5 tips for combining business and leisure travel, orientation in the East

As summer approaches, I always wonder how I can run two businesses and still get out. Travel research shows that Americans are more likely to lose holiday days. The best solution I see is to combine business with pleasure in all trips abroad.

After I enrolled in a conference in Dubai, I was intrigued by the current Mideast while I wanted to know more about its ancient cultures. After some research, I found a flight to Dubai via Jordan with a stopover for a few days.

Leaving nothing at random, I organized a pick up at the airport and booked a 5-star hotel in an elegant area of ​​Amman with multiple restaurant options nearby and within the hotel. Having studied Arab, I liked being able to practice it even though the Egyptian courses I studied differed substantially from the Jordanian dialect.

As a crossroads, Jordan has a remarkable history from the ancient Nabateans to Alexander the Great, the Romans, the Byzantine and Arab cultures. Beyond its historical monuments, Jordan has a very vibrant current culture. Shortly after my arrival, I saw this first hand as a local wedding party heading to the hotel's lobby to celebrate it with dance and music.

The next day I went for a day tour of the capital exploring the Roman ruins of Amman. I got muddy about the city listening to the muezzin call in the prayer. With only a short stay, I made the most of the driver with a local guide for about 12 hours each day. Fortunately, the distances were quite tight with the day after exploring the Roman ruins of Jerash. Its popular history begins at the time of Alexander the Great, but fell into the Romans under Pompey in the first century AD. With the mild climate of October, my guide and I ate a fresco surrounded by vineyards. There was no tourist bus in sight!

The next day trip to Byzantine Madaba ended in the renowned sea. Famous for its spa treatments, I only had time to look at the sea before going through my steps to Amman.

Saving the best to last meant a full day in the pink city of Petra built by the Nabataeans. Outstanding in Indiana Jones and other films and in a mystery novel of the best-selling British writer Agatha Christie, this is a heritage of humanity that rivals the pyramids. Beyond the great Treasury, there are a number of small buildings and conveniently located for sale of outdoor cafes and crafts. Of course, the tourist route back to the entrance had to be back in camel providing excellent photographic options.

After a lovely week, it was time to visit Dubai for a conference and visit. Dubai is famous for the unexpected, such as air-conditioned bus stops, Palm development and ultra luxurious hotels. For me, as an "intermittent intermittent skier," I was fascinated by the indoor skiing station located in a local mall. With the limited expectations of a real workout, I knew that this would make a great story and the perfect place for a photo of the holiday card. After a party of South Fried Chicken at the Mall of Emirates, I covered summer clothes with a color ski suit and I went hand in hand with the escalators and the sticks. After a few races, he went to hot chocolate at St. Moritz contiguo and the perfect ending for my Middle Eastern odyssey.

As a woman traveling alone in the Middle East, I followed two practices that I believe are working globally:

1. Prevent collection at the airport before leaving home. In certain countries, taxis may not be safe, either for men or for women. After having sailed for a low-grade civil war in sub-Saharan Africa, I learned to ask at my hotel what they recommended, especially when traveling alone. In the big capitals when arriving at daylight time, you tend to opt for public transport, especially trains / subway or take a taxi.

2. Trio a 5-star hotel that has several ideal catering options at the hotel and nearby. Alternatively, when it was affordable as I found it in Cairo, I picked up a driver who was waiting for me or in Lisbon I took a round trip taxi to try top-level restaurants. In any new location, I always ask a lot of questions, especially to get local women opinions, before walking alone after darkness.

While at noon, I also had two additional rules:

1. Although I would do tourism and attend a business conference in hot weather, I wore long-sleeved shirts and pants.

2. When he was the only woman alone in local restaurants, he always chose a seat / table right next to other couples, groups of women, couples or families.

5 tips that I have learned trying to combine business with pleasure:

1. To save on airfare, make sure to check the connection flights that allow extended links.

2. When possible, consider the business first, especially if complex flights can cause long delays.

3. Come over the weekend and take a test to locate the fastest routes in the meetings. Even with a GPS, it is easy to find yourself having problems. In a foreign city, I found a massive construction in the area that surrounded my first meeting. Even walking, it was almost impossible to go there, and the directions of the streets were darkened with the scaffolding of the construction. In another foreign city, I discovered when I came to an appointment that the outside door was closed and had problems reaching anyone through the cell phone.

4. Put on a suit or suit appropriate for baggage if it does not arrive on time.

5. Configure various alarms on a travel clock, on the mobile phone and with the hotel operator. Even in the best hotels, I had an error of awakening or a mistake in the room service before a one-day quick flight. (If you can not run without coffee or breakfast, have a backup plan, as necessary, if the room service does not appear).

The key is to plan ahead when possible and have some time to survey your destination. Otherwise, a videoconference instead of a face-to-face meeting may be a better value.

The last time I saw Anshan – You are always a foreigner in China

I'm not a tourist, just a teacher. In fact, I am a literature teacher, currently employed at a university in Indiana USA and who teaches for a Sino-American program at a university in Ningbo, China. Maybe I'll write about Ningbo later, but now I want to write about Anshan. But I do not want to write this as a writing teacher *.

Since I spent two years of my life teaching in Anshan, in the northeast of China, I had some experiences that I will never forget. Never before had I been in my own country, never, even in Mexico or Canada, as I admire these two countries. And what did my first trip: I traveled to the opposite of the world to teach at a technological university, although I am a person of humanities? My new colleagues from the Anshan University of Science and Technology could not find out.

In a Christmas dinner thrown at all laowai (foreigners) in Anshan, the mayor thanked me for coming to teach me for a relatively low salary. I told him that I was there to educate students, not to train them to pass exams. The preparation of the exams and the sum of points are important for Chinese students. He seemed to agree with this concept, but who knows what he really said, or what he really understood me, since our conversation happened through a translator, the head of foreign affairs, ordered all foreigners from our campus?

Later I learned that the Chinese often do not say what they really mean or feel. Nor do they always print what you explain to them, as I discovered when I was interviewed more once by local journalists. They love toasting and they love listening to shining speeches, mainly those that they themselves give. Once I was awarded a prize from the city to contribute to economic growth and, to receive it, I had to talk to television. I never understood what he had done to deserve this acknowledgment, since no one came to my classroom to see me teach. The big wigs in the city liked my speech, but who knows what I said really when the translator ended her version?

When I read an interview that even included my photo (the least flattering of the photos that I had done), I noticed that they were revealing information that I had not given them. The reporter included on the first page the fact that I was diabetic (type II), information that he had not provided through our translator. Provided I did not provide personal information, as I had already discovered that many Chinese looked at people with diseases as weak, just as the elderly could be observed. It became evident in the short term that one of the heads of the Foreign Affairs Office had given my personal data, which is contrary to the law in the United States. We also do not ask people to grant their age to the United States, which I had to repeatedly explain when they refused to reveal my age or the amount of money I won.

Many Chinese have a figure in their head that tells them how much money they should earn at a certain age. If this figure in particular does not correspond to the amount you are making, that person is not considered a success in his eyes. Anyway, they asked me at my age almost with the frequency that many parents asked me the first time they knew me if they would tutor their son in private. They wanted their son, as they told me, to go to a university better than Anshan.

This last phrase explains in part why I found many professors without a degree, many Canadians and Australians who did not bones on the amount they liked to drink. This changed when the province of Laioning raised its standards for university positions. Many young professors had to return to their home countries while older teachers had to find a position in a middle school. An intelligent colleague and good friend of Canada, a distinguished scholar with an advanced degree from Columbia University, was dismayed when he discovered what he felt was a preference for a university of Anshan for a young man male teacher with less training who worked very little at. Classroom and mainly showed DVD movies to their students.

