Eco Tourism

The words "Eco" and "Eco Friendly Holidays" and "Eco Tourism" are rapidly becoming the current buzzwords in the holiday travel industry. While welcoming the current focus on the environment it must be said that although many reputable travel organizations are truly dedicated to conservation and protection of the environment there are others simply exploiting marketing possibilities.

There is no argument against the facts that we humans cause emission of harmful gases from our homes, when driving our cars and when flying away on holiday. According to Chaucer, there are lies, dammed lies and statistics and the current statistics, being banded about suggest that airlines are the main offenders. In fact, our homes are the worst offenders with around 25% of emissions, with airlines contributing 5%.

Household emissions of CO2 are calculated at 11 tonnes per person per annual whereas a return holiday flight to Belize produces 2.38 tonnes per passenger. Having said that, it must be understood that air travel is the fastest growing source of harmful emission.

Governments seem unwilling or unable to address these problems in a practical way. As a holiday traveler there are some ways you can contribute to the reduction of CO2.
Perhaps it is possible for you and your family to have fewer but longer holidays if they require air travel. You could also eliminate those short breaks.

Direct flights to your destination will reduce the take-offs and landings which contribute the worst emissions. Night and winter flights should be avoided if possible. Choose a "young" airline. New aircraft pollute less. Sometimes visit local holiday destinations with travel by car (car sharing), public transport or even walking or cycling.

Extremists would suggest banning all holiday flights. This would have a totally negative effect on the economies of many countries visited by tourists. The money earned from responsible tourists will fund education programs, support conservation projects and enable investment in carbon reduction technologies.

In your own way, as an Eco Tourist you can also help the environment at your holiday destination. Economise on the air conditioning, limit use of the laundry facilities, do not waste water, if it is safe drink tap water, buy locally produced food etc, from local establishments and avoid the purchase of imported goods.

Your choice of holiday destination and method of travel can make a positive contribution to this global problem. If we were all to make even small changes in our lifestyle and travel it would amount to a very large change in the damage we are causing globally.

Top 10 Car Rental Extras For Your Holiday

You have just booked your long awaited holiday, but images of relaxing on a sun kissed beach are replaced by thoughts of having to organize all of the details that were not included in the deal. There is more to planning your trip than just booking the airfare, accommodation and car rental.

Car rental comparison web sites are fantastic for offering all the relevant information that is needed to provide you with the holiday you deserve, right down to all the essential details to complete your holiday package.

Here is a top ten list of useful extras to consider whilst arranging your car rental.

  1. Cheap Airport parking. When leaving your car we want to make sure its left in the best possible hands, but doesn’t cost a fortune for that security.
  2. Airport Hotels. When booking your car rental you do tend to find some good offers that allows you to make a saving on booking both together.
  3. Airport Lounges. Get a VIP lounge pass and relax for up to 3 hours before your flight, with complimentary drinks and snacks in a quiet area, so you can unwind before you start your holiday.
  4. Cheap car hire insurance. It’s always best to have the right package, when travelling in different countries can take a while to get used to the differences so it would be one less thing for you to worry about.
  5. Global Sim Cards. Using your mobile abroad can be very costly, even if you receive calls. A global sim card once you have your international sim number is yours to keep for life, and because it’s prepaid you won’t come home to a nasty bill.
  6. Sat Nav Hire. Forget those old paper maps and hire a satellite navigation system for your holiday, then wherever you are in the world you can be confident that you won’t get lost.
  7. Free Foreign Currency Card. Avoid the inconvenience of finding time to exchange your money and instead, use a foreign currency card as you would any credit card. Simply pay for items with the card or withdraw cash at your holiday destination
  8. Travel Insurance. It is now possible to tailor your travel insurance to meet all of your holiday requirements not just for yourself but all others in the party.
  9. Flight Status. Knowing if your flight is on time or not makes for a good start to any holiday. Using a flight tracker or to set up flight alerts is guaranteed to make sure you never miss a flight.
  10. Travel Forum. Going somewhere you don’t know is always difficult it’s always good to get all the up to date info on people who have just currently travelled to your destination, would help with all the best places to visit and will help to share all your holiday experiences with future travellers.

Sunday Fun-Days

When the weather is nice there are few more enjoyable ways to spend a Sunday than outside. A few Sunday Fun-days include:

Playing tennis in the park:

Tennis is a great sport to play. Even if you aren’t a pro, tennis is a fun way to spend some time outdoors, with a friend, in the sunshine, getting some exercise. The best part is there are lots of public courts around London, where anyone can go and play for next to nothing. Typically you’ll have to book a court in advance and perhaps pay £6-9 for an hour of playtime, but it’s all worth it for what you get in return.

