How mobile engagement can be used to change the hospitality industry

Smartphones dominate our attention throughout the day. They have come to change the very nature of how we interact with the world around us, including the way we do business.

In terms of travel and hospitality, mobile phones have drastically changed their operation, which is also to the benefit of the user. And with increasing expectations for mobile interactivity, consumers have become more demanding about the types of services at hand.

Here are some statistics to help you understand the extent to which mobile phones have penetrated the industry:

  • TripAdvisor is the travel industry's most popular mobile app, with more than 230 million downloads and 150 million monthly active users.

  • Mobile travel bookings grew 1700% between 2011 and 2015, moving from 1 to 18 percent of online revenue.

  • 40% of travel sales came from mobile devices in 2017, which is expected to reach 50 percent by 2021.

  • 88 percent of leisure travelers will switch to another app or website if yours doesn't meet their needs

  • More than 50 percent of travelers don't have a specific destination when planning a trip, and 60% will look for their next trip from a mobile device

  • 1 to 3 board vouchers will be delivered by mobile by 2019.

  • 66% of users prefer restaurants with a pay scheme, and 78% will use a mobile app if they are offered discounts.

The bottom line is that mobile is here to stay. In fact, it will only take on greater importance in the daily life of the user, so fine-tuning your hospitality venture to make most mobile devices is imperative.

The hospitality industry is investing heavily in online marketing (about $ 6 billion in 2016 to give you an idea) and is using it to engage customers and drive conversions. However, online engagement using paid advertising only quickly loses its appeal.

More and more companies are rethinking their strategy and trying to incorporate the mobile experience at every stage of the journey – from research to sharing travel reviews and hotel stays.

The role of mobile phones in the exploration phase

Previously, your travel studies did not necessarily involve surfing the web. You will call a travel agent after a short online search and trust him to give you a discount on the whole package.

Travelers nowadays pride themselves on their "research skills" and their ability to curate a great experience while combining the best deals for themselves. And much of their research is being transmitted to social networking sites such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram and consumer viewing platforms like TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet.

This means you need to encourage your existing customers to share their journey online. Registrations, reviews, photo sharing, the use of personalized hashtags, and blogging are popular strategies for inviting comments.

But don't leave all this to the guests. Hotels also need to actively participate in the creation and distribution of high quality content. Focus on value-oriented things that make your potential customers think "These guys seem to know what they're talking about when it comes to traveling, so I'll check them out!"And be sure to optimize your reading content for smartphones, as the search for computers is so old-fashioned. Also partner with experts, specialists and influencers to enrich your content and give it credibility.

Now that you are creating valuable content, make sure it is searchable on Google. Have a solid SEO strategy so that you perform in the best search results. In addition, grab a Google business listing for your hotel and maintain NAP (name, address and phone number) consistency across platforms like Yelp, Yahoo, Foursquare and TripAdvisor.

Virtual concierge is even better. Guests have access to this service on their mobile phone, allowing them to see the amenities of your hotel, check out local attractions, or even view upgrades. You must use the power of video to your advantage to give them online tours as well.

From booking to arrival

There is always a difference in time between the time when guests make their reservation and the time they arrive at your hotel. This period is rarely used by business, but with some thought you can connect with your guest and offer value-added services.

Communicate with your guests on their cell phones, but in a way that is not considered spam. Give them helpful information about the area, get them acquainted with sightseeing opportunities and keep them informed about the happenings around the hotel. And if they like something, let them reserve their seats using their smartphones.

You can even remove the sign-up line and other procedures using the mobile app. Guests can choose their rooms, choose extras and check out the hassle-free accommodation to give them more control over their stay. Not only will this release your staff for other aspects of the business, but you will also earn brownie points for being proactive.

Hotel lobby and stay

People would ignore your lobby because there was nothing to attract their interest except for settled seating and ominous silence. You can change this and use this space to really interact with your guests using mobile phones.

SoftBank's humanoid Pepper robot is one of those innovations that really caught my eye. This robot is a great way to guide customers to use the range of mobile services you may have on-the-go while paving the way for affiliate services and programs.

