What is digital marketing and what does it mean for my business?

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of digital technology to deliver your marketing messages and allow your customers to engage with your business.

Traditionally, marketing is about pushing your messages to the customer. With technology, you can now engage in dialogue with your customers and deliver what they actually want, not wanting to think they want. There is often a big gap and digital marketing is what allows you to communicate one-to-one with your customers and the masses.

So what are the areas of digital marketing?

For me, digital marketing includes:

  • Websites that include:
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Finding on Google etc.
    • Pay Per Click (PPC) – Paying for someone to find you on Google etc.
    • Banner Ads – Pay for banner ads to visit your site
    • Ecommerce – The ability to buy and sell products, services and information online.
  • Consumer Reviews – Consumer reviews are a powerful way to get users to your ecommerce site as they make the purchase decision easier because the reviews are from users who purchased the product. The whole business is built around this concept as TripAdvisor.
  • Blogs. Personal websites with stories, expertise, etc. that you think will help your readers, customers, and stakeholders.
  • Social media. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Google+, Ushi, Xing, etc. These are web based systems that allow you to connect and share information such as ideas, links, photos, videos with conscious people. They can also generate revenue for your business and so can be routes to the market for your business. These can be great ways to connect with people you may not otherwise be able to reach. Twitter can be a great source of publicly available real-time information and report on major world events before the world press.
  • Social media. Mashable is the largest social media news site.
  • Online PR. There are specific websites that provide press releases. and are examples.
  • Webinars / Events – Webinars are one to many seminars distributed on the Internet. This allows you to represent a large number of people, regardless of location. Events are traditional meetings or seminars, but are marketed through social networks like Linkedin.
  • Email marketing – Send bulk emails that you think are relevant to the people you send the message to.
  • Lead Nuturing – This is where potential gives you your email address in exchange for something for free. This is usually an ebook (in pdf format), a video, an email course on how to do something.
  • Viral Marketing – Sending a message that is so captivating that people forward it to other people who are unknown to you. A great way to send a message if you do it right.
  • Video – An increasingly popular method for sharing ideas, transmitting information and selling online. Great for selling more sophisticated products or services. YouTube is the most popular currently, but the video is embedded in more digital media.
  • Music / Podcasts. Spotify is becoming the most popular legal file sharing system because it gives you access to a large range of music. Podcasts are voice recordings for a specific topic. They can be downloaded for listening to your computer or MP3 players at a later date. Great for relaxing or exploring a new subject while traveling.
  • Chat / Instant Messaging / Skype. Chat and instant messaging are real-time keyboards. Ie one person introduces something and the other answers. Both need to be present online to do this. Facebook, Bebo, etc. users they use this, especially the younger generation. Skype is an internet based video and phone system that allows Skype users to call each other for free or at a very low cost and is becoming more popular for business use and will grow now that the video version is available on Facebook.
  • Smartphone or mobile applications. Smartphone or mobile applications (or software applications that originate the term) are small pieces of computer software that run on your phone that allow you to do the things you normally do on a computer. The need to work everywhere and at any time means that they will become more and more popular in the business systems that are beginning to emerge in them. Great for anyone working away from the office, including executives, technical and sales staff. Also, watch an increasing number of users use their mobile phones for online purchases as they fill their time in anticipation of something.
  • Cloud file storage / sharing. Cloud is, for most purposes, another name for the Internet. So cloud-based storage is the ability to store information on the Internet, including archiving and sending large files to customers and suppliers. DropBox and Yousendit are examples of large file sharing systems between unrelated users. There is already a wide range of remote backup system providers, with most corporations incorporating them into their backup strategies. Personal file sharing is also available for two or more computers that are connected together to share information, including music and video. Personal file sharing is not usually a business tool for larger corporations.
  • Cloud based systems. These are systems that allow you to work anywhere. Google has Google Docs, Microsoft has Office 365. Many third-party software vendors are moving their systems to the cloud so customers can access them from anywhere and not worry about their own IT infrastructure. Businesses move their IT infrastructure to the cloud to reduce costs, as all infrastructure is managed by a third party.
  • Extranets / Web based systems. Companies are now looking to provide customers and suppliers with access to their information (via Extranets) and their systems (via web based systems). This allows customers and suppliers to have access to relevant information for them and allows them to perform any DIY processing, saving you time and money, such as entering and progressing orders and checking inventory levels.
  • Remote access. Being able to work anywhere means that sometimes you need access to your computer at home or work. Remote access through websites like Teamview and Logmein are a great way to get critical documents away from your computer. Some of these systems allow you to make online demonstrations of your product and service. This saves you and your client time and money.
  • Online Games / Games More gaming companies transfer their operations online so that their services can be accessed anywhere at any time. Also, notice that more custom applications have built-in game technology or ideas to make the purchase more fun. The term is called gamification. This can be a challenge for parents as the line blurs between buying something and playing a game.