I discovered that, throughout China, students specializing in English or in linguistics had to carry English names. Some of them were quite imaginative like "Sea, sky, cloud, magic, and Potter." I also had students with names even unknown as "Sunny, Silence, Galahad, Ice, Secret" and Japanese sound names like Hotoe. I told some that if they went to a job interview with a Western businessman who used these names, they would not be taken seriously. Some names were so ridiculous that I asked them to change them. Normally, they did. The name of a girl sounded like something she would find in a naked central folder for a male magazine, so I asked her to change it without explaining why. A bright young man refused to renounce his chosen Apple name (a brand), so I called Applesauce or Apple-seed in front of the class. She laughed very well, but never gave up on her name. Later, he became one of my biggest fans and even today he writes to me.

Just before leaving China, Applesauce told me that maybe my experience in Anshan would seem like a dream when I returned to the United States. It was correct Just a few things, like watching large men spitting on the floor in public, men sitting in a restaurant during hot days and men and women jumping in front of other clients in a queue, could be considered more a nightmare than a dream .

Some visiting professors have noticed the Russian influence in China. You can see especially in Anshan the utilitarian utilization of envelopes. You can also see the Japanese influence, particularly in the construction of the huge steel mill, which occupies an important part of the map of the city of Anshan. I discovered many Chinese, who hated the Japanese for their atrocities in World War II. Once, when there was an anti-Japanese rally, my young Japanese colleague had to sit in her apartment.

Often, the daytime lights inside the grocery stores, banks, and hospitals often go down due to the charged coal. One or two times, when I was shopping at a grocery store nearby, I sang myself (in addition to "Strangers In The Night") my own song "Shopping In The Dark". This would also work with the tune of Fred Astaire & # 39; s & # 39; Dancing In The Dark. & # 39; Since nobody could understand me, I could only appreciate my own sense of humor.

Many signs and labels in Anshan are poorly written or poorly written. An example is the menus with bad spelling in pizza restaurants. Even the bookstore with many plants in Anshan was not free of incorrect use of words. I found many errors of punctuation and spelling in Atlanta (especially the misuse of the apostrophe), but errors in Anshan beat all records. A sign on the beach was called: "Telephone for prosecutors" followed by a telephone number. Below this, the same sign said: "Looking for a telephone helpline", so if you are drowning in the water, you can obviously use a phone to call to help. Fairly convenient If you really have a few moments to kill yourself and you want to find cheap laughs, try reading the labels from the condoms packs.

In our residence, at the request that had labeled INTERNATIONAL HOUSE, there was a young Korean teacher who did not speak English, but who had the letter "CASH" written in its back with large letters. My British colleague and I thought we were an insulator; We joked speculating that perhaps he had had a second occupation and made sure that any client understood his terms clearly. Who says he does not pay to advertise?

Speaking of advertising, read the back of DVD cards, the sections translated into English. Sometimes the descriptions have nothing to do with the DVD that is inside. Sometimes, the credits are for a movie, while the description of the content is for a totally different movie. This is, of course, the sign of a pirated DVD. Often, the translation into English has been made by a computer. Good luck. If you can, avoid the pirated DVDs, although they are practically everywhere. They are often shit. Some are filmed in a movie theater. Normally, the newer the movie is sold, the more likely it is that it is a pirated copy. The best DVDs I've found in China were copies of older movies, often classic. I loved finding many panoramic screen movies from the 1950s that were made with beautiful, wide-ranging images. In Anshan I also found many films of Italian neorealism in Anshan. These are especially valuable for a cinematographic scholar, but I doubt they were hot sellers in an industrial area like the northeast of China. The owner of the small spare store always seemed happy to see me appear in front of his big screen and usually traced a chair for my comfort.

An Irish colleague made the mistake, however, of carrying 200 pirate DVDs back home. He was arrested in Amsterdam where he lost his amount and paid a huge fine. If you buy and remove pirated DVDs out of the country, put them in DVD albums and send them by email. As I said, I would avoid pirated DVDs. If you have to watch a particular movie, just wait a while until a better (and legal) copy appears. It is a Virgo who picks up the night (which was born the year of the Monkey), so he could not keep a lower copy of a movie. Fortunately, store owners I met took the wrong DVD without a doubt. That is why it is good to go to the same seller every time; let him or her know you. Avoid those vendors who call "DVD … DVD .." At the ear when you pass. I also ignored those vendors that came up and whispered me "sex … Sex …" to try to sell a soft porn movie. The fact that I am American does not mean that I am angry with sex as the characters of many American films. I do not carry guns nor drive fast cars like Bruce Willis or Matt Damon.

By the way, unless you drive a Sherman tank, do not drive to China. In Atlanta, lanterns are often ignored because an idiot speaks on a mobile phone. In China, mobile phones are also ubiquitous and everything is ignored at one point or another. Do you know those white lines that separate the lanes on the street and on the road? In China, these are just suggestions. It is likely that taxi drivers will ride anywhere: sidewalk, bicycle path, bicycle (if any). Bicycles and scooters are everywhere and, like their counterparts in four-wheeled vehicles, they often do not comply with the laws.

It seems that pedestrians have an invisible goal behind their backs and they tend to claim almost everything that moves. According to his credit, the Chinese are virtually forgotten in bloody horns. It was only this laowai who got angry more once and took advantage of the misfortune that few of the local inhabitants could understand. A Canadian colleague used to hit holes in the car if a vehicle turned too abruptly and threatened to flatten the foot. When he showed his middle finger to a driver, I asked if they knew what that meant. The Canadian insisted that they did, but I had my doubts.

You are likely to see something in a scooter. A young woman was even nursing her baby while driving her scooter for traffic. And next to the new and bright car that is in front, you will probably see a mule pulling from a truck.

Food: If you suspect that Chinese food in northern China is like the food of Americans found in Chinese buffets in Atlanta and other important cities, you may be surprised by a shock. The worst thing I found, in my opinion not gourmet, was in a restaurant that slowly turned on a hotel in downtown Anshan. I used to see chicken sold in the grocery stores with the head and feet still in place, but seeing the chicken feet served separately as delicacy gave me an idea of ​​why many Chinese looked infranutrites. If the taste of your taste serves a copious amount of salt or boiled meat excessively in what they called the hot pot (supposedly originated in Chongqing), I came to the Global Hotel.

Speaking of shopping at grocery stores, by the way, the greatest value of my Chinese shopping experiences was when my British colleague and I saw a dog's head cut and # 39; Exposed next to packaged meat cuts. Hey, can & # 39; s under glass What can I say? Leave aside, you, French cooks.

The best food in China, I found, was the Korean BBQ, on the street of the university. In summer, you will find a hot barbecue sold on long snails through the streets. It's not like the barbecue sold at home. Forget the barbecue sauce from the south. If you like your meat very spicy, you're in the sky. Yes, like me, you will not have to be careful. Ask them not to overdo it (if you have a translator who eats with you). If you're a good pizza, go to Chicago or Italy. If you like a fried egg in the middle of your pizza, along with pineapple and cherry tomatoes, you might like pizza in Anshan. PIZZA HUT is a bit in the face of Anshan, but KFC is the most popular American franchise I saw in the city. In Atlanta, KCF has the competence of Mrs. Winners and Church & # 39; s and Popeye & # 39; s. If you like KFC a little, you'll love Anshan, as long as you arrive at the hourly restaurant (such as 5 in the morning). These sites, like McDonald & # 39; s, they are packages. In America, you rarely go to a fast food franchise, but being bad about American food in China, even junk food, can make you do strange things.