Pepper can be programmed to talk to customers, answer questions and give directions – its functionality is like Amazon's Alexa. With Pepper, however, there is a customer robot that can dance, view, play music, light up, blush, and even make great selfies with passersby.

Pepper can even capture email addresses and phone numbers and can be programmed to send messages to customers with links to your mobile app, loyalty programs, and more before and after they post their stay at the hotel. With Pepper, you can capture the data you need to create a truly personalized experience for your guests, which is on a reason for most hotels that now view mobile favorably.

Finally, your application

You may have wondered when we would get to this, since we covered almost everything else. We won't try to convince you why you need an app, but know that having a mobile site is not enough. The applications themselves increase your customer engagement to the next level, and given the competition in the industry, you should make the most of your mobile advantage.

The ideal application should have the following characteristics:

  • Ergonomic design, intuitive user interface

  • Careful selection of key features

  • Brand consistency

  • Platform compatibility (iOS, Android, etc.)

  • Convenient booking options

  • News – Local and industrial related

  • Rear analysis

  • Image Gallery / Virtual Tour

  • Floor plan

  • Integration of loyalty program

  • Event Calendar

  • Flight info, weather updates, dynamics

  • Social sharing prompt

As technology becomes more personalized and mobile, your commitment to hospitality should not fall behind. Although these suggestions are extensive, consider implementing several (if not all) of them to see what kind of incentive you receive in your engagement – personal experience is the best teacher.

All said and done, mobile engagement really allows you to communicate with your guests in a personalized and proactive way, which works wonders for your brand image. In addition, it also allows you to rise above the competitive pool, which to me sounds like a profitable win!


6 tips to help you choose the right motel

In this article, we will share with you some tips to help you choose the right motel. You will read 6 tips to help you choose the best motel for your next trip. Read on to know more.

1. Consider your needs and desires

First of all, you need to find out what you want. Before looking for accommodation, you need to make a list of things that can make your stay more comfortable. Looking for a free breakfast, comfort or intimacy?

Therefore, it is important to think about location, amenities and price before considering other factors as you make your choice.

2. Think of the amenities you need

Ideally, the motel you choose should have four amenities. Most people talk about these amenities at motel review sites like TripAdvisor. These four amenities include breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking and air conditioning.

Therefore, you may want to find out if your motel offers these amenities. This will help you avoid surprises when you enter the motel. You can check reviews or call the motel to find out.

3. Check the motel website

Be sure to check out the motel website. This is important if you want to find important information such as rules for amenities, repairs and restaurants. If you have access to the Internet, you can easily browse the service provider's website.

4. Find out the location of the motel

Location is most important when traveling. Ideally, the motel you choose should be located near your destination city. Before booking a motel, be sure to check the map to know more about the exact location of the motel. Remember to find out how long it will take to visit popular attractions, malls and other places of interest in the motel.

In other words, your motel should not be far from the city center, restaurants and other great attractions.

5. Find out when the Motel was renovated

Open, travelers prefer motels that offer a clean and innovative atmosphere. Before you book your desired motel, be sure to find out when the property was last innovated.

If the motel has been recently renovated, you can expect a clean and well maintained environment. After all, no one wants to see dirt and dirt or peeling wallpaper in the rooms.

6. Focus on guest reviews

It's important to read guest reviews from trusted websites like Google and TripAdvisor to find out what previous guests have to say about the services they receive. What you need to do is choose the motel that is best for comfort, décor and management.

Consider only those reviews that have remained in the last one or two years. Reviews older than 5 years will not give you a good idea of ​​the reliability of the service provider.

We hope that these tips will help you choose the best motel.


The best fishing charters in Alaska – Kenai Peninsula

Working in the tourism industry, I have found that most tourists planning their dream vacation in Alaska can be overwhelmed by the thousands of opportunities Alaska has to offer – especially when it comes to the fishing world! So I put together some simple tools to help this process move.

Finding the BEST Alaska Charter Fishing takes time, effort and most importantly thorough research! Kenai Peninsula – which is the most common place to start your fishing adventure, offers several places like Seward, Ninilchik, Kenai River, Kasilof River and Homer! Within these venues, you are looking at over 100 charter companies to dig in and filter out the best of the worst. How can we accelerate this? As simple as it sounds – reviews!