In an age where systems are everywhere, businesses need to understand how to use digital marketing as it is a means of improving the service for your customers, reducing costs and making your organization more flexible.

All organizations, large and small, need to understand digital marketing and have a strategy for how they can take advantage of the opportunities that digital marketing has to offer.


Solo travel packages – Costa Rica, one of the best singles vacations

For vacation destinations it is difficult to beat Costa Rica. There is something for everyone at an affordable price. If you choose as I did during the off-season, this is an even better purchase considering the allowances that are routinely added to solo travel packages, making it difficult to find affordable luxury travel options for single travelers. These price drops come quickly after the summer crowds head home, so I took the opportunity to visit in September. Even though it was still the rainy season, I don't remember even having to dust my umbrella once. Autumn deals can also reflect the smaller crowds, where some tourists can avoid the entire Caribbean because of publicity about the hurricanes. In fact, Costa Rica is rarely affected by direct hurricanes, and despite its size, there are several distinct climatic zones. Overall, this was one of my best travel destinations.

Hotels are plentiful in a wide range of prices from high-end global chains to smaller local properties. TripAdvisor lists 120 hotels in 20 different locations within Costa Rica. A local site lists 61 hotels, categorized as 5-star nightly rates from a modest $ 113 to $ 1,240, providing almost unlimited luxury travel options for single travelers. Seven of these 5-star hotels were in the $ 200 to $ 299 range, and while not cheap, compare favorably with resort prices around the world.

Costa Rica is one of the best resorts for singles as it offers 4 different types of top vacations for travelers on their own: 1. historical and cultural travel packages that reflect the Caribbean and Latin American heritage, 2. ecotourism or green travel packages, 3 adventure tournaments deals and 4. beach getaways, not just for newlyweds.

I started my trip to the capital, San Jose, collecting my own cultural travel package as I went on. The Spanish colonial history of the country began in the early 16th century when Christopher Columbus in his travels was credited with naming it Costa Rica. After the first Spanish settlers arrived in 1522, approximately 300 years followed before independence was achieved.

There are a number of museums in the city to explore, such as the National Museum of Costa Rica. However, the Museo de Oro (Museum of Gold) really intrigues me. Not only was it filled with glittering gold artifacts, they represented much earlier pre-Columbian figures than before the Spanish came. (In addition, the adjoining gift shop sells copies of these unique items, perfect for taking home as gifts for friends and family.)

History scholars and architecture enthusiasts may be disappointed to find that most intact buildings in the capital date only to the 1800s, not the colonial period. The imposing San Jose Cathedral was built in the late 19th century, replacing the original structure destroyed by an earthquake. The newer, but considered the best historic building in San Jose, is the National Theater of Costa Rica, also dating from the late 19th century. Now celebrating its 117th anniversary this year, it is known for its ornate pink marble and gilded interior, but is also housed in an elegant Viennese café. In front of two impressive statues, Ludwig van Beethoven and a 17th-century Spanish playwright, Calderon de La Barca, closely monitor 21st-century visitors as they enter.

Once you leave San Jose and head into the countryside, it's easy to understand that Costa Rica is one of the world's best eco-tourism destinations, providing affordable travel for single travelers. Rain forests, parks and wildlife sanctuaries represent 25% of the country. Although small in square miles, Costa Rica has some of the richest biodiversity in the world. In line with its green focus, the government has launched a program over time to voluntarily achieve carbon neutrality in 2007. The highly photogenic red-eyed tree frog is most often depicted to represent the Costa Rican wildlife. As I found out, you don't have to go very far to see colorful examples. From my hotel patio, I was joined every morning for a low-flying hummingbird breakfast, one of 26 native species. Rain forest, with its 3-4 different levels, makes it possible to see lazy trees in the trees and creaking monkeys at the top; however, dense growth may make it difficult to spot them.

A third option is for single travelers who want to pick up the pace. Beyond shady bird watching and snapping wildlife photos, Costa Rica offers plenty of adventurous vacation opportunities for zippered singles lined high above tree tops or waterfalls at LaFortuna / Arenal. Six to seven rivers have white water rafting, while both banks offer snorkeling and scuba diving. Although the Arenal volcano is no longer attracting evening crowds since the night eruptions ended in 2010, six major volcanoes remain for transitions. The hot springs received are still the perfect place for a Happy Hour watching the sunset. I was not preparing, I was glad to see that the gift shop sells attractive swimwear in bright tropical colors, albeit a little short on fabric!

Finally, no trip to Costa Rica is complete without visiting the nearly 300 beaches off the Pacific Coast to the west and the more peaceful Caribbean to the east. I recommend trying both sides.