Anshan is close to any restaurant and restaurant location. In Beijing, especially in the big forbidden city, sellers will even reach your bike and try to sell frozen water. If you find an empty closet on the street, someone will surely open a small restaurant inside. Food in these places is often very cheap. (Sometimes the Chinese do not realize that the words "cheap" and "cheap" are not interchangeable.) If you do not need a receipt, it is often cheaper (no one wants to pay taxes). Again, you know the owners smiling a lot. Do not expect advice (in some places it is contrary to the law that accepts advice). Wait for other customers to talk about you. Wait for it to be fixed. You just have to be careful. If someone hits you or moves your printed material to your nose, it is often a discomfort to distract yourself while a second person raises valuables.

If you are using a translator when you explore the city, make sure the translator knows you very well and you like it. The merchants who wanted me to help them raise the price of an object, such as a jade bracelet for my mother, approached my attractive young translator. In order to help overload me, I could win a bribe gift (as an action piece). My British colleague understood and spoke Chinese. When the merchants tried this trick, he spoke to them in Chinese. This shocked them, of course, and apologized profusely or told they only joked. If. Right When young guys fixed us in the spotlight and told them, in Chinese, something like "You're a little boy." Expressions hit by peoples & # 39; the faces are a hole, right?

It's best to learn even a bit of Chinese. You will be surprised if you speak one or two Chinese words; This will make you ask how many Chinese you really know. Never tell them A Taiwanese colleague told me not to ever know the Chinese who could understand. If you think you know even a bit of Chinese, they will be alert. Remember that many Chinese are ostentatious. The appearance (or face) is important.

It might seem like I did not like Anshan, but quite the opposite is the truth. The Chinese city is chaotic, but alive. It is colorful and full. . . if. . . character Character of envelopes.

In Ningbo, there are plenty of things left in Anshan. . . things that I miss. The emails I received from my former students and a couple of my colleagues in Anshan, responding to the message I had sent in a message message shortly after my return to China after returning to Atlanta For a year, they told me I would like it. This southern city is better than Anshan, in the northeast of China. The only reason they could give, however, was that it was more developed.

May be. Ningbo is certainly larger, spread as a map. Perhaps the large number of streets and half-finished sidewalks that are often disintegrated into dust, the suffocated streets of rubbish and the carts drawn with mules are lacking, but it has its share of traffic congestion and egocentric drivers, unprotected pedestrian and bold cyclists

But being a developed city means that it is rare for you to see a sunny day. Only after strong winds or occasional typhoons that penetrate from the ocean and causing the evacuation of lowland coastal cities like Shanghai, the sun is revealed in a bright blue sky for almost a whole day. Only then can I see the mountain ranges in the south, the shortest range that is darker, as it is closer, and the highest strip that is dim, but it is still visible, since it cuts an outdated stroke towards the horizon Only then, looking west through the windows of the bedroom where I sit working on my laptop that is placed on the L-shaped cover, or at this studio desk, wide area that includes the south section. This new section of the city, with numerous heights and projects under construction.

However, this phenomenon is usually short-lived, and the shoulders of the ground, the following days, return to the contaminated fog blanket that keeps them covered like a huge misty shawl. Yes, Ningbo is certainly developed.

It is also much more difficult to travel around the city than to Anshan. I rarely had to use city buses in Anshan, but here in Ningbo they are needed and they are very busy. Taxis are very difficult to achieve, and drivers, like store owners, are much less friendly, at least to the Laowai. The northeast stands out to be a kinder part of China. He also stands out as a crime and corruption seat (which he even treated in a National Geographic number). May be.

But, as my Canadian colleague told me in an email from his own country when he returned to Atlanta, "Give me the chaos." He was right

Now that I return to China, I can say the same.

Give me chaos. Give Anshan.

* My articles on my teaching experiences to write to China are located elsewhere in this website.

Disney World Vacation Guide – DW Savings

Grab your mouse ears, sunscreen and a pair of comfortable shoes, which you returned to Orlando.

Orlando is the most popular holiday destination in the world. Each year, tens of millions of people arrive by plane, car and train to reach theme parks, restaurants and many other attractions in this Florida city, again rural. With so many things to do and many ways to do it, it can be easy for you and your wallet – to be overwhelmed. But do not worry! We are here to help you.

This world-wide saving article of Disney is the perfect way to diminish the problems and to maximize the diversion. Inside, you will find excellent tips on many of the main destinations, as well as useful information about the Orlando area. From theme parks to shopping, this is your source of holiday information for the whole family.

Disclaimer: Orlando is a dynamic destination that changes constantly. Attractions, restaurants, walks and much more nearby and open all year, sometimes with little or no warning. This travel guide was accurate at the time of publication and may be subject to updates throughout the year. If you have any questions or doubts about any of the information in this guide, please do not hesitate to send us an email or call them at the theme parks.

Walt Disney World® Resort

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, visited by millions every year. What was once Florida's marshy terrain is now the Walt Disney World Resort (WDW), a wonderful country of vacations and entertainment with four main theme parks, two water parks, 23 hotels, seven golf courses (five championships and two mini), a racecourse, sports complex, ten marinas, more than 140 places to eat and much more.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the many things that WDW offers. We take the resource one world at a time so that you can plan your trip.

The Magic Kingdom®

Walk through the doors and there, as the setting for opening your own fairy tale: a beautiful castle at the end of a picturesque street in the village. Welcome to Main Street USA, the beginning of your Magic Kingdom experience (MK).

Main Street USA is where everything starts, a perfect route with shops and restaurants that will take you to the five worlds beyond. Along the street, you will find charming shops with all the Disney merchandise you can handle, as well as some specialized items such as hand-blown glass ornaments (with artisans that work on hand). The services for clients are also on the Main Street; Do not forget to stop at dining reservations (always a good idea) and information about attractions that may be maintenance, parade schedules, special events and anything else you may need. This is also the place to rent cars and wheelchairs.

While Main Street USA is considered primarily the gateway to "real" attractions, there are also some great things, especially when you need a getaway between people and the heat. Here are our main options for Main Street:

Cut your hair! No, seriously, for less than $ 20, it can be said that it has been possible to cut the cut in a real and ancient barber shop. You can even include some "magic" touches, like hints.

Send a postcard! Stop at the Town Hall and send a postcard to the shippers back home. It will be stamped as coming from the magical Kingdom; send it by email to get a cheap souvenir.

Grab your ears The Le Chapeau store is the best place to get those iconic ears. Now you can customize the design and create your own hat, so that everyone has their own personal set.

Mount the rails! This is an excellent way to relax. Use the Walt Disney World Railway to take a walk in the park or take a trip to Frontierland. It is an especially excellent way to end the day, especially if you can leave it at sunset.

Main Street USA is also the place for parades. Check with the guest services times and type of parade; They can change throughout the year and for special events. Remember that the best viewing sites are coming soon, so make a specific claim and use the time to relax.

Beyond Main Street USA, five additional worlds await: Adventureland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, Liberty Square and Tomorrowland. Each world has its own attractions, restaurants and shops; Let them catch them at the same time so that you can plan your stalls.

Adventureland: pirates and adventures in the jungle are the order of the day! Explorers and swashbucklers of all ages come here to entertain exotic people, including street performers and the pirate training camp (ask a member of the cast where the next "class" will be). Here you will not have to lose what you should not miss:

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Tiki Enchanted Room

Jungle cruise

Márchas de Aladen

Frontierland – This is where you want to take your first FASTPASS tickets, send a member of your party as soon as you arrive and get your reservation for the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Splash Mountain. If it's time to eat, touch Peco Bill & # 39; s for reasonably priced hamburgers (for a theme park). Then select them to do these things & & # 39;

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Splash Mountain

Jamboreu de Ojos de Campo

Freedom Square: it is one of the smallest lands, but it is also one of the most beloved ones. There are only three attractions here, and each one of them has a definite task:

Haunted mansion

Room of presidents

Liberty Square River Boat

Fantasyland: currently experiencing a massive expansion that will double its size, much Fantasyland is still open for fun and will debut over the next year. The entire site will be ready for 2014, so you will not be surprised at all the walls and scaffolds that you can see until then.