Reviews, such as TripAdvisor and Google, can make or break a business in several ways. Although you can't have the good without the bad, the important thing to look for here is how many bad reviews are there compared to the excellent And what do they say? Do guests look valid in their complaints? Did the company take the time to respond? This is vital for filtering out some of the nonsense (sorry frank verbosity) of legitimate concerns.

Once you get to about three to five companies of interest from a selection of reviews, you'll want to find out who has the best options for what you're looking for! Are you looking for a specific location, boat size, length of trip, exclusive fishing or party fishing or a particular type? While most Alaska fishing charters on the Kenai Peninsula offer roughly the same types of travel, asking these questions among your satellites will help you narrow down your questions when it comes time to talk!

Which brings us to the next step – call! Most companies offer online reservations, but if you are new to fishing in Alaska, I recommend calling first to narrow down some details. Want to ask important questions like which locations do you offer? Are your trips full days or half days? What time is your trip available? What should I buy and what's included? Questions like these are crucial to make sure you book EXACTLY what you are looking for!

Once you answer them, you will be able to make a decision! Go ahead and continue the charter booking process of your choice and get ready to start fishing in Alaska!

Prepare for Alaska 101 fishing:

– Dresses in layers

– Bring rain gear

– Treat seasickness with a mild PRIOR to travel

– Bring lunch and drinks on board for breakfast

– Purchase a fishing license in Alaska in advance

– Plan how you want to get the fish home – with you on the plane or shipping

– Bring a camera

And most importantly – great ready for the journey of a lifetime!


Hotel Internet Marketing

The concept of Hotel Internet Marketing came with the awareness of the Internet among hoteliers. As soon as they realized they could get more bookings online, they started creating websites for their hotels and many of them also started online booking systems for more convenience for customers.

Hotels have now started creating their own websites to allow their customers to reach them and make reservations online. From marketing to HTML, it has come a long way for these hoteliers, but this revolution has changed the importance of the hospitality industry. These several actions have changed the traditional way of booking rooms and knowing / comparing different rooms and prices offered by different hoteliers.

The hotel has the advantage of making its photos accessible to visitors to experience the exterior of the hotel. The visitor can view the hotel through photos and virtual tours.

Now Hotels can have their own website where they can easily tell about the Rooms and Rates, the features, the amenities / amenities they provide, the virtual tours and of course the online booking / reservation facility.

Gatesix Inc. understands the need for a hotelier. They have a dedicated team to guide you through the process and they are available online 24/7. They have set up a division called Gatesix Hospitality, which is focused on the hospitality industry. They have a large number of hotel owners and a client of branded and independent hotel owners.


Where to find the best hotel accommodation online

Going on a hike? There are so many things to keep in mind when booking a hotel. There is a real location to the hotel, its accessibility to public transportation, its proximity to the sites you want to visit, hotel reviews also play a big factor and of course there are costs.

Fortunately, everything nowadays is accessible through the Internet. We have compiled a list of online travel agencies offering accommodation at different price points. So whether you are a backpacker or a leisure traveler, we have you covered!

1. is looking to be ranked # 1 on the world's top online travel agencies since 2014 (according to Skift). They offer different types of accommodation from high-end hotels, hostels, apartments and rooms. Customer reviews are displayed on the site and you can search for hotel accommodation based on your budget, with most of the offers offering free cancellation.


Established in 1996, Expedia recently acquired Orbitz, another online travel agency. Hotel booking is only part of Expedia's business, as they also book airline tickets, cruises and even rental cars. You can earn "Reward Points" by getting an Expedia + card. They also regularly have secret deals and discount coupons for those looking for a deal.


The only online travel agency based in Asia (Singapore), which has become one of the top online travel agencies in the world. is expanding its customers by offering the "Best Price Guarantee" in their rooms, as well as specialized "flash sales". Hotels in Agoda vary from luxurious hotels, inns, inns to resorts.