For me, my local home base in San Jose in the Central Valley was perfect as it was an easy day trip to the rainforest, but with beaches and boating it was still easy. The quality and price were definitely quite good even for solo travelers. If you can't decide whether you want to go to the Caribbean or Latin America, Costa Rica gives you "2 for the price-of-1", not how single travelers often find the "1-for-the-price-of-2" Whether you are looking for a boomer trip or a thousand year adventure, go ahead and add Costa Rica to your bucket list.


What makes a good B&B?

Bed and breakfasts are a common sight in most cities and villages, but although there are many, only a few are able to provide high quality service. The problem is that; how to distinguish good from bad? The internet is usually the first resource to look for places to stay, but with so many advertising websites, this can often be more of a headache than a useful one.

So, what to look for in search? It's easy to be fooled by the hotel's hectic website, but often on closer inspection, they really don't offer much. That is why it is important to know what to look for. Below I have written some basic points that you may want to consider when looking for accommodation.

The first thing to look for is their facilities. Do they have parking? Many B&Bs are located on busy roads or city centers, and having to pack your luggage a kilometer down the road from an hourly parking lot is not appropriate. Make sure there is on-site parking or at least a suitable location for your car nearby. You should also be aware that some places will charge to leave your car with them, so to avoid a nasty surprise it is better to check beforehand.

Location is always important, and while some B&Bs will be advertised as "centrally located" or "adjacent", it's a good idea to check it yourself. I stayed in a lot of places stating that they were located in easy access to local amenities, only to find that I needed a taxi to go anywhere. Google Maps is one of the best ways to avoid such circumstances.

Sometimes being too close to the center of a busy city can be a drawback. The last thing a weary traveler needs is a sleepless night caused by local bars and clubs opened right outside your window. Look for something that is far from the main downtown roads. Residential streets are usually the best because they tend to be quieter.

When you call the hotel to check availability, ask what amenities are included in the room. Is she single? If not, ask how many rooms share the bathroom. I would guess that more than three rooms sharing a bathroom are too many and can cause long delays in the morning.

Tea and coffee making facilities are a must and should be standard even at a poor quality hotel or B&B, but don't take it for granted that it will provide you. Other services that I consider to be absolutely mandatory are TV, hangers, desk and full length mirror. If all this is not provided, I just look elsewhere.

Extra services such as wi-fi are becoming increasingly important to the modern traveler. Most establishments will charge a fee for using their internet services, and while this is acceptable, there are some good sites that will offer this for free.

Another often overlooked aspect of hotels and B&B is where the rooms are in the building. Stairs can be problematic for some people, but even a healthy and fit youngster will probably not want to climb five stairs every time he goes to his room. If you are booked upstairs, make sure you have an elevator.

The cost of a bed and breakfast can mean different things for different establishments. Personally, I think the bed and breakfast should include a fully prepared breakfast (with a vegetarian alternative), but some offer only a continental menu. Unfortunately, unless you have stayed at the establishment before, it is difficult to say in advance what the quality of the breakfast will be. Probably the best way to avoid the worst places is to check for online reviews, with being one of the best.

Finally, it's no secret that these days, the economy has forced most of us to be a little frugal with our spending. However, this does not mean that less accommodation costs should be reflected in the quality of the service you receive. It's quite possible to get all of the above for less than £ 50 per person per night.


Top 10 hotels in Puri – by customer rating (2015)

Planning to visit Puri soon? Get the best deals by choosing a good hotel in advance.

But in order to make good selection, you have to go through several review-based sites, collect feedback from former guests, compare them and finally get the result.

To make things easy, we've compiled a list of the top 10 hotels in Puri, voted by customers for 2015. Below is a list of the top 10 hotels in Puri with a look at their pros and cons. Most of these Puri hotels can be booked online through all the major travel portals like Tripadvisor, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip.

Hotel Z

The hotel that ranks first among the best hotels in Puri is the Z Hotel. A popular budget hotel, it is located on Chakratirtha Road, making it close to Jagannath Temple and the beach. It has nice and well-appointed rooms that will appreciate starting at Rs. 1500 and more overnight.

The main reason for its popularity is its location, i.e. in a really quiet area away from the bustle of Puri. Tired travelers are also attracted to him for their excellent service and for their hospitable staff who "keep it clean religiously". Even with its many benefits, former guests have pointed out that it still needs improvements in clean amenities such as a mattress and has to deal with its pest problems.

Victoria Club Hotel

The Victoria Club Hotel is located close to the Puri Sea beach and is one of its several main features that customers love. This is a nice and cheap hotel with rooms that cost Rs. 700 per night, making it ideal for budget travelers.

According to former customers, the cleanliness and service of the hotel are the most important point. One customer even attributed purity as a "key factor" that helped with the choice. The only good thing about this popular hotel is the deteriorating condition of the room maintenance and the apathetic behavior of the housekeeping staff.

Coco Palm Trees

This is one of the top 3 star luxury hotels in Puri, located near Svargadwar Beach. The hotel boasts some amazing facilities, although staying here will cost you more than Rs. 4414 per room.

