Vacation and Travel Planned in Casual Luxury

Not all of us can afford to book an airplane plane and reserve a deluxe accommodation to places we only imagine. Aside from that we also need some funds to spend when we arrive to our chosen destinations. Travel and shopping always come together. We can not close our eyes when we see the products they offer in our chosen location. To make our trip enjoyable and affordable we must have a plan.

Access to the internet will be the best tool to guide us anywhere in the world. There are sites where we can compare the prices of airline tickets. If you book flights through an online travel agent today, you can pay approximately $ 50 per transaction in additional booking fees. Now, some travel agent says 'no' to booking fees. By booking online, the booking fees will be removed and you can use that money to shop in your destination and enjoy the holiday you deserve. Ask for coupons and promos. Airlines offer discount travels depending on the time of the year like the low season. Traveling with group like tour group or travel club will also give you a lot of savings. Take advantage of glorious all inclusive packages.

After booking your tickets, you must look for the accommodation. You can search the site again. If you want surfing, search for a hotel near the surfing area. If you desire for a night life, book near the city. You only need a place to stay during the night or to take nap. So, you do not need an expensive place. You will be out and exploring the area all day. Do not reserve for long days. One day is enough, You can always extend your stay if needed. You will be going to places and you can stay in that particular place if needed so that you will not be going back and forth. Time is gold when traveling. You have to make use of it every minute. My point here is not to spend too much in your travel time. Keep going, do not go back. See all the interesting places in that area. If you're in the northern area, explore the place. Spend your night with the locals and tomorrow will be another day. That way, you will be saving a lot from hotel accommodations. The people in every country will be more than willing to extend their hospitality thereby gaining more friends.

There are so many ways where you can make your journey less expensive. And for a piece of advice do not bring too much clothes. Bring only the daily necessities. Anyways, you can always do travel and shopping together.

Swing Away During Newquay Holidays

You can splurge your dog-friendly holidays in Newquay with a plethora of thrilling activities you can explore along the coastline, with Mother Nature, or indoors. Your dog-friendly Newquay holidays will be most memorable if you take time to visit all the local attractions. Beach bums will love to get a good tan or just hang out at pristine beach resorts. For compulsive shoppers, enjoy some retail therapy. Pub lovers will not be disappointed with the traditional pubs offering great food and drinks as well as warm hospitality. For water sports adventurers, you can engage in swimming, diving, jet-skiing, water-skiing, kayaking, sailing or boating. For those who wish to have a gastronomic journey, you can head out to fine dining establishments. If you are a golf enthusiast, swing away in one of the awesome golf course around Newquay.

Cape Cornwall Golf Course

Your Newquay holidays will be most satisfying if you can visit this golf area. Play to your heart’s content in its premiere location. It will be a worthwhile endeavor during your holidays in Newquay because you can get to explore the fascinating fairways, cliff drops, and lush vegetation in the course way. The surroundings are ideal settings to a peaceful game of golf with your buddies and other visitors. Relax frayed nerves and ease anxiety and tension while swinging away the best you can. You can be sure of the many benefits that your game of golf can bring, like improved resistance, stronger muscles, a slimmer body, and a healthier and improved immune system. If you visit Newquay frequently, you can also avail of memberships in the Cape Cornwall Golf Area. The friendly golf members would welcome you openly.

Bowood Park Hotel Golf Course

This magnificent golf course is set on 230 acres of excellent golfing area. During your Newquay holidays, visit Bowood Park Hotel Golf Course and be revitalized by its charm and beauty. The beautiful hills, verdant trees, and complete amenities are luxuries you deserve during your dog-friendly holidays in Newquay. Take advantage of the challenging golf games as much as you can. You can meet many businessmen and holidaymakers here. Swinging away in its lush greeneries is a therapeutic session. The exciting golf manoeuvres executed in this golf area are similar to that of world-renowned golf courses around the world. You will be treated to a picturesque view while playing golf. Concentrating on your next move is not hard to do especially if you are surrounded with the beautiful and serene landscape. Tee time at Bowood Park Hotel Golf Course is a fun and inspiring activity for family and friends. Golfing is a good exercise for physically active people who would like entertainment and healthy routines at the same time.

Travel Melbourne

One of Australia’s most inhabited cities is Melbourne, a vibrant city in the state of Victoria with happy residents from several areas of the world. It is the kind of city that cannot disappoint a traveler. The city keeps a range of attractions, attractions that are as varied like its residents. Melbourne has got the beauty to assure a great holiday for every type of traveler.