Although is primarily a review site, they also offer the option of hotel booking. The site is currently in the Top 2 of the list of the best online travel agencies in the world, according to Skift. The good thing is that when you look at different accommodation offers, you can also see price comparisons with another site offering the same hotel. Usually, prices on are inferior so you get a better deal. Also, user generated feedback is very helpful.


You can book accommodations for over 325,000 hotels worldwide. Beds, snacks, inns and even some apartments are also included in his inventory. They have a lot for long-term guests called Rewards. Guests staying at least 10 nights receive a discount on their next booking.


For those looking for the weird charm of bed and breakfasts, is a specialized site that has been in existence for over 20 years. The site offers hot deals and there is a special area for Dians Collection Inns that have luxury nights and breakfasts.


Featuring "great hostel deals everywhere," the site has 33,000 hostels in inventory. And if you sign up for their SmartSavers membership, you don't actually receive booking fees. Ideal for those with a budget, there are so many choices on this site.


How Important Is Social Media In The Hotel Industry?

Social media is one of the most powerful forces driving the hotel industry today, playing a key role in consumer travel from planning their trip to posting photos, updates and holiday reviews. The hotel industry relies heavily on word of mouth and the spread of opinions, and social networks provide the ideal platform for this.

81% of travelers say reviews are important when choosing a hotel.

70% of users said that travel reviews have the biggest impact on their buying behavior.

43% of hoteliers believe that social media produces some of the highest ROIs.

40% of travelers post reviews.

38% of US travelers use social networks to share their experiences while traveling.

Social sharing has a huge impact on travel bookings. From those who have used sites like Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Google+, and LinkedIn to explore travel plans:

52% changed their original plans.

33% changed their hotel.

10% changed their resort.

7% changed their destination.

TripAdvisor for business

83% of respondents usually consult with TripAdvisor reviews before booking a hotel.

70% of senior hospitality professionals say that TripAdvisor is the # 1 site that influences customers.


51% of Facebook fans are more likely to buy the brands they follow or follow.

52% of Facebook users said their friends' photos inspired their choice of vacation and travel plans.


79% of Twitter followers are more likely to recommend a brand after becoming a follower.

67% of Twitter followers are more likely to buy follow-or-follow brands.


81% of online users in the US say they trust information and tips about Pinterest.

20% of the general social recommendations for marketing sites come from Pinterest.

With all the information available, the real question is "can your hotel afford to maximize its social media presence?"

Here are 7 tips for starting your hotel social campaign:

1. Create social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Keep in mind that Google+ likes are the # 1 way to improve search engine optimization.

2. Use your property logo for your profile photo.

3. Make sure you have an attractive, visually appealing image of the title that shows your property.

4. Make sure your contact information and website address are listed on the page.

5. On Facebook, remember to use the "book now" feature.

6. Post daily to all social media platforms.

7. Only 1 in 5 publications should self-promote.


How Drug Violence in Mexico Affects Global Tourism Statistics: Traveladvisor Choices Awards Tripadvisor 2014

Vacationers still fear the Mexican drug, cartel and violence wars, despite the fact that we don't read as much in the media today about drug-related deaths as we said three years ago (of course, aside from the recent Guerrero mass murder).

Every year, Tripadvisor, the largest travel and tourism website in the world, publishes travel awards charts for global, national and regional tourism preferences in a number of categories. The 2014 award numbers make it clear that holidaymakers are still striving to visit Mexico, but that they are comforted by the comfort, safety and security of Mexico's resorts included in the complex and prefer them to others around the world.

Mexico does not rank at all in the categories for best small hotels, best nights and nights, best sunrise destinations, favorite restaurants or the more general best destinations category. It received one rating in the Best Beaches in the World category, number ten out of 25 for Playa Norte in Isla Mujeres. Likewise did the rating for the Best Hotels in the World, but only for The Saint Regis Punta Mita Resort in Punta de Mita. And probably because of the dollar / peso exchange rate, he put the number 21 and 25 for cheap hotels in the world, the Bungalows (Cabo San Lucas) and Luz en Yucatán (Mérida), respectively.