This is one of those "luxury hotels near the beach" that customers are always looking for, plus there is a private beach, which again is a big plus. Needless to say, the service and atmosphere here is excellent with a few guests confirming this in their reviews. Even then, the property is not without its share of problems. Guests focused on the lack of proper maintenance and maintenance as one of the negative points of the hotel. Some have even pointed out that it is too expensive and not very great value for money hotel in Puri.

Mayfair's legacy

Mayfair Heritage is another popular breed of luxury hotels near the beach. This is a 4-star property in Puri and is located on Chakratirtha Road. The cost of accommodation per night is Rs. 8402

The hotel's great location close to the beach and its easy access to major attractions such as the train station make it a good place to stay. In addition, guests were most praised for its service standards and its atmosphere. The hotel also offers individual villas, which again are a huge hit among couples.

The only claim that several former clients have is that the property is too "expensive" and the prices too high, plus there are a few maintenance issues that clients have pointed out.

Hotel Holiday Resort

Holiday Resort Hotel is one of the best medium budget hotels in Puri which will cost you over Rs. 2491 per room. The hotel is located directly opposite the Puri sea beach, making it one of the "hot properties" in Puri. Guests praised its location and its prices, which makes it a great PUR hotel. In addition, there is a special mention of its great food quality in its own restaurant. On the other hand, several guests indicated that the small size of the rooms and its service were "below expectations".

Anani Resorts

Ananya Resorts is located on VIP Road, Puri and is another popular mid-range hotel with room rates of Rs. 2863. The hotel is praised by its former customers for its great food and cleanliness that impressed many patrons. Guests find the hotel a great quality and quality hotel in Puri. The only complaints guests have are its slow room service and location, which is neither close to the main temple nor to the beach

Toshali Sands

Situated on the Puri-Konark seafront, Toshali Sands is one of the best luxury resorts in the area. With prices starting from Rs. 2987, the resort promises a great experience with its private beach and setting. Guests appreciated its service standards and great rooms but regretted the fact that it was located 8 km from Puri. Former customers also point out that it is not a true value for money hotel and needs support in some areas.

Lee Garden Hotel

Lee Garden Hotel is a popular budget hotel located on the VIP Road, Puri. The hotel has nice rooms that will cost you more than Rs. 1182 per night. Former guests boasted of "well-trained" service staff, food at Chungwa (indoor restaurant) and being a budget hotel with all the necessary amenities. The only hiccup is its location as the beach is almost 3.5 km away and the Jagannat Temple is 1 km away.

Golden sands of Puri

Located in Baliapanda in Puri, Puri Golden Sands Hotel is a popular mid-range hotel. Room rates start at Rs. 2614 and has well-appointed rooms. The hotel is appreciated for its great service and their staff was acclaimed for special praise from former clients. Considered to be a balanced deal in Puri, customers praised it as a resort worth the money.

The location of the hotel is its biggest drawback as it is located almost 9 km from the main beach in Puri. On the right side there is a section of a secluded beach directly opposite the property. Customers also indicated that his rooms needed maintenance.

Gandhara Hotel

Gandhara Hotel is a pleasant 2-star medium budget hotel in Puri, located on Chakratirta Road. The hotel has nice rooms with costs starting from Rs. 3170 per night. Guests praised him for its cleanliness and location, which is right across from the main beach. Although this is another of these value for money hotels, former guests would also like to point out their failures in the form of "useless" staff and problems with pre-booking.

Puri is one of India's largest pilgrimage cities and it remains crowded throughout the year. So if you are planning to visit here soon; then make sure you book your rooms in advance through online travel portals to avoid unnecessary hassles.


Renting a Bali Villa – Benefits of Choosing a Private Bali Home from Bali to Bali

Let's be honest, hotels can be expensive.

Looking at tourism in travel statistics in Bali, we see that many people travel in groups or families of 4-6 people, who require at least 2-3 bedrooms at average prices everywhere $ 100 800 $ per night depending on the level of your quality requirements.

Sure. This gives you a large swimming pool, gym, social interaction, a smile from the reception desk, concierge and luggage, room service and a clean room to return to at the end of a long day of famous shopping and sightseeing in beautiful Bali.

However, on the flip side. The pool is public and shared. The gym is barely used. Social interaction consists of screaming children and lewd teenagers. Smiles are impersonal and disappear 9 out of 10 times when faced with a problem. Room service, uncomfortable. When knocking on the door, accompanied by room service, wakes you up in time to watch the sunrise on Sunday morning.

If you look at some of Bali's villa options available, you will notice that there is a large price range. You will often find this when comparing a private villa in Bali & # 39; room for room & # 39; with a comparable hotel the Villa will come out cheaper.

Then there is the added advantage (depending on who you stay with) that Bali's private villa allows a luxurious and more personalized accommodation.

