На следващия ден влязохме в пазаруване в последната минута и се качихме на лодката рано, тъй като ни помолиха да се качим около обедното време.

8 ДЕН – Излизане

Норвежките процедури за слизане бяха много добре организирани и не представляваха караница. Единствената екскурзия, която резервирахме чрез кораба, беше обиколката на Пърл Харбър и USS Missouri, така че насрочихме да се срещнем в основната аудитория, за да напуснем кораба. Основното предимство, което открих при резервирането на тази екскурзия е, че имахме късен полет и тази 8-часова обиколка ни позволи да разгледаме забележителностите, а не да чакаме на опашка, за да го направим.

Излязохме от лодката и се качихме на нашия туристически автобус, за да видим Пърл Харбър. Информацията за екскурзията не ни каза това, но тази обиколка ни даде и обиколка на град Хонолулу, където можете да видите града (както и офиса на кучето Ловец на глави!) Обиколката ще ви преведе през гробището Punchbowl, след което до Pearl Harbor & The Mighty Mo (USS Missouri). Тази обиколка е една от най-добрите, които съм правил. Времето лети, дори ако не сте привърженик на историята. Бих препоръчал тази обиколка на всеки над 6-годишна възраст. Това е много тържествено и отрезвяващо турне, но нещо, което всеки трябва да види. Това води до дома, че войната е истинска, а алчността, омразата и невежеството под каквато и да е форма има пагубни последици.

След това се отправихме към летището и поехме с трудния полет обратно към Източното крайбрежие на САЩ.


Този круиз е най-добрият начин да видите всички острови на Хаваите за толкова кратко време и за цената. Това е много интензивно пристанищен круиз, така че всъщност не получавате мързеливите дни в морето, както някои круизи осигуряват. Помещенията бяха подходящи, като цяло самият кораб, ако беше красив. Бих препоръчал да закусвате на кораба всеки ден, но ако имате парите, излезте на островите и хапнете това, което местните ядат, и подкрепете тези малки предприятия. Това, което вярвам, че корабът трябва да се съсредоточи върху бъдещите круизи, е качеството и вкуса на храната, която сервират, а нивото на обслужване на клиентите трябва да се поеме на няколко нива.

Това не означава, че някои на борда не надхвърлиха очакванията ми, но други круизни линии далеч надхвърлиха очакванията ми в тази област.

Бих препоръчал този кораб на всеки и мисля, че положителните резултати далеч надхвърлят негативите. Няма да останете разочаровани.

Послепис Научете две думи, преди да тръгнете, Алоха

& Mahalo, използвай ги всеки шанс, който получиш!