However, in the category of the best inclusive resorts in the world, Mexico really shines, which suggests when viewed in the context of its lack in other categories, yes, the public is still fearful for its safety due to Mexico's drug violence , cartels, and wars, but that vacationers feel safe and secure when staying at a resort that includes the all-inclusive, isolated from everyday Mexican life.

In the Top 25 All Inclusive Resort category in the world, Mexico has ranked 11, including five of the top eight. Here are the impressive results:

1) Iberostar Grand Hotel Paraiso (Playa Paraiso)

3) Favorite Hotel (Playa Mujeres)

5) Playa Mujeres Excellence (Playa Mujeres)

6) Le Blanc Spa (Cancun)

8) Secrets of Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun (Playa Maroma)

16) Cancun Riviera of Excellence (Puerto Morelos)

17) Live Aqua Cancún All Inclusive (Cancun)

19) Club Med Ixtapa Pacific (Ixtapa)

21) Secrets of the Silverversand Riviera Cancun (Puerto Morelos)

22) Cozumel Palace (Cozumel)

25) Sun Palace (Cancun)

Mexico in general is a safe country to rest. Just stay away from the scene of violent violence related to drug wars and drug gangs. Of course, the Nazis who had never even been here would disagree. Think of safe havens like Chiapas, Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende and similar expat enclaves, the Yucatan, Pacific resorts … and yes all-inclusives. Be no more and no less prudent than you would rest in any other developing country and you must be well-balanced; and even better enjoy your trip to Mexico so much, if not more than other vacation spots.


Hotels in Mexico and Oaxaca rank poorly at Tripadvisor 2013 Travel Choices Awards

Whether the US media has found another country to hit when it comes to travel destinations, or the Mexican government has finally started moving forward in its fight against the drug war and masters, Tripadvisor Travelers' Choice Awards 2013 confirm that vacationers have not yet received the message that a visit to a Mexican city, resort or beach is a sure bet. And estimates for the state of Oaxaca, which relies heavily on tourism for its economic life, in particular the capital of Oaxaca de Juarez and the two main Pacific coastal resorts of Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, are equally alarming in terms of revenue generation.

Tripadvisor is the most used global online forum for travelers planning travel abroad to choose hotels and other accommodations, restaurants, tours and activities. So when annual website rankings are posted, that means something, though it may turn out to be one outdated year.

For the "Top 25 Hotels in the World" category, Mexico was completely excluded, taking first place in the Four Seasons Hualalai, Kailua – Kano, Hawaii. In the Top 25 Hotels category in Mexico, Oaxaca did not get a seat, with the top choice going to Las Ventanas al Paraiso in San Jose del Cabo.

In the list of the top 25 small hotels in the world, Mexico also did not make the cut, as the prize went to Anastasis Apartments in Greece. In the Mexico category again, Oaxaca was a persona non grata, with first place going to the Playa Fiesta Beach Club & Hotel in Puerto Vallarta.

Mexico's bad news continues in the Top 25 Romantic Hotels in the World and Top 25 World Destinations. For romance Anastasis Apartments in Greece again took first place, and for destinations Paris received a nod, and in both categories did not look from Mexico. Within the country, The Secret Marona Beach Riviera Cancun won for Romance, with a potion for Oaxaca. However, while Oaxaca was ranked 8th for Mexico's Top Destinations, first place went to Cancun.

Mexico has once again missed the boarding house and inn, although Oaxacan's home ranks 13th and 18th, respectively. And for beach destinations, the top 25 in the world went to the Sicily Rabbit Islands, with Mexico getting just one nod, 21st for Akumal. Within the country, first place went to Playa el Norte in Isla Mujeres, with the vote with silver lining going to Zikatela, the famous beach of Puerto Escondido.

The Mexican city of Patzcuaro is ranked # 18 in the Top 25 Cheap Hotels in the World because of its Casa Encantada, and in fact Oaxaca was selected to vote for Cheap Hotels in Mexico, one of each by Huatulco and Oaxaca. ,

It may be a bit more consumer confidence to get the vacationers back to Mexico and the $ 91 million spent by the Mexican government over a year and a half in their Mexico program today will pay off. This suggests that the US media continues to focus on their own backyard.