So, if you make the right choice, you should expect to be rewarded with the following:

1. Value for money

2. Private pool

3. Absolute genuine privacy

4. Great site staff with 24-hour smiles and a non-standard attitude towards fulfilling your every wish and request for reality

5. Awesome site staff who can get off the site as soon as requested

6. Room service that takes care of your personal plans and time allocation

7. Solve all your problems and sometimes the owner closes if necessary

8. More room for a fraction of the price with self-catering, free WIFI, living space in real "Home away from home" the situation

9. With organized packages, drivers organized throughout your holiday can be scheduled by your private Bali villa by the helpful staff.

10. In a villa cook that can be organized or provided

The benefits are obvious.

However, with so many options for renting villas in Bali and the private villa market in Bali, it is growing so fast that there are a few things you need to check and look for to ensure that these requirements are met.

Where are you staying?

Bali is exactly 5632.859863 sq. Km or 115km x 112km. Because it is relatively small, the options for staying in Bali are extremely diverse.

Here are some of the more popular options.


Kuta is the most populous tourist area of ​​Bali. With its nightclubs, bars, shopping for surf brands, high-rise hotels, polluted beaches, extremely congested roads and heavy traffic, it has left its mark on "tourist travel".

While Kuta is an exciting place to stay, the villa rental options will not be as quiet or "private" as some other areas of Bali. Fortunately, one advantage over Bali's small size is that Kuta is only 10-15 minutes away by scooter to feed off hunger for the big night when needed.


– Clubs, bars, night spots

– Shopping (surf brands)

– Market shopping and trading


– Lack of privacy and strong

– Intensity of market suppliers

– Pollution

– Traffic


With art markets, dance displays, temples, quaint settlements and peasants, and a few good dining options, Ubud is a very relaxing environment where you can do much, not much. A good place to retire for a few days to gather your thoughts and make peace with nature. Although, for a longer stay the driver is a must, especially if you are looking for excitement. As the travel time from Ubud to Kuta or Seminyak is approximately 1.5 – 2 hours by car. So, a good option if you just want to chill. Not so much if you're after a balance of relaxation and adventure, or at least choosing one or the other.


– Cultural

– Quiet

– Natural


– Travel time and distances

– Less developed than other areas of Bali

– Limited Shopping

– Limited nutrition


The atmosphere of Seminyak is much more sophisticated and relaxed than Kuta, and the beach in particular is quieter and cleaner. Seminyak is also the highest class spa and boutique capital of Bali. Nowhere is the scale of Bali in recent years more apparent than here. If you have the advantage of choosing to rent a Seminyak villa, which is a short distance from the main roads, you will enjoy absolute tranquility and tranquility with just a short walk that will put you back in action. Seminyak offers entire streets of shopping and dining options.


He leaned back

– Purifier

– Shopping

– Restaurants

– cafes

– Quiet / calm and personal


– It can be more expensive

– Momentum traffic

Of the three options covered, a Seminyak villa rental would be the most ideal for a balance of privacy, shopping, dining, spa, excitement and relaxation, yet it is still conveniently located in Bali and only a short distance from Kuta.

How much will you budget?

How much will you spend for yours "Home away from home" Villa Bali depends on, but is not limited to, several factors.

– Location

– Inclusions

– Bedrooms

– Facilities and services

– The quality of the villa

With new Bali rental villas appearing in this ever-expanding market in Bali every month, you will find that a little exploration will bring you "Home away from home" who checks all the above fields with a decent night rate.

What to look for


choosing the right place for your experience is important. So start with that.


Reviews are the building blocks of any successful rental property and give you an idea that no photo or description will give. Look for consistency in the review and keep in mind that one or two bad reviews against a bunch of excellent reviews should not fully take into account general business practices. Any concerns, send an email to the owner and figure out how to act based on their response.


It's important to show you what you get. Ask for more if needed. Look for photos that are honestly shot that do not erase the air or diminish the rental property.


Tax included? Airport transfers? Breakfast? WiFi? Amenities? Service? Portable Cots? A pool fence?

While this information should be provided in the list of villas in Bali, always check this and ask for everything that is not on the list.


How many employees, what are their working hours, are there any days when they have left or will not be available?


How many bathrooms? TV in the living area? Size of the kitchen? Size of living space? Size of the pool? In the villas catering? How many bathrooms? And so on .. You will be surprised how many times people have burned out by not asking some of these simple questions. Again, although most of this should be covered in the list for rented villas, be sure to ask if there is something that needs to be confirmed or something that is not covered.

Additional extras

Are additional extras available

Best price

Because the private rental market is so competitive, there is no harm in asking for a better price. However, keep in mind that you have a better chance of this happening in the off-season, as Bali Villas typically fill months in advance for the busier seasons

Owner details

There is nothing wrong with asking where the owner comes from for more quality assurance.