This Victorian city offers a range of budget to luxury cuisine, wine, shopping, nightlife, recreation, adventure and amusement. Melbourne is at its perkiest when there are huge events like the Australian Open Tennis, International Cricket matches, AFL Grand Final, Formula 1 Grand Prix and there are other big events too pertaining to Arts.

Melbourne’s urban centre illustrates stunning scenes both during the day and night. An alternative is to catch the action beyond the features of the urban where nature meets wildlife and more. More means grabbing under the sun holidays on gorgeous beaches, unique desert landscapes, caves, national parks, reserves, waterfalls, rainforests, and more. Grab all the adventures in Melbourne if you want to make the most.

If you are the type of traveler who desires road trips, fulfill it with a motor home. For you to see all the spots in Melbourne, hire a car; perhaps an intermediate sized car or an SUV. However renting a car in Melbourne can be costly if your purpose is to travel. Usual automobiles do not have the amenities for sleeping and cooking, unlike camper vans that are able to provide the comfort of an apartment. Travelling in a car means that you still need to pay for your accommodation and pay for all meals. If you take a campervan, you are free to roam like there is nothing to worry at all.

Melbourne offers several types of campervans, if you are travelling with a companion you’ll find any model of 2-berth campervans to be all you need.

Make Your Holiday Memorable With Cheap Car Hire

Today, tourism has become one of the mainstays for many countries. It has been one of the most active sources of wealth for several countries such as Australia. In fact, in the last few years, it has become a multi million dollar sector. Transportation is one of the important factors that determines the success rate of the tourism industry of any country.

Apart from the taxis, trains and buses, there is a large section of tourists who prefer cheap car rentals. These rental services helps tourists move easily wherever they feel like going. So it is advised to not fret as there are quite a few tips that will help you get the best deals available in the market.

– One can search online for car hire before embarking on a holiday in any particular country. Most online companies offer cheaper services compared to the walk-in stores. There are various cheap packages that are available during Christmas, New Year and other holiday seasons.

The packages consist of pick ups from the airport when your flight lands and if you are ready to pay little extra then you can get GPS service in the car your hiring. It has been found out that internet booking is considered cheaper when done few months before you actually plan to go for a vacation, as it is obvious that the prices witness a rise during certain period.

– One should usually avoid hiring cars from the famous places like airport and famous tourist spots of the country as the rates are higher than the other parts of the country. If you manage to take out enough time, you can visit the town areas as the car rental companies offer cheaper prices there. Apart from this, you also need to ensure that the company’s car you hire is certified by the government and also it should be in excellent working condition. Make sure you have the company’s contact number with you so that you can call them up if you are facing any sort of trouble with the car.

So, choose quality car rental and enjoy your vacations.

Use Internet Technology to 'Phone Home' When on Holiday

Traveling abroad has always involved an element of adventure, but even as recently as 20 years ago visiting countries as technically advanced as the USA mean that you literally went into a communications black hole until your return. That is because the cost of transatlantic phone calls was so outrageously high that your entitlement holiday budget could be used up calling home, and that was just for a few minutes.

However, advances in competition amongst telephony companies have changed that. For example, travelers to the USA can purchase great value phone cards starting from as little as £ 5 for approximately 167 minutes of calls to a landline number in London. Or, if they prefer travelers can also call home using a mobile phone. But, even though that's not as reliably expensive as it was to use landlines at the end of the 1980s, it is still an expensive way to keep in touch with calls to home typically costing around £ 1.37 – £ 1.99 per minute outside Europe.

As technology has advanced the amount of differenting communication methods have also grown exponentially. Now even without a landline or mobile phone, it is still possible to call home just as long as you are connected to the internet. VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) now enables broadband users to be able to communicate both freely and for free with anyone on the internet who has the same software installed.

Indeed, modern technology exposes at such a phenomenal rate each year that nothing seems impossible when it comes to global communication. Logging into your email account when in the heart of Peru to send and receive messages or even using your laptop to make free calls to home via WiFi at the top of the CN Tower in Toronto; both are eminently possible in the 21st century.