Rosé in the garden:

Nothing screams summer afternoon like a nice bottle of cold rosé and some time in the garden with friends and family. Start the afternoon with a light lunch of salads or omelette and some wine and then continue on with more wine, chocolate and popcorn. When your weeks are filled with work and social obligations it can be really nice to spend an Sunday afternoon sitting at home with a book or friends and just enjoy the sunshine and relaxation.

Afternoon at the beach:

If you live anywhere near a beach while the sun is shining then I highly recommend that you go. You can tan in the sun, swim in the sea, go for a run along the sand or play games in the water. No matter what you do while you’re there, an afternoon at the beach really does feel like a holiday. Don’t forget to bring water, towels, sunscreen and an umbrella, because you can’t count on finding any of those things there.

Backyard barbeques:

Everyone loves a barbeque when the weather is nice. Even vegetarians who don’t eat traditional barbeque foods of hot dogs and hamburgers can enjoy grilled veg, corn on the cob and the fabulous ambiance that’s included in the day. Potato salad, Pimms, homemade burgers, backyard barbeques is casual dining at its best and most relaxed.

Footy in the park:

If you want to be outdoors spending time with your friends, then why not organise a pick-up game of footy? It’s all for fun so don’t worry if you’re no Christiano Rinaldo, you can still get out there and have a good time with your mates.

No matter how to choose your summer Sunday, make sure that you spend ample time in the shade. Safety first.

Need A Holiday? New Zealand Is The Destination Of Choice

Action, adventure or just relaxation, why not plan a holiday in New Zealand or a honeymoon in New Zealand which is one of the most sought after destinations in the world. There is heaps to do on your holiday in New Zealand with outdoor & adventure activities, tourist attractions, wildlife viewing & nature, food & wine, Maori culture, museums & art galleries, shopping & more. Enjoy a fun filled holiday in New Zealand, one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


Holidays are your time to relax and enjoy New Zealand's recreation. Working with the right holiday company will maximize your opportunity to get the very best out of your holiday. They often offer opportunities to see New Zealand in a way most holiday makers can not. With a number of outdoor activities and sights to see, you can stay in various types of holiday homes in New Zealand with a price to match anyone's budget. Visitors looking for holiday homes in New Zealand have two main islands to choose from. The North Island or the South Island. Both Islands have a wide variety of activities and scenery to please everyone's holiday taste.


New Zealand has a wide range of quality accommodation options to suit all budgets. With hotels, resorts, luxury lodges, self contained motels & apartments, bed & breakfast / homestays, holiday homes, backpacker, holiday parks & camping. Accommodation options range from a single night's Bed and Breakfast, to Customized, Multi-day all inclusive packages. Many accommodation providers offer the flexibility to extend your stay in a place you love for an extra day or 2 within peak times with little or no fuss. Motel accommodation is one of the most flexible accommodation arrangements available in New Zealand.


Fresh air, breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities are the main attractions of New Zealand, with a tremendously friendly, honest and helpful population, colloquially nicknamed after their country's distinct symbol, the unusual but amiable flightless bird "The Kiwi". New Zealand offers a lot of activities, especially for the adventurous kind. New Zealand's awesome landscapes, lush forests and amazing wildlife make it a haven for many outdoor activities, and a great place to unwind. New Zealand offers a huge variety of action-packed and laid back activities, from bungy jumping to skiing, swimming with dolphins, scenic flights and boat cruises on the fjords, as well as some world famous walking trails with unrivaled scenery. Most adventurous activities are available in the South Island, whereas North Island offers the charm of the big cities, some great shopping as well as some definitely New Zealand attractions, like the Maori village in Rotorua. These activities are strong contributors to overall holiday satisfaction and deliver an enjoyable holiday experience to the interactive traveler in New Zealand.

Part of the challenge in planning a New Zealand holiday is what to leave out. Adding a dash of culture to your New Zealand holiday is simply a matter of knowing where to go. Everything you need for a great New Zealand holiday is available: Fishing off the beach, golf courses, horse riding, surfing and swimming, vineyards, white sandy picturesque beaches, fishing boat charters including diving and snorkeling, local craft and pottery shops and fabulous restaurants . With long sandy beaches, warm seas and miles of scenic beauty you will soon realize that a New Zealand holiday is an experience and a half. For many, a holiday in New Zealand is a once in a lifetime experience. Whichever way you like it, a New Zealand holiday is pure magic.

Things to See on Your Holidays to the Virgin Islands

The Unites States Virgin Islands are the group of small islands in the Caribbean that come under the territory of United States. Basically, the islands are the geographically part of the Virgin Islands archipelago and are located in the Leeward Islands of the Lesser Antilles. The United States Virgin Islands mainly consists of three major islands. Saint Croix, Saint John and Saint Thomas and surrounded by the mirror islands. The total cover area of ​​the island is 346.36 square kilometers.