Considering the condition and quality of the furnishings of Bali Villas will be a good indicator of the condition and quality of the villa itself. Also a good way to see if the style of a rental villa is the same as yours to create a more harmonious stay away from home

Size of the pool

2m x 2m will not fit a family of 6

Bed size

A large, luxuriously comfortable bed will be the cherry on the cake for your stay.

With that in mind, checking sites like flipkey and tripadvisor is a great place to start comparing your options for your next stay in Bali with any of the available luxury private villa rental options!

Or check out our Seminyak villa rental options at and please read our reviews and feel free to ask questions.

Be sure to gather your best pair of swimmers and enjoy beautiful Bali.


Comments: How to Avoid "Nightmare" London Hotels


Google Factors Overview

Google ranking algorithm

This is a brief overview of the number of factors that Google takes into account in their ranking algorithm. So, this is actually in this ranking algorithm.

Domain-level connection characteristics, also known as "Domain Authority", is the first ranking factor. You can think of domain authority as all the links from other websites pointing to all pages of your website. In addition to evaluating the content of your website (keywords), Google also takes care of the links of the other website to your site by linking to your pages. There are many features in Google's domain power algorithm, e.g. number of links, quality of websites linking to your site, etc.

The second factor is the page-level link function or Page Authority. Unlike the domain authority that looks at all the links to all the pages on your website, the page-level authority index only looks at the page level.

Next in the list are keywords and page-level content called "Keyword targeting." This is all about your focus keywords. If your keyword is "cellphone repair," you'll probably make sure that your website has the exact phase of the keywords you're targeting. Due to Google's topic modeling algorithm, it is recommended that you include up-to-date variations of the keyword you choose. Thematic variations are related or related keywords, in our case with cellphone repair they can be "screen", "battery" or phone models or manufacturers names.

Page level, keyword agnostic features are another ranking factor. These include page load speed, mobile convenience, content uniqueness, size / length, and more. If many people are searching for a specific mobile keyword and want to search the search results, you need to make sure that your webpage is mobile-friendly. Similarly, if people are looking for an in-depth topic and are looking for the latest web-specific research and you want your website to be included in search results, your website should have a very specific page with unique and relevant content.

Engagement, data querying and traffic. This factor makes a breakthrough, several years ago no one even considered it one of the ranking factors. When I talk about engagement, traffic, and data, I mean things like sticking and query success.

Pogo-bonding is best described using an example. Let's say you search for a keyword on Google. After submitting your request, Google displays a list of results. Then click the first result from this list and go to the webpage, but then immediately return to the search list and click on the second result. What you pointed out to Google is that the first result is not the best because you didn't take the time to research it, but instead went back and chose another one. You need to make sure that this does not happen to your website because it is an indicator of a successful request or a good experience that Google pays great attention to.

Domain level, brand features. Another factor Google likes to see. This includes direct hits, brand search, brand affinity. This means that Google is looking at your domain and saying, "Well, this domain is really related to a specific topic … let's rank them higher on queries on that topic." For example, you may have seen many hotel reviews from TripAdvisor. So, if you are looking for holiday or hotel reviews, you will often come across and get a TripAdvisor score. And after interacting with TripAdvisor web pages, you add their name to your next hotel search search request. And what he says to Google is "maybe when people search without a brand, we should rank that brand higher in our results."

Similarity to domain level, brand features, domain level, topics, and keyword associations is a link of your domain name to a specific topic or keyword. For example,, an online marketing and SEO software provider, has a positive relationship with the keyword 'SEO'. If you add to your queries, the websites with the keyword are most likely to be in the search results. This is because Google has a topic related to

Moving on to the next factor, which is the domain level, agnostic keywords. Like the page-level agnostic feature, this factor focuses on the domain level. Things like TLD extension, spam level, trust signals, traffic data are all elements of domain agnostic features. TLD is a top-level domain,,, etc. Google would check things like this domain is registered as spam, is it registered by other trusted domains, is there any contact information, etc.

Social Engagement Function. This is the last but not least important ranking factor. It is argued that this factor is not very important, although more and more recommendations from leading SEO vendors emphasize its indirect role in the ranking algorithm. This factor includes Tweets, Facebook, Google+ likes and shares.


Guest research can improve your hotel website

Developing content that appeals to all types of visitors is difficult. You need to understand what each visitor is looking for and address your concerns without turning your website into a 30 page thesis. What if, in addition to your persuasive marketing content, you had the added benefit of past and present guests developing content for your hotel website? How sweet would that be?

"Guest retrieval is the practice of retrieving content from guests in the hospitality industry." It is also known as crowdfunding or user-generated content.

A prominent example of a website for travel-generated content is This website is built around the concept of allowing travelers to help each other, share their experiences and plan their trips. All kinds of people who plan trips from leisure and business travelers to business travelers are often this reference or advisory website. They choose their destination and hotel based on the type of reviews, comments and blogs posted by other travelers.