Wherever you go in the world the internet has invariably got there first, unless the destination is extremely remote and off the beaten track. For those on extended holidays or especially back-packing then internet phone calls can be a great way to make sure everyone back home realizes what a great time you are having, as well as a great way for you to keep in touch with events on the domestic front. But the real advantage is that you save your much needed cash to spend on essentials or fun activities and without having to spend it all on expensive phone calls. So, before heading off to foreign parts make sure you open an internet VoIP account, and you'll have the ability to stay in touch just about where you go!

Travel Itinerary – Consult Professional Holiday Planning Services

Anytime that someone plans a holiday, they have to plan what they will do and when they will do it. Some travelers enjoy going on holiday and just going with the flow to see what they can find in each area they visit. However, there are many reasons why just 'winging it' is not going to be an effective means of enjoying your vacation. Plan a travel itinerary for New Zealand instead, and you will be much better able to have an experience that you will never forget and make sure that you get to see all the best places while you are in the country.

Planning a travel itinerary for New Zealand is not difficult. Of course, if you prefer to have someone plan it for you, you can do that too. There are travel companies and holiday planning agencies that offer people the chance to just pick a package that includes things that they enjoy for their holiday, making planning easier than ever on the traveler. These companies have many different things to offer, but the selection will be up to you to determine. You can choose from pre-built itineraries or customized holiday plans, allowing you to have the ultimate vacation without having to plan it yourself.

If you are going to plan your own travel itinerary for New Zealand, you need to choose activities that suit your interests, allow for travel time, and make sure that everything revolves around your accommodation, the car hire or transportation that you choose, and the dates that you will be in town. It can be a lot of work to plan a vacation to New Zealand, which is why professional planning services are available and why they are so popular.

Professional holiday planning services can give you the chance to pick and choose the things that you want to do, the places that you want to go and the sights that you want to see while you are in New Zealand. You can select the exact activities that interest you and let the company plan your perfect travel itinerary for New Zealand, saving you time and hassle. Plus, you can often find better things to do with these companies because they know the country and are experienced within the travel industry so they know what they are doing much better than you might. Planning your own New Zealand holiday is possible, but if you prefer you can have professionals take care of your planning and sit back and wait for your vacation time to arrive.

Holiday Shopping Ideas

With the holiday season around the corner it is time to celebrate and be thankful. It is also the time to share and spread happiness. This is the reason people exchange gifts with their family and friends. Those who have still not shopped for their loved ones can make use of some of the ideas discussed in this article.

One of the most famous gifts for parents or partners and even friends is a watch. Watches come in different sizes and colors. While some like to wear the classic model, others like to try out new chic models in watches that are fun and reliable at the same time. The watch manufacturing companies have come up with countless models that one can buy as a present for men, women, seniors and children.

With technological advances progressing at an amazing speed, new gadgets are making way into our daily lives. Now one can buy these gadgets at reasonable prices. From car bottle heater devices to smart kitchen electronics to sophisticated phones, there are countless devices one can select as a gift for the season. Those individuals who are looking for cost effective gifts should make sure to check out any coupons that they have.

If they are usable till the end of the month, now is the best time to buy gifts and use them to enjoy shopping at reduced rates. A number of malls, shops and departmental stores are also offering seasonal, Thanksgiving and Christmas sales which allow people to shop for toys and much more at reduced prices.

One of the best ways to save money and save oneself from getting exhausted when shopping for the holiday season is to shop from home. This requires a personal computer and the access to the World Wide Web. Online shoppers can order their required products from anywhere around the world from the online business entities that manage shipment and delivery to the recipient’s area.

This will allow online shoppers to have their products delivered without even having to step outside their homes. Also they can order a gift for their family members or friends who are living far away and have it delivered directly to their homes. Since online shops and companies have to incur less overhead they are able to offer better rates to the online shoppers. This way the online shoppers can save money and buy quality products at lower than market prices. Some online shops even offer exclusive online promotion discounts to their virtual shoppers.

Why Choose Kyrenia North Cyprus for Your Summer Holiday?

As you sit by the pretty Venetian harbor, watching boats bob on the clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, you'll be glad you chose Kyrenia in North Cyprus for your summer holiday!

North Cyprus is the unspoilt face of the Mediterranean, a country where the sun shines for 300 days a year and the local people are genuinely pleased to welcome you to their homeland. In North Cyprus you can enjoy the peace and tranquility of stunning beaches or lofty mountains, ancient ruins or medieval cites, or enjoy the thrill of watersports, scuba diving or even paragliding. Choose the town of Kyrenia as your base, and you'll be staying in the prettiest town in North Cyprus, and it's an ideal base for exploring this fascinating and beautiful country.