The United States Virgin Islands is a place where you can enjoy your holidays at fullest. There are several tourist destinations that you can explore and have larger than life holidaying experience. One of the top ranked places of the island is the St.. Thomas Island. This place offers many tourist attractions like Fort Christian. It is the oldest place standing structure in the Virgin Islands. This fort was built in 1671 by Danish. Now, this building is used as a government building along with a church and court house. Till 1983 this fort was used as a jail.

To come across with another historical place of the island, you can visit the Blackbeard's Castle. It is another oldest standing building of the island. Today, this place is famous restaurant and hotel. It severs great hospitality and pleasure to the visitors. To experience the beautiful scenery of St. Louis Thomas you can enjoy the Sky Ride. This is just a few hundred yards away from the cruise ship terminal. It gives you a chance to witness the best natural sight seeing from 700 feet elevated viewpoint over looking Charlotte Amalie harbor. Additionally, you can also take help of the Trail walks that allow you to have more closure look and a personal interaction with the natural beauty of the island.

For all those visitors who love shopping and like to explore different shopping paradises of the world then this place is the best for them. St. Thomas is a commercial capital of the United States Virgin Islands. To make this place a complete shopping paradise, the government has declared it a duty free zone. This means from finest jewelery to branded cloths. You will get every thing in a competitive price. It is advisable that you should carry an extra carry bag along with your as you can not stop yourself from purchasing several things.

The Unites States Virgin Islands are also famous for its amazing water sports. This place has crystal clear water, breath taking coral reefs, thousands of colorful tropical fish and the best water sports activities. If you are a fan of under water diving then this is the perfect place for you. You can get a life time experience of scuba diving here.

You can also visit the Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve. This is the home of thousands of mango trees, coral reef and a submarine canyon that are surrounded by the sea.

Cheap Holiday Deals to Stalis Provide Perfect Holidays For All

Family holidays to Stalis are about as popular as couples holidays, beach holidays, 18 – 30’s holidays, and mature holidays to Stalis. In fact, it is difficult to find a group that can’t appreciate holidays spent in Stalis. Greek island holidays seldom have as much to offer visitors as you will find in the resort of Stalis-a resort that offers a little bit of everything you could possibly want from a beach holiday and a little bit more.

First of all, you should check out various package holidays to Stalis. You might be able to learn a little more about the possibilities that holidays to Stalis present for the entire family simply by taking in the long list of package options that are available to you. More importantly, in these economic times, packages are a great way to make cheap holiday deals to Stalis and other locations on Crete.

The nightlife in Stalis is rather lively though not nearly as dominating as the nightlife and club activities are in Malia. Stalis is a more well-rounded option for holiday fun than those resorts that are designed to appeal to party crowds or even those that attract more mature holiday crowds. What you have in Stalis is a healthy mix that makes it a worthy choice for family holidays.

The beaches of Stalis provide excellent opportunities for families that enjoy beach holidays and are content to spend the entire time on the beach. There is much more to this charming resort than a few beaches though so you don’t risk running out of things to do. Popular excursions to enjoy from Stalis include mini trains to Malia, boat trips to Santorini, and the traditional villages that can be found further inland. Greek island holidays are about experiencing the best Greece has to offer. Don’t miss out on the cultural treasure chest waiting for you away from the primary resorts.

Cheap holiday deals to Stalis are a great way to enjoy the very best of Crete. Don’t miss out on package holidays and prices that are lower in price now than they have been in years. Family holidays to Stalis may be the perfect way for you and your family to enjoy Greek island holidays. Make your plans today and you could be enjoying the beautiful views and gorgeous waters of Crete before you know it.

South Africa Winter Sun Holidays

South Africa is a hugely popular winter sun holiday destination. While in Europe we find our days get darker and shorter, snow starts to fall and temperatures plummet – over in South Africa they’ve experiencing the peak of summer. And their summer is a glorious one.

South Africa is a gorgeous place to visit any time of year, but as a winter sun holiday you escape the cold and adventure into some classically hot weather activity – you can go to the beach, go surfing, head out on safari, or explore the cities in the beaming sunshine.

When you head there, you’ll arrive in Johannesburg which is the gateway to the country. Jo’burg, as it’s affectionately known, has the nation’s largest economy and is the business hub, however as a tourist there is not as much to draw you in – there are museums and art galleries, but consider this as a stopping point on your way to the more exciting parts.

Head south – nearly all the way to the southern=most point, and you’ll arrive in the most popular tourist destination in all of Africa, Cape Town. Cape Town sits on the cape peninsula, which sticks out nearly 50 miles into the South Atlantic Ocean. This fact means that there are many different beaches all in close proximity to each-other. The sea on the different coasts of the peninsular is very different, with different temperatures, currents and waves. Surfing is a very popular sport in Cape Town and many famous surfers visit annually for various surfing competitions.