In addition, having welcoming content on your hotel website, in addition to your persuasive content, is important because people are cynical. They doubt the truth of the "content creation organization." However, not everything is lost; one source of information that travelers trust is 'comrades'. Blogs and reviews posted by fellow travelers are considered "impartial" and such, the website visitors place higher value on the content of the guests. So, encourage your guests to write about their experience and publish it online.

In fact, there may be information about your hotel already worn. So, the first step you need to do is to search and find all the content related to your destination and more importantly your hotel. There are various places where you can find information – start a Google search to find blog posts and reviews, search Twitter to find all the topics for your hotel, search YouTube videos for your destination and Flickr for photos . Please note that these are just some of the websites where you can find information. This is not an exhaustive list.

After compiling this information, you have two options. First, you can set up a blog to show producers of content and information. Always give credit as this will make your previous guests happy and encourage them to book with you if they visit your destination again. Second, you can be active and create a guest section on your hotel website where you post these reviews, photos, travel blogs, etc. This gives future guests an idea of ​​what to expect.

While travelers are ready to write about their trip, post photos, etc. online, you don't have to depend on it. Carry out promotional activities to generate new guest content on a semi-regular basis. No one is interested in reading about a concert that happened ten years ago, unless it is of course an annual event. New updated content will engage visitors and encourage them to make reservations immediately. The purpose of these activities is to have fresh and up-to-date content.

Please note that this does not mean that you stop producing content or maintaining your hotel website. It just means that you can improve your website by having past guests paint a vivid picture of what prospective guests can expect in the future if they choose your hotel.


6 tips and essentials for older travelers

As we approach our older years, we should not restrain ourselves from creating new memories. If nothing else, we just have to make up for lost time, but not without caution, of course. To avoid a little inconvenience that may interfere with your sailing trips, consider these six tips:

1. Always make a checklist when packing!

This is especially important because it's easy to forget the smaller items when you pack your suitcases (we've all forgotten toothpaste or a toothbrush at some point). Make sure you start this checklist at least a few days before you leave. That way, after you first make a list, there's more time to think of more items to save later. Throughout the day, notice the items used every day with extra care so you don't forget something.

2. Pack Light.

Try to bring fewer items to reduce the burden of carrying your belongings. Be sure to check the time before packing and choose your clothing accordingly. Wear clothing that can be mixed to maximize efficiency. Remember to wear your heaviest shoes on the plane to reduce the weight in your bag.

3. Make sure you use reliable travel research websites.

Take care when exploring places to travel. Many websites can provide fake hotel and restaurant deals to get your attention. Use trusted websites that you are already familiar with. Some popular examples are Tripadvisor, Expedia and Booking.

4. Get travel insurance.

Older travelers are much more susceptible to injury or illness. This is especially important for those who carry medicines with them. It is not uncommon for passengers' suitcases to be lost during transit, and essential medicines can be lost in the process. To avoid running out of medicines or to deal with unexpected harm, paying the extra insurance fee is a small cost to pay in return.

5. Ask your doctor for advice before traveling.

Traveling to new areas exposes our bodies to unknown bacteria and diseases. Make sure you are aware of all your destination-specific risks from your doctor and take the right preventative measures. In addition, keep in mind passenger diseases, including altitude sickness and passenger diarrhea.

6. Always check senior discounts.

Many tourist attractions offer discounts for adults upon request. For example, many cruises offer additional cruise discounts for members over 55. Before you book, if you know any senior travel website, be sure to do some website research for a complete list of discounts available.


Wailea Hotel – An overview of Maui's amazing boutique resort

Many of the big beach hotels in Maui, like their counterparts in Honolulu, are just that – big. Strong pools, crowded lifts and hordes of tourists. This may sound like a paradise for college-age travelers on a spring break, but there is a better option for those of us looking for a more peaceful and soothing Hawaiian experience. Couples around the world have found a serene alternative to the bustling beach: Hotel Wailea, Maui's only luxury boutique hotel.

Travelers have something to say about Hotel Wailea, which has a 4.5 / 5 TripAdvisor rating and ranks third among hotels in Wailea, Maui. We'll take a look at some of the highlights below and give you some tips on how to spend the most fun.

View of the hotel

Unlike many beach hotels, the Wailea Hotel is not a large building. Instead, it is a secluded enclave of two-storey villas spread over 15 acres of rolling hills. The property receives much praise for being well maintained and beautifully landscaped. In fact, guests often spend their first moments simply exploring the property, admiring the peaceful gardens, relaxing fountains and which lakes with fish. The architecture was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright with a Zen Japanese twist.