Families with younger children will be here to spend a lot of time, but older visitors can still find much. For many visitors, this land is the very essence of the Magical Kingdom; Here are some reasons why.

Mad Tea Party

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

It's a small world

Prince Charming Regal Carousel

Under the sea: Travel of the Little Mermaid

Aiel Grotto & # 39; s

Stories enchanted with Belle

Tomorrowland: it is a nostalgic look than previously we thought it would have the future, with great walks and a very fun atmosphere.

Stitch & # 39; s Great Escape!

Buzz Lightyear and # 39; s Space Ranger Spin

Space Mountain

What character!

Throughout the WDW complex, there are many possibilities to meet and greet your favorites

Disney characters. While there are places only reserved for warranties

Meetings (such as person's meals), there are also locations around

the complex where you can be on the line to shake hands or take a picture. For example, MK has tea

You have created several specific areas for the greetings of characters, including the Barcelona City Council

The city square, the Congoasis Adventureland and the Aiel cave. s.

Personages are also known to make appearances near the associated avenues

them, as well as other places throughout the park. Check the services for clients

Find out when and where your favorites will be found and greet you.


The community of experimental prototypes of tomorrow, was the dream city of Walt, but it opened as a theme park known as EPCOT. If you want your vacation to include walks, technology, world cultures and street performers, you must reach the right place.

While MK is the paradise for the little ones, EPCOT is ideal for children and adults, especially teenagers with technology and adolescents. This park is also known to have some of the best Disney property foods, along with some of the most difficult surfing reserves, if you go for a period of great capacity for the year, plan accordingly by calling 1- 407. -WDW -DINE

EPCOT is divided into two areas: Future World and World Showcase.

Future World: it is the ideal place for most walks, interactive exhibits and technology that constantly changes. Things are nice and organized here, so it's easy to see everything in one day. But if you want to know just the essentials, we have the list for you.

Spacecraft Earth

Soarin & # 39;

Test track

Mission: SPACE

Trip in imagination with Figment

Live with the earth

World Showcase: this is the place for culture, entertainment, food and some walks. The world cupboard is a way to see some of the world's most famous destinations without a passport.

Each country – or pavilion – includes food, goods and members of the country's own cast. Shows and movies complete the experience. The wineries of the permanent world are Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, American Adventure, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. Mexico and Norway include boat trips: Gran Fiesta Tour with Los Tres Cabelleros and Maelstrom.

Studies of Hollywood and Disney

It's the time of the magic of the movies, in the style of the mouse. Disney & # 39; s Hollywood Studios (DHS) is the tribute of WDW to "Hollywood that was never, and it will always be." This is the place for movie events, television concerts and three of the best exciting trips from anywhere. DHS is also where you will find most of the most recent Disney characters, including new and classic monster and monster monsters.

DHS is a compact and well-organized park, which facilitates its performance on a great day. However, if you find yourself in time to save yourself, be sure to see as many shows as possible; DHS is known for some of the best. and make sure you arrive late at Fantasmic! It was considered the best of night shows and it is the only regular event in the park that Disney's villains have. Take seats ahead of time, regardless of the time of the year, or enjoy dinner and a show making reservations for Fantasmic! Package at The Hollywood Brown Derby, Mama Mellrose and # 39; s Ristorante Italiano or Hollywood & Vine.

Here is the list of absolute requirements for DHS:

Twilight Torre del Terror

Roller coaster Aerosmith n

The great movie ride

Toy of mania

Indiana Jones escapes a spectacular spectacle

Muppet vision 3D

Excursions for stars

Disney Animal Kingdom Park and # 39; s

Animal Kingdom (AK) is perhaps the youngest of the WDW parks, but its popularity is there with its diversions of siblings. This "Natazu" (say aloud and you will achieve it) presents live animals, good food, great walks and some really impressive architectural touches, even according to Disney standards.

AK is divided into lands (such as MK). Some are based on world regions, with originals and origins of the region, and others are more imaginative. Here is the separation site of what & # 39;

Oasi: Many people make the mistake of running through this entry point; not be her. Take time and see minuscule deer, mandreins, guacamine, iguanas and more.

Discovery Island: The center of the park is dominated by an artistic wonder The Tree of Life. The Tree is 14 stories tall, 50 meters wide and has a carved carpet "crust" with 325 similarities of different animals. There are also paths to the fauna that surround the tree, with areas of observation of lemurs, flamingos, red kangaroos and massifs of the Galapagos turtle. Inside the tree there is a theater where you can experience Tough To Be A Bug, a creepy interactive movie show, sporadically and a # park;

Camp Minnie Mickey: make the youngest ones here to have some fun, and most of the character AK & # 39; s meet and greet. It is also home to The Festival of the Lion King, which inspired the award-winning Broadway musical.

Africa: Welcome to Harambe, a beautiful African village that is your way to Kilimanjaro Safari and stroll through the African animal territory. Once you get off the safari car, go to the Paganini forest exploration trail to take a look at gorillas on the low ground, including a magnificent 500-lb-silver male and your family. Take advantage of these routes: this is one of the few places in the world where you can observe these amazing primates. Then bring the kids to Rafiki & # 39; Planet Watch then, as a reward for your patience, will love the affectation section with a zoo.

Asia: You have discovered the kingdom of Anandapur, which means "place of delight." The imaginers did an incredible task of creating the sensation of a collapsed archaeological wonder, so make sure to keep your eyes open for complicated details. Of course, this can be difficult to do, since all your party will be ready to reach Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, Disney and # 39; the most exciting ride. FASTPASS for sure – this mountain is worth your entire visit. In a hot day, head to the Kali Rapids River, where the waters that burn guarantee a good time for everyone. You can see a closer look at the animals at Maharajah Jungle Trek, including Bengal Tigers.

Dinoland USA: It is possible that it is not the best attraction of dinosaurs in the world, but Disney is still a great fun. The Boneyard is a place where children can dig, climb and slip, while parents have a little time to sit and watch. Then the whole family brings the Dinosaur, a fun and fast race against time. Finally, grab a seat to find Nemo-The Musical. This magnificent visual and awesome re-imagination of the popular movie is considered the compulsory show of all the Walt Disney World Resort.

Our tips for WDW parks

FASTPASS: It's like making a reservation for your favorite WDW attraction. You only have to enter the admission ticket, the annual pass or the identification of the place and the machine prints a step with the time in which you will have to return to the trip. You can not choose your time and you can only have one FASTPASS active at the same time, but this is not important: on a busy day, you can save yourself hours of waiting in the lines.

A FASTPASS advice: If you miss the scheduled time, do not worry. Your FASTPASS is suitable for any time after the time of your ticket.

Have fun while other guests are busy: meals, parades, and fireworks are often far away from the main attractions. Go through while everyone else distracts and you can experience waiting time much lower.

Do not refill the pantry. WDW has water sources throughout the park. Bring your own water bottles (the park allows them) and re-fill throughout the day.

Snack to save time: Snack stands offer quick and light meal options during the sea; Remember that it is likely that a heavy meal will delay you, especially in hot weather.