Kyrenia, or Girne as the locals call it, is centred around its almost impossibly perfect Venetian harbor. During the day, café and restaurant waiters invite you to sit and relax over a coffee and baklava, or a leisurely lunch of fish, fresh from the sea that laps the harbor walls. After an afternoon of browsing the shops in the medieval streets that lead away from the harbor into the old town, you'll probably want to return here for a well-earned dinner too. Try the Carob Restaurant, an old 19th century carob bean warehouses now converted into an elegant restaurant. Dining on their rooftop terrace is an absolute must for romantics and lovers of great sunsets!

Explore the streets and you'll discover the local restaurants that offer excellent Turkish Cypriot menus at lower prices than you'll find around the harbor. The owners of the famous Niazi's Restaurant in Kyrenia claim to have created the 'full kebeb', a belly-busting meal of various charcoal grilled kebabs with accompaniment meze dishes. Turkish Cypriots reckon it takes a really hungry person to actually finish a kebab meal at Niazi's!

Luckily, Kyrenia is such an interesting town, you'll soon work up an appetite for all this good food! Kyrenia castle stands guard over the harbor, and the views from its battleships are well worth the climb through its fortified gates and ramps. The castle also houses the fascinating Shipwreck Museum, containing one of the oldest shipwrecks ever recovered. Climb up the hill and away from the sea, and you may here the calls to prayer from the Djafer Pasa mosque, built in 1570. Here you are literally walking on history; under your feet the ground is honeycombed with miles of catacombs, cut from the limestone rock

Shopping in the maze of streets behind the harbor is rewarding, simply because you never know quite what you might find! North Cyprus is known for its unique and historic lacework, basketware – and excellent brandy. It's worth seeking out the Lusignan Art and Cafe Bar, where you can buy jurisdiction Cypriot wood carvings in the art gallery, or quench your thirst with a refreshing lemonade made by the owner's mother on the concessions.

Kyrenia is surrounded by some of the best beaches in North Cyprus, where golden sands dip into shallow waters, ideal for sunworshippers and watersport fans alike. From Kyrenia, you can easily visit some of North Cyprus' most famous sights. Just a short drive away is the beautiful village of Bellapais and its famous ruined Augustinian abbey, immortalized in the author Lawrence Durrell's book "Bitter Lemons." The village square is a lovely place to stop and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, but do not sit for too long under the Tree of Idleness or you may never get up again!

Choose Kyrenia in North Cyprus for your summer holiday and you'll enjoy the best the Mediterranean has to offer, without the hassle, high costs or high-rise buildings of other summer sunshine resorts!

Holiday Hotels in Scotland with Live Scottish Music

If you are planning a holiday in Scotland then most likely at one point you will want to see and hear some real Scottish music. Around Scotland there are many hotels who put on live music, the hard bit is finding them sometimes. Often you can stay in areas of Scotland that have live music but not on the night you are there.

The local tourist offices do have some information on what is on, unfortunately by the time you get to Scotland unless you are booking your accommodation as you find it, then your chance of success is limited.

At the web site [] you can find information on hotels around Scotland that have live music and the contact details also.

On the Travel Hotels Scotland web site you can easily plan your journey around Scotland so that you can enjoy an evening of Scottish entertainment.

In Scotland it is not normal to have to pay an entry fee for bar and hotel music so all you have to do is check the starting time and get theirs at least thirty minutes before staring time to be sure of a seat.

Most bars and hotels also do bar meals to three course spreads of Scottish, European and dishes from around the world. It is also often possible to book your meal time in advance at the venue, including your seat at the same time for the nights entertainment.

Most acts are from solo to trio's although occasionally you may find larger bands performing in local theaters and halls.

Performance time is usually around 9pm start and this is worth knowing because in Scotland evening meals are eaten between 5pm and 8pm,
Many visitors to Scotland come from cultures that do not eat evening meals until around 9pm and unfortunately most bars do not serve food after 8 to 9pm.

Restaurants will still be open but not in hotels so you will have to eat away from the entertainment. Scottish restaurants do not normally have live entertainment.