The hills are great for taking pictures of the ocean, but keep in mind that you can stroll for a bit to get to your room. The walk is not unreasonable, but it will certainly require more effort than the nice flat layout you will get in a regular hotel building. TIP: Ask for a room near the lobby or parking lot if you prefer not to walk much.

The predominance of great layout is that you feel like you have the whole place to yourself. Many guests note that they see very few people around except in the common areas. This place definitely lacks the touristy, chaotic element you will find in larger hotels along the beach.


The property has a total of 72 one-bedroom apartments. The apartments are located in two-storey detached villas with two apartments upstairs and two on the ground floor. There are rarely noise complaints, so the apartments look well insulated. TIP: Upstairs apartments have the best ocean views and have room numbers that end in 3 or 4. Apartments are usually for sale according to the type of view they have, and guests strongly recommend the panoramic ocean view apartment.

The first thing travelers notice about the rooms is their vastness, which is visible even from the pictures you will find online. Each apartment has a kitchenette with a cooktop, fridge and sink. TIP: Be sure to request pots and pans in advance if you plan to cook in your room. Very few pots and pans are left in the default room. You can also request a microwave.

In terms of furniture, there is a full table that has two dining areas, a family room with a sofa bed, a coffee table and an LCD TV. Each suite has a private, spacious lanai (patio) with sun loungers facing the ocean.

In some of the older reviews, travelers have complained that the rooms are outdated. In response, the hotel management has made great progress in renovating the rooms with brand new carpets, furniture, luxury bedding and new beds.

Most rooms have a double bed, but a few have twin beds. The main bathrooms have large soaking tubs and showers, they are straight to each other without splitting them – great for couples but may be uncomfortable for friends and family. However, some bathrooms might use some updates, but most guests do not find this a problem.

Some apartments are close to Koi Lake and receive mixed reviews. Some travelers like to be able to feed the fish from their patio every morning. However, sitting water in the lake can attract mosquitoes, especially in the evening. So if you are a mosquito magnet, be sure to avoid the apartments on the side of the pond.


The facilities at the hotel care more for couples than for families with children and most guests appreciate the relative lack of children in the property. One of the main amenities is the Japanese-style Spa (Spa Wailea), which guests have free access to. Guests absolutely love the reclining baths where you can indulge in Japanese art ofuro or "spa bath." There is also a hot tub and a dry sauna.

The pool is small compared to what you will find in larger hotels, but guests say it makes the atmosphere more intimate and relaxing. There are several full beds and beach chairs throughout the pool area, along with a pool bar that sells drinks at certain times. Most people are happy with the fitness center, which is located in a beautiful room that is open to the sea, but hardcore fitness goers may be disappointed. The equipment is not extensive – there is a treadmill, an elliptical, stationary motor and a Bowlflex. As of May, there is no complete set of dumbbells.

When you want to head to Wailea Beach, the hotel has a free shuttle service (Cadillac Escalade), which guests say is very quick. The hotel has a private beach section in Grand Wailea with beach chairs, umbrellas, towels and bottled water (covered by resort tax). You can also charge your bill while you are in Grand Wailea, allowing you to dine or order cocktails there and not have to worry about having money on the beach.

All of these amenities come at a cost – a mandatory $ 25 per day resort fee. But don't let that scare you; guests insist that it is well spent money.


Please note that the Wailea Hotel is not owned by the sea and is generally quite secluded. According to Google Maps, the beach and the slope can be reached within 1.4 miles (~ 26 min), so unless you are a keen tourist you will really want to use the free shuttle service. The shuttle will take you to the beach and anywhere else in Whilea, including the Wailea Golf Course.

dining room

There is a highly prized restaurant on site called Capische that serves delicious Italian food. The restaurant has won several awards, including the Zagat 5-Star Award for being the best Italian restaurant in Hawaii. But the prices are very steep. The dinner menu is found on the hotel's website.

A complimentary continental breakfast is served each morning. Guests crave local banana bread and lilac and fresh guava juice. Your other dining options are at Wailea. The Wailea stores have a department store that sells freshly made dishes such as Bento salmon.


Travelers consistently rate the service as top-notch. The household is doing great because there are not hundreds of apartments to clean. The girls try to clean while you are out of the room so that they do not worry. The staff is very friendly and friendly. One passenger was on a gluten-free diet and was told that if she notified staff before arriving, they would be able to provide a gluten-free breakfast. So when you book, be sure to tell them about any allergies and dietary restrictions you may have. Overall, the staff looks far more cordial than in the big hotel chains.


Wailea Hotel is ideal for couples looking for a relaxing Hawaiian vacation without the chaos of big beach hotels. The rooms are spacious but may need some updating. The property itself is well-landscaped, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean from most apartments. Prices range from $ 250 to $ 399 a night in the summer, which is an excellent value given how big hotels in the area easily cost double or more. If you buy at least 90 days in advance directly through the hotel, the price goes down to about $ 170 a night, which is again an unbeatable value for the area.