Water parks of WDW

Blizzard Beach

Welcome to Mount Gushmore's 66 acre ski resort! Blizzard Beach offers a white sand beach and a tropical lagoon. This is the youngest of Disney's water parks, but it is also the most popular; In fact, it is the most popular water park in the country. There are great routes for all ages, from emotions and speed to lazy and relaxing. Here are some highlights:

Cross Country Creek

Melt Away Bay


Teamboat Springs

Cumm Plummet

Typhoon Lagoon

A little smaller and a bit more relaxed in the subject matter as well as in the emotions that Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon is the second water park of WDW & # 39; The villages tend to be a bit smaller here, as it is the oldest of the two parks, but you can still expect long expectations and crowded pools during the high periods of attendance of the year. The waters of Typhoon Lagoon & # 39; They are kept at a warm but still refreshing temperature of 75-80º F throughout the year, becoming a water park chosen even in winter in Orlando.

The story of Typhoon Lagoon centers around Miss Tilly, a shrimp ship that ended up stuck on Mount Mayday volcano after "the storm of storms." Half an hour, Miss Tilly still blows his whistle, since Mount Mayday tries to unleash the ship by sending a geyser of water directly through her and into the air.

The best known attraction of Typhoon Lagoon is probably the Shark Reef. Here, you can snorkel and even diving with live sharks (leopards and capes), as well as stinging and assorted tropical fish. Visitors are not brave enough to enter the water (sharks are not dangerous!) They can see the fish through the holes of a "sunken tank".

There are also nine water slides, ranging from emotions to pure laziness. Here is the list of some of the favorites:

Castaway Creek

Shred & # 39; n & # 39; Gusher

Gang Plank Falls

Humunga Kowabunga

Surf pool

Sports, shopping and much more

Disney Complex from the wider sports world

This is a tribute to Disney in the sport and to people who play them as well as they like. It is a megacomplex of 220 hectares with a baseball stadium, ten basketball and softball fields, six basketball courts, 12 tennis courts (fully lit), six volleyball courts (sand, of course), a runway complex and field, a driving field for golfers, and even two indoor roller hockey rinks. The Josten multisport auxiliary center offers another six basketball courts, 12 volleyball courts plus two more roller hockey rinks.

Sports enthusiasts should know that big names often appear here too. The Atlanta Braves come to spring training every March, and the NBA, PGA, NCAA and Harlem Globetrotters host events and games here. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers also use the sports complex as a training ground in July and August.

Call 407-WDW-GAME for more information, including an event calendar and also information about tickets.


This interactive and interactive theme park is the perfect option for group or family technicians on a rainy day. It has five levels of avant-garde games, where virtual reality meets the adventure, all with a touch of that special Disney Pixie pulse. Teens will love it, but there is something for everyone. Do not miss out on virtual versions of popular MK rides, including Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold, Cruise Jungle Virtual, CyberSpace Mountain and Aladin & # 39; s Magic Carpets.

CyberSpace Mountain is a special place, where Bill Nye's Science Guy helps you create the mountain, and then it will allow you to assemble it and really a personalized experience. Guests must artistically consult Animation Station animation for a stellar course in Disney-style animation. Reaching to the maximum action, with fewer afternoons of waiting and evenings, here can be immensely crowded.

Golf Disney

WDW has 99 total golf holes divided into six fields. There are also two mini-golf complexes that compete with similar places throughout Orlando. While the great golfers of your party may want to plan out big breaks with their classmates (they can be booked 60-90 days in advance), Oak Trail is the best place to get nine holes. It is a nice and quiet course of course suitable for beginners, expert connectors or even families. There are some great challenges, especially in holes 5, 6 and 7. Other courses and minigolf include:



Osprey Ridge

Lake Buena Vista

Fantasy Gardens (mini)

Fantasy Fairways (mini)

Winter Summerland (two mini courses: Winter and Summer)

And remember, only golf shoes without ears! Slippers or similar athletic shoes are also allowed.

Disney center

If you buy them, the dining rooms and a multiple-generation multiplex are part of your dream vacation, this is where you want to spend some time. It is divided into three areas: West Side, Pleasure Island (which will soon be Hyperion Wharf) and The Marketplace.

West Side has DisneyQuest and amazing culinary experiences, such as Bongos Cuban coffee, the Blues house, Wolfgang Puck and the Hollywood planet. There is an AMC 24-screen cinema room with all your first-line needs in an artistic setting. West Side also offers Cirque du Solei La Nouba, an exclusive Disney show of the world-renowned avant-garde group. Buy tickets early if you want to see the show: its popularity is almost unmatched. And what's new for 2013 is Splitsville, a two-story entertainment complex, 30 lanes and entertainment, which includes live music and a great kitchen.

The Isle of Pleasure was formerly the 18 year oldest center of Disney's center, with clubs and restaurants that hosts elderly people for all adults. This ended in 2008, and the area has been partially useless since then. But things change! Disney announced at the end of 2010 its plans to transform Pleasure Island into a new shopping and dining area, Hyperion Wharf. Construction is expected to take three years; some shops and restaurants will remain open during the long reform, including Raglan Road Irish Pub & Bar, Fire by Sosa Cigars, Paradiso 37 and Orlando Harley-Davidson.

Disney Marketplace also has good restaurants, especially Fulton's Crab House and # 39; s to get succulent seafood in a beautiful boat. Captain Jack & # 39; s (without connection to the character of Johnny Depp) is the ideal place for oysters and cold beer, in a casual seafront restaurant that also offers an excellent children's menu. Children will also love the Rainforest Café, where there are often live animals (mostly parrots) that are on the outside. Marketplace also hosts the world of Disney. There is no full trip without a visit here, although parents who try to abide by a budget may want to run the children once they pass through the door.

How to navigate with the mouse: transport to the Walt Disney World® complex

Monorail: the Walt Disney Monorail system has been in operation since the park was opened in 1971. Originally it was around the circumference of the seabed of the seven seas, but it was expanded in 1982 to offer monorail transport to EPCOT . If you stay at one of the hotels of the Magical Kingdom

– The contemporary, Polynesian or Great Floridian: the monorail goes directly to the hotel. Everyone picks up the monorail at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT or at the Transportation and Ticket Center, known as the TTC.

The TTC is the central point for Disney transportation. In addition to the monorails, the TTC is also where you can find Disney buses, and other hotels in the area, shuttles, water taxis and a massive parking lot for cars, taxis and buses.

Buses: Disney station buses are directed to all Disney hotels, main parks, water parks, Disney's center and the great world of sports. There are dozens of buses for each location, but the routes are not always the most direct. In addition, buses can get busy at peak times, such as opening, closing and dinner hours. Keep in mind the weather: If you are in a hurry to reach somewhere, buses may not be your best option.

Parking: Although monorails, ferries, water taxis and Disney buses are free, if you prefer to use your own car, the daily parking price is $ 14 for vehicles and motorcycles, and $ 15 for trailers and motor homes. The parking card is suitable for the whole day, regardless of the frequency of the car. Disney Resort Hotel customers and annual ticket owners do not have to pay parking at any place in the Walt Disney resort. It's always courtesy.

Fun for all ages

WDW attracts older guests, from families with young children to retirees and spring breakers. Everyone has their favorites, but if you are looking for help to plan, here are our options for the best options for the most common age groups: Children, teenagers and adults.