One word of note if you are sitting in a bar listening to the free music, it is not looked up favourably if you do not purchase something to drink. The music is free in the hope that sales at the bar will cover the cost of the band. It does not have to be alcohol that is purchased, soft drinks, tea and coffee all make the bar profit even mineral water.

The music on the night can be suitable for sitting listening to as you relax after your day of travel. Take note even if you see the word ceilidh on the poster advertising the music night because this usually means energetic and happy dancing to Scottish Dance music, a great fun filled evening.

Most music nights you will find will be on Thursday to Sunday although careful planning you may find some midweek concerts. It is also possible for the visitor with a car to move around Scotland and get free music every night.

It is also expected for the audience to participate in the evening by singing along, clapping hands and stamping feet in time with the music. Also welcome is requests for the band to sing Scottish songs you like, the bands will want to play your request if they can because they know they have a happy customer.

One type of request not to ask for is songs from the pop world etc, to ask this from Scottish traditional performers will probably result in you becoming an unintentional tool for the nights entertainment.

In the last fifteen or twenty minutes before closing you will often hear the cry from the bar staff Last orders, this is your last time to order a drink before closing. If a shout is not heard you may hear a bell tolling or some other weird noise that culminates in everyone making a last mad rush for the bar, that will be your signal.

When you are planning your music stops it can be useful to check out the price of staying in the hotel the music is on. There are good reasons for this first one being if you have too much to drink, you only have to make your way to your room. On the other hand if you are still feeling rarely sometimes you may find your self in the middle of what is called a -lock in- and that's when the doors are locked after closing time, the curtains are closed and the night goes on in secret .

If you are in a bar in Scotland and get into the company of others and they offer to buy you a drink, if you accept it is custom to buy them one back next round. Be careful the locals are used to drinking the local bees and spirits faster than you will be, better not to get into rounds as you will most likely be feeling very bad the next morning.

Bearing all this in mind if you feel ready to start planning your Scottish Holiday go ahead and enjoy with the added benefit of knowing that in the morning you are going to wake up to see some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.
You can start your planning at my web site Travel Hotels Scotland and after that you will know how to organize the rest of your trip.
Happy holidays.

Bob Ferguson


(Bob Ferguson is the lead vocalist of Celtic Horizon and Beggars Row folk band from Scotland)

Holiday Parties for Employees and Tax Deductibility

The Holiday Season is coming and with it a lot of festivities and office parties. Having a holiday party is fun. If you own a business and are planning a party for your employees, that may be a deductible expense on your taxes. However, there are rules on deductibility. This article will go over requirements to hold a tax deductible office party for your employees.

A tax deductible holiday party for your employees must be just that, a party for your employees. If only employees and their family are present along with the owners, it is likely a fully deductible event. It cannot be a party for just you and your family. It cannot be a party for just customers. A party for the employees is 100% deductible but if non-employees are present, the character of the party changes and so does the amount that can be deducted. If you invite non-employee persons to the party it gets complicated. It may still be deductible, but not at 100%. The key issue is whether or not the party falls under the 50% deduction for entertainment expenses or not. If customers or independent contractors are present, then the party is not fully deductible. It breaks down like this: if 50 employees and their spouses are at the party and 100 customers, then half of the cost would be 100% deductible and half deductible at 50% (100 employee related guests and 100 non-employee related guess). Likewise, if you invite a few neighbors to the party who are not customers or potential customers, you cannot deduct any of the cost related to that number of attendees.

The party must be business related and it is best to have it at the office or a venue other than your home. No business activity need occur at the event, it just has to have a valid basis as an employee party. If IRS audits you and determines it was purely a social function, that is an issue. You can’t have a block party for the neighborhood at your home, invite a few employees over and take it as a business deduction. Also, the party must be one that is not too extravagant. Although not required if it is all employees, a good idea would be to have some formal time at the party for a PowerPoint presentation, speech, or display of business products etc. If non-employees are present, this helps make sure the event is valid for a deduction as other entertainment for those persons.

Save your receipts for all the party expenses and when you give your tax preparer the annual list of income and expenses, be sure to let him know that the cost for the employee party is a 100% expense apart from other entertainment costs which are not. If you provide an expense spreadsheet and it is all listed as entertainment, then he can’t know automatically that some of it was an employee party. Keep a list of those in attendance; with names, address etc. Note the relationship of the attendee to your business with this record (I.e. customer, contractor, employee, family). Take pictures at the party. Save all of this information for 3 years after you file the tax return in case of audit.