Keep in mind the following abbreviations for each park:

MK = Magic Kingdom® Park

EP = Epcot®

DHS = Disney & # 39; s Hollywood Studios ™

AP = Disney Animal Kingdom® Park and # 39; s

The best for younger children

Attractions: Voyage of the Little Mermaid (DHS), Monsters Inc Laugh Floor (MK), Find Nemo: the Musical (AK), Buzz Lightyear (MK)

Eat: 50 Prime Time Café (DHS), Cosmic Ray & # 39; s (MK), Coral Reef Restaurant (EP), Toy Story Pizza Planet (DHS)

The best for teens

Attractions: Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular (DHS), Philharmagic (MK), Phantasmic (DHS), Rock n Roller Coaster (DHS), Haunted Mansion (MK), Space Mountain (MK), Splash Mountain (MK), Mission: Space (EP), Expedition Everest (AK)

Restaurants: Pecos Bills (MK), Via Nápoles (EP), Dine-In Science-D Theater (DHS)

The best for adults

Attractions: Muppet Vision 3-D (DHS), Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (DHS), Test Track (EP), Soarin & # 39; (EP)

Restaurants: Victoria and Albert & # 39; s (Grand Floridian Resort), California Grill (Contemporary Resort), Narcoosees (Grand Floridian Resort), Chefs du France (EP), Jiko (AK Lodge), Rose and Crown (EP), Le Cellier (EP)

We sincerely hope you have read our guide to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Have a great time!

Submarine temple of Taman Pura

Indonesia is the country of the largest archipelago in the world. It has more than 13,600 islands that many of them directly exposed to powerful ocean waves rush from fierce southern seas.
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Scientists discovered some new species that had never been exposed, a giant submarine volcano, like prehistoric fish that were believed to have been extinct millions of years ago. Indonesia is also a site of exclusive interest for marine biodiversity, with Bali.
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Bali is the island of paradise that is closely linked to art and culture. It is also a good place to practice nautical sports such as excellent surfing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and rafting. A last discovery took place in Bali. It was a submarine temple.
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But was it really an ancient relic? The first time it was found, people are sure that this is a prehistoric discovery of relics. But it’s not in the Indiana Jones movie or in role-playing games that are usually played on many consoles.
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People ask about the originality of the underwater temple. It does not mean so much that that temple was found, the mystery of the presumed submarine temple has been resolved. It is not an ancient relic. This temple was built as part of a recent environmental conservation program.
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According to Paul M. Turley, owner of the Sea Rovers Dive Center in Pemuteran, Bali, the site of the temple actually exists and the location called Taman Pura (literally means temple garden) was created in 2005. This marine garden is extremely beautiful.
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This temple is unique, consisting of ten statues and a temple structure, the project was also a series of bio-shipwreck sites and a Reef Gardiners reef conservation project funded by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAid).
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Taman Pura was created as some people are concerned about marine ecosystems and to protect the reefs to survive and recover from damage caused by excess nutrients, climate change and physical destruction.
That temple is really an engineering deed with more than ten large stone statues resting on stone plinths and a four meter high temple door that had dropped to a depth of 29 meters. In 2006, a second stage was built in these temples at a depth of 15 meters to allow the submarinists with less experience to be able to submarine the location.
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Although the submarine temple is not an ancient relic, it is worth seeing. This temple is a masterpiece of architecture and ornamentation of the main characteristic of Bali. There would be no secret treasure hidden inside. It is a modern place with an old touch.
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“Because we are always on top of what will happen, we can see when those funds start going toward the exchanges,” Elliptic co-founder and CEO James Smith told CNBC in a telephone interview. “We were able to let our clients know that these funds were going towards them, and they were able to stop them.”
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The firm on Wednesday said it raised $ 23m in a funding round led by Japan’s SBI Holdings to push for aggressive expansion in Asia. SBI, a financial services business rooted in SoftBank, has made headlines in the past due to partnerships with blockchain companies such as Ripple and R3. Elliptic also accounts for bitcoin value
Terrorist financing is just one area of ​​illegal activity that the firm’s platform deals with. Hassle has also been used to track down traffickers of child pornography and drugs, as well as hacking resulting in theft. Elliptic points to another side of the crypto industry, as its technology is seen as more favorable to businesses and financial services regulators.

Smith said the cryptocurrency industry has seen more growth in the past 18 months than in previous years. Bitcoin’s publicity has doubled since the beginning of the year, and Facebook announces plans to launch a virtual asset-backed currency called Libra, in partnership with other tech and finance firms.

Excellent airline ticket prices: explore alternative airport options to make great savings.

When traveling, many people only accept the prices of airline tickets from the nearest airport to their home. This is a big mistake, as there are often better rates available at nearby alternative airports. Learn more about how to take advantage of alternative airports to save ENERGY.
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For the purposes of this article, we reserve a hypothetical bus of economy / coach buses from Cincinnati, Ohio to Las Vegas, Nevada for two people at Delta Airlines. We will leave on a Monday and we will return on Friday. From here, the article will focus on ways to lower the cost of our airline tickets for this flight. All the research will be done on Priceline.com, but you could use one of the other online sites so easily.
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It is important that you understand that a flight booked outside an important international airport will cost much more than a smaller airport. If you want to leave a smaller airport, you can often save a significant amount of money from the prices of your airline ticket. Also keep in mind that a first-class flight that has four hours or less is a waste of money. Save that money for anything else and book tickets for coaches and economy
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Book the flight to exit Cincinnati on Monday, November 24, 2009 and return on November 27, 2009 gives us a price of less than $ 308 per person. But the same flight from Indianapolis to Indiana is only 228 dollars. In Columbus Ohio they are only $ 218, and in Dayton Ohio only at $ 188. This means that you can save up to a ticket of up to $ 120 just traveling outside a different airport.
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This type of savings is worth adding extra gas money to reach the other airport, especially in this case, where Dayton, the airport with the lowest price is only one hour away.
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Try to plan ahead and see how the price of your airline tickets will affect, as it will also save you money. It is not uncommon to find significant savings this way and it should also work in the city.
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In addition to saving money on the prices of your airline tickets, finding this way will often reveal significant savings in package deals where a car rental or a hotel stay is included.
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Do some homework on online ticketing sites before buying tickets for the next flight. Simply, choosing the nearest airport flight like everyone else, you’ll probably get higher airline ticket prices than you need.

Copyright (c) 2009 Drew C Spaeth

Traffic reports from Chicago

Listening to a traffic report in Chicago is like listening to a professional MCSE talk on firewalls and proxy servers. Somehow you know what is being said is important and you have to know what it is, but you can also talk about binary code. After being in Chicago for a while, learn the terms you need to know, but if you visit or simply moved to Chicago it seems you will never get it. Traffic reports use names, but maps and signs use numbers.

Briefly, here they refer to these names, so the next time they hear "20 minutes leaving the division to O & # 39; Hare", you know that's fine.

Departure: Departure from the center

Entering: direction to the center

The Kennedy: I-90 and I-94 together to the north of the Loop (approx. I-290). The I-90 continues to be the Kennedy after the division to O & Hare

The division / crossroads: when I-90 and I-94 separate each other in the north of the Loop. The I-90 goes to O & # 39; Hare and I-94 to the northeast.

Edens Expressway: I-94 north of the Split Lake Cook highway

Lake Cook Road: East-West Street that marks the boundaries of Lake and Cook Counties on the north side

Northwest Tollway: I-90 north of O & # 39; Hare to Wisconsin

Dan Ryan Expressway: I-90 and I-94 together to the south of the Loop

Skyway: Connect Dan Ryan to Indiana Toll Road

95th Street: South End of Dan Ryan Expressway, marks the beginning of Bishop Ford

Highway of Bishop Ford: I-94 from the 95th (Dan Ryan) to the I-80 / Indiana

Eisenhower: I-290, which extends from the center of the city to the western suburbs

North-South: I-355 from Itasca to I-55

Stevenson Expressway: I-55 from Lake Shore Drive to Tri-State

Tri-State Highway: I-294 connects with the I-94 to the north and south end of the city, forming a semicircle and connecting with all major state-owned.

Ronald Reagan Memorial Peage: I-88 to the west of Tri-State

The Loop: area located in the heart of the center, surrounded by the slopes "L". Lake Street to the north, Wabash to the east, Van Buren to the south and Wells Street to the west.

Post office: Sometimes it's used instead of Loop. Now it's an empty building that encompasses Eisenhower, which becomes the Congress Parkway.

Circle / Spaghetti Bowl: where Dan Ryan meets, Kennedy and Eisenhower

Hillside Strangler: Named for a nearby suburb. When the East-West tolls, the Tri-State and Eisenhower meet

Mannheim: Just to the east of Hillside Strangler and close to the western end of Eisenhower

Adventure trips to Wadi Rum

Claire's friends and # 39; They told him that he had gone too far this time. With twenty-nine years, Claire lived a life of mystery and suspense as an adventure traveler. Until this trip, he had convinced that his friends were there. However, friends had begun to abandon themselves in a boring routine. Only a single friend had joined the previous adventure vacations. This time, for the first time, Claire traveled alone. From his window seat, he drank in Amman, Jordan, as his eyes could see in an Airbus 380 when the final approach to the Queen Alia international airport began.

His friends were scared by ISIL fans near Syria, but Claire did not listen to her. It counteracted its fear with facts: the Americans and their allies had crushed ISIL there and, therefore, Jordan, one of the Allies, had become safe for tourism. However, none of them agreed to go with her, so they challenged them by taking a flight from the London Emerates airline to Amman. The wheels hit the court with a small weight and Claire did not regret flying with the hospital crew of the UAE's airline. However, he was frightened to get off the plane, a young British single, alone in a sea of ​​Arab culture. He regained his bravery after driving his luggage to Jordanian customs and into the common area of ​​the airport. An Arab young man held himself up, holding a poster of the tourist company he had booked. He wore a white lily tih, a red keffiyeh and a fine-cut agile that had his colorful headwear in place. While Claire turned to him, the man smiled and asked: "Miss Claire?" He presented himself to Hashem, his guide. Adventure ahead!

Other tourists, including a large number of Britons, Europeans, Americans and Australians, were joined, twelve in total, and Claire felt welcome among them. Hashem drove a small tourist bus while explaining to his guests how he would provide the best hospitality and promised that no one would want the fun and enthusiasm of his tour to end. An eight-day adventure started in the Middle East, go, go!

Hashem remained at the Jordan Tower Hotel lobby while his visit group went in and stored his suitcases. Then he led Claire and the others towards a total Jordanian cultural immersion at the souk (markets) where he had arranged with several vendors to show them gold, precious stones and pearls, hand woven rugs, here a vision of their taste, a spritz of fine perfume and nobody pushed Claire to buy any. If he decided to own something, an Arab seller quickly closed the agreement with a credit card, a packaging and a promise to accelerate his home to arrive the next day he returned to London.

The rhythm was reduced and the climate was relaxing as the sun was getting thick and flushed, the gas lamps bathed the streets and houses with a soft golden red and Claire first heard the Muslim one Call to prayer, a disturbing and beautiful song. Hashem was excused while throwing a carpet of prayer to join the faithful in prayer to God, which he did five times every day.

After a single night and a morning in Amman, Claire and the others were sent to three Land Rovers in the ancient Roman city of Gerasa, located in the modern city of Jerash, northwest of Amman, nearby from southern Syria and the Israeli West Bank. . Claire and the others chatted like birds while walking through the old Roman streets to observe and photograph pillars, artworks and the remains of buildings raised some time after 63 BC. A local guide filled the minds of the tourist with fascinating facts while visually absorbing the mysteries of the time that surrounded them. After six hours, Hashem drove his Land Rover caravan to the southwest to the Dead Sea.

Although it looked like just a photographic opportunity, Hashem placed them in a remote Dead Sea complex, where everyone screamed extra attention with food and drink while watching several stormy storms flying through the distant water. Again, a local historian entertained the adventurers with stories of what had happened there formerly. Many stories complemented the biblical stories. The group came out early next morning to travel to the most sought-after destination in Jordan, the old Arab commercial capital called Petra. All the tour groups commented on how they were intrigued by Petra, who saw the scene of the final part of the 1981 movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark. Over and over again, the group found hidden places inside and outside the front of an old building sculpted on a mountainside that they remembered as scenes for actor Harrison Ford (Indiana Jones). While Hashem directed the tour, the other drivers of the Land Rovers set up a camp for the night. Claire camped under a clear moonlight in the desert!

The unforgettable experience, but the liking of the adventure that comes, crawled into the memories of adventure travelers, people who want to drink life in stool! The next day, Hashem directed his expedition to Wadi Rum, located to the south in Jordan, near the border with Saudi Arabia and the Aqaba Red Sea port. Wadi Rum, a movie location for Lawrence in Arabia in 1962, The Red Planet in 2000, Promethe in 2012, The Martian in 2015 and Rogue One in 2016, promised to be the pinnacle of the trip. In Wadi Rum, the combined revenue from film production and tourism had attempted a Bedouin tribe normally nomadic to settle there permanently. The Bedouin became the host of Claire and the rest of tourists under Hashem's care. They provided shelter to two of their traditional shops, authentic Bedouin meals, and provided excursions, rock climbing, camel rides and even balloons. Wadi Rum, a gateway for travelers for thousands of years, full of memorable photos. Many rock formations represented engraved cave paintings that gave voice to adventure travelers for a long time.

As Hashem had predicted, Claire and her fellow travelers upset He left Wadi Rum for the return to Amman, where a last night sealed a permanent appreciation for the culture of Jordan. At the airport, the young Hashem said goodbye to each one of them, just as he greeted: with a broad smile and a short bow. While waiting for Emirate's release, Claire sent a text to his best friend. "I came home. Tell others that I will celebrate my time on Mars, where The Force was with me while driving a camel!" # TAG1 copywriter

The place of blue smoke

The Cherokee called this mystical land, "The place of blue smoke" or Shaconage, (shah-with-ah-jey) in their language. I decided to go that exactly and I took my family or 4 for a holiday at The Smoky Mountains this year.

Tennessee is a central state. Not surprisingly, the state park of the Great Smokey Mountain is the most visited state park in the United States.

There are some observations that I would like to point out about Tennessee. The first thing I noticed was that the gas was 20 cents cheaper than Indiana and 30 cents cheaper than that of Kentucky. It is as if all the Kroger plus cards were used.

In Indiana, residents charge $ 5.00 for having thrown in any state park. Non-residents pay $ 7.00. He hit me, for accidentally driving to the Smokey Mountain National Park while driving. It's free!

By the way, they have 1,500 bears in the park. This is 2 for each square mile. You can pay $ 3.50 to see bears in the city's Christmas store or you can drive to the park for free. Nowadays, free works.

Talking for free, the park offers Ranger Junior visits and classes for children during the travel season. Includes blacksmithing classes; like the old west, and even a hike to a beautiful waterfall in the country of the bones. Many of these classes or visits are free for the public.

When we filmed in Pigeon Forge TN, we saw Country Glitz, the tastes I have never seen; and I lived 2 years in Texas growing. You will see the Hatfield & # 39; s and McCoys with Rhinestone Sparkleys, and they even have a mental reading pig. We had 3 Farris Wheels in the park and 5 miniature golf courses (not to die).

On the first day we went to Splash Country at Dollywood & # 39; s. The park offers some rare excursions. To begin, you only have the world's water roller coaster.

At the entrance to the park, there is a sign indicating that language and actions that were not even with t-shirts would not be tolerated. Most sites today want your money, a little too much. It's refreshing to see a place that places the needs of a worthy clientele above the almighty dollar. Dollywood also offers a 30% discount on military personnel and their dependents.

In fact, I could see a little more presence of God in matters, in this whole area, than I do elsewhere. An example, we saw what appeared to be an enormous adult sex shop; just next to which somebody planted a human white cross. They do not have any tail, because there is a good fight in the hills.

The two days of our visit, it rained and assaulted a little. Perhaps it has been a blessing, since I have burned quite well the lazy river. My son was a bit too short to make a single slide of 15 feet. Then, he spoke to me on horseback with a double bass; which made about a millimeter of vortex of tuberous terror; which, of course, was authorized to ride, just with me.

I had talked about the next excursion to an excursion that was known as a "toilet towel" (unknown real name), another unusual walk, where you apparently go down directly to a speed of 300 kilometers per hour before being driven by a circular bowl. Thank God, that someone saw a lightning just a few miles away or would have run over

In fact, for some reason when it comes to water rides, I'm scared. I went to the mountain In this plunge to King & # 39; s Island; a ride that was considered too dangerous, so they overthrown it. They actually have what seems to be a duplicate in Dollywood. The one of King & # 39; s Island, in fact, left you out of the slide for a few seconds; What can I testify can lead you to the legs without problems, causing injury to the groin …

On day 2, we went to Dollywood Park. We had an explosion! Tramway staff; said that if you have a flat tire, you need a leap or are blocked out of the vehicle; Dollywood's security will help you for free. Rural mansions here are very abundant.

My son got to drive a silver T-Bird, and he pulled the tires. The favorite trip from my daughter was the Grand Gusher; a walk that no visitor should not do without. One does not visit the amusement parks in hot weather in July or August without wiping any croutons and socks. I was next to two guys with my family. They proudly declared "Best to Take The Gold Bond" (medicated itching cream).

We saw 2 shows to help the rain. The first was GAC (Great American Country). I really liked the presentation of the staff His eye is in the sparrow . Followed by Kristy Lee Cook. She is so talented, as lovely. He left after the show and he let me take a picture of my wife and daughter. She had no idea that I was writing a travel review.

Speaking of Gy Classy; You can not visit Dollywood without learning a little & # 39; about Mrs. Dolly Parton.

Check, a recreation of the church in which Dolly grew, about the baptism of the country they came. There was an appointment somewhere, very clearly that Dolly credits his success to the good Lord before. He also has the hall of fame of Gospel in one of his museums.

The fame of Dolly & # 39; It can be attributed to its quality voice Opry, and a figure that, on its beef day, was as good as ever. Even so, its inner beauty is even more charming.

Dollywood has a section called "Her People" and has a program called "Heart Song", which appeared in her family. Rate the family and treat it with decency. There is even a replica of his family home where he grew up.

The park plans to renew / upgrade $ 30 million as well. There will be more walks and shows, (I guess this is possible).

In conclusion, Tennessee & # 39; s Smokey Mountains, is a zone full of southern values. He is full of struggles in the country. There are many things to see and do, some in the national park, free in the open air; some not so free.

Caverns of Cumberland: a dream and a wild path through the cave

I'm a browser. Puppy scouts are going to camp, earn badges, help land and this is basically what we do. One day, the leader of our packages (the leaders of the package are leaders of all the dense in the packages. The leaders of the Den are the leaders of the pavilion. Parents also help the search engines to do activities) announced that the package organizes a night camp in the caves of Cumberland in Tennessee. I was so excited that we were going to sleep in a cave! When I asked my mother and my father, they told me yes. My mother said marriages and concerts also take place in the caverns of Cumberland. I thought it was just strange. My mother signed up and in a few weeks, it was time to go to the Caverns!

Our duffel bag was full of clothes. We do not have experienced campers. We held a pillow, two mattresses and two sleeping bags. We put two canvas and the towel in my school bag and we brought the rest to our hands. My father and I go to the caverns of Cumberland.

We packed the trunk of our car and we said goodbye to our family and we left our way of driving and we were rolling. It was a four hour journey. When we were about 20 minutes from the caverns of Cumberland, we stopped to make a snack at the Wendy's .. When we reached the caverns of Cumberland it was deserted, we walked for a while and then went to the subway ( which was about 10 miles away) to dinner. When we returned, it was at 5.30 pm and all the other families (about 41 explorers) had come. We all went to the gift shop to wait where our guide took us to the cave (we could not really see the entrance to the cave from there).

When the explorers entered, they saw pop guns that were not in the box, so they picked them up and after a few seconds, the gift shop was filled with Pop. Pop! Pop! I sat with my dad waiting for the guide.

Finally the guide arrived. He led us on a serious path that led us to the cave. We left things in place to the place where we would sleep and prepare our things. When we were all ready, he announced that our package will first go to the wild tour (the wild route is a tough excursion through the cave, in some places the passages may even seem small cracks) of the caverns of Cumberland while the other package. will start with the commercial tour. On the wild path of the caves there would be times that we should drag ourselves into small spaces. So he asked us to explore this wooden thing, which was actually a narrow empty box, if we were to go on a wild tour. All the explorers did it, although some heavy or reticent parents did not.

Our 311 package started the wild trip. They all gave us a hard hat with headscarf. The lighthouse was essential. My father also had a little light, which was useful in some places. The wild route consisted of an easy road made by nature (all obstacles except some stairs in the same place). When we started to peek out, it was easy, but then we found some really hard steps. Most included the crawl. In one place, there were two stairs that climbed and a ladder lowered. The two stairs that went up seemed easy. The last scale that went down was scary. There was a large ditch for which you could fall easily if you step on. Everything was hard rock. So if you fall, you'll definitely bite your bones. We had to step on a rocky touch and walk slowly.

When we had finished half of the wild route through the caverns of Cumberland, the guide said the hardest path still is to arrive. They spent more than an hour at that time. He made us rest in a spacious room like an area with the lights shut and the darkness of the room. There he said he explained the history of the discovery of the cave. After the break, we went to the three hard parts of the wild tour, the alley Bubble Gum, Lemon Squeeze and the back bone of the Devil. Lemon Squeezing was a tight space that we had to trace, some places we needed to drag and some places that we had to twist, tighten and drag up to twenty meters. The back bone of the Devil had a height of about 3 inches in width above a pile of triangular rock that ran about twenty feet, where we had to balance ourselves and move on. If we slip, we will fall into the ditches on either side. Because, below, there was a small slope leading to deep holes. The alley of the bubble gums was a perfect place. The only difficult thing was mud. The clay was so sticky, sometimes the boots collapsed. Here also the footbridges were very narrow and in some places we had to drag ourselves. The last one, but no less important, is a muddy slope. I managed to dig your feet in mud and push me to sit in the bottom to slowly and carefully lower.

After the wild tour, it was the commercial one. The guide walked us through the cave and we learned about some important parts of the cave. There was a volcano room that looked like a volcano where the wedding is done. The tour ended with a light show. A

Our guide also told us the story of Aaron Higgenbotham. Do you want to know? One day, Aaron Higgenbotham was walking and saw a cave, now known as Cumberland Caverns. He lit a torch and looked at her. He saw something that could rise, so he climbed up. When it was three quarters of time, he cut his finger and the torch fell and left. So he got lost. He went up the rest of the road and waited three days and three nights until his friends came and saved him. Then, the darkness had caused Higginbotham to be blind and gray! Once the guide finished the visit, we prepared and we slept. Someone had forgotten to turn off some lights, so it was also difficult to sleep. That night, we saw bats! -Indiana brown bats. I was scared but I managed to spend the night.

When we woke up, there was a splendid continental breakfast in the cave. We ate our breakfast, wrapped up and we stayed with a good memory to sleep in the caverns of Cumberland. When we got home, my mother and my sister were going to buy. We cleaned them up and waited for them. When they came, we told them, that same story. They were as excited as us!

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