Cape Town also features the stunning Table Mountain, within the Table Mountain National park. The mountain is visible across the town, and is accessible by cable car. If it is nature you want though, there are many other options in South Africa.

Kruger National Park is one of the most popular nature reserves. At the opposite end of the country from Cape Town, Kruger national park is inland and much farther north – and very hot! In January you can expect highs of 33 Celsius in the day. The park itself is vast, so is split into various camps accessible from 9 entry points.

Once inside the park you can view an astonishing amount of wildlife usually seen only in the Zoo. Elephants, Rhinoceros, Buffalo, Lions and Leopard are the ‘big five’ game animals you can see. You’ll also view Zebra, Cheetah, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Wildebeest, and Hyena.

If you do visit the park in winter, it’s worth noting that there is a heightened malaria risk during the rainy season.

Cape Town and Kruger national park are just the tip of the iceberg, but they are fantastic locations to head to. Begin your plans by taking a look at some holiday rental in South Africa, and start an exciting journey!

Some Great Gift Wrapping Ideas Just In Time For The Holidays

The traditional way of wrapping gifts through colorful ribbons, wrapping paper, tape and scissors added a personal touch to the gift. A lot of time, attention and energy were devoted to gift wrapping. Today there is no time to spend hours on innovating ways to wrap gifts elaborately. Here are a few suggestions on traditional as well as modern gift wrapping to be used depending on your time and mood.

For wrapping gifts the traditional way, you have to decide on the wrapping paper. There is usually a wide range of papers to choose from, depending on the occasion, be it birthdays, Christmas or Easter. The ideal wrapping paper sets the mood of the gift and communicates the right impression.

Traditional wraps can be complicated. Thanks to modern technology and creativity, most of the wrapping papers have grids and lines behind them. It is now easier to measure the amount of wrapping required. The paper should be cut along the lines to create the perfect shape and make your gift attractive.

While cutting the wrapping paper, make sure that there is enough space, at least one and a half times the size of the object, on either side of the paper. Use a cello tape in the middle where the papers meet. Fold the sides of the gift into a triangle and tape it on the gift neatly. Ribbons can be used to make the gift look stylish.

You might be a too busy to wrap a gift in the traditional way even for a loved one. If that is the case then here are some tips on the hassle free, modern way of wrapping gifts. This way you can still add a personal touch without getting involved in too complicated presentations.

You can wrap the entire gift in a trendy fabric bag or with a designer material that would match with your mood and your relationship with the receiver. The gift can be sealed with a single ribbon used all across the gift. Adding a bow will make the gift look special. This works well for gifting colleagues, friends, relatives as well as your loved ones.

There are readily available decorative boxes for gifts. One has to find a box best suited to the gift size. However, extra spaces in the box can be filled with tissue wraps, trinkets and even sprigs for adornment. For a final touch, a ribbon or bow can be used to make the box look warm and creative.

Lastly, you can also put the gift in a convenient yet stylish gift bag. They are chic, beautiful and very popular. Often shrink wrapped for branded items; there are a lot of retail stores which have amazing gift bags to further the brand status of your gift.
Since there are numerous gift wrappings readily available, making your gift pretty is actually quite an easy job.

Want to Make Up With Your Ex Before the Holidays? Start Right Now With These Steps

It is no fun to be alone during this festive season. Invitations to family dinners, like Thanksgiving and Christmas are to expected and you want to share it with your loved one. Showing up alone can be depressed since everyone else will have their mates and family members there. Who will you toast with on New Years eve? Being along will cause you to remember the good times with your ex and make you feel even worse.

James had broken up with Emily a few weeks ago and was still something angry. Although he was now alone and enjoying his freedom, deep down inside he knew he was wrong to break up with his girlfriend of three years. His ex was still on his mind and his emotions were now leaning more towards love than hate. With the season fast approaching, he knew it would be a lonely time for him without Emily. He had to do something fast if he wanted to get his ex back before the holidays.

After a few days of soul searching, James decided to take action to win back the love of his life. A simple – I'm sorry – was not going to cut it, so James decided to seek help and come up with a game plan that would get his ex back before the holidays. He invested some time in learning about successful relationships whichave him an insight on his damaging behavior and how to avoid those situations in the future.

His plan involved a simple phone call and quick apology to start. Emily had helped him shop for his mother on holidays and birthdays before, so he asked if she would offer some tips. James was able to continue calling Emily with light conversations and indeed they met for a light lunch. The door was open for James to get his ex back before the holidays and this time do it right.

Decide to take a close look at your behavior. Look for help from family and friends. There is plenty of information on internet on how to develop a lasting relationship.

Getting your ex back may require some real changes . Some bad habits may have come between you that are not easy to give up.

If you have quit smoking, tell you ex of your plans. This will impress them with your strength and sincerity to change for the best.

The holidays are a charming time with romance in the air and plenty of decorations. Begin with a slight date, maybe help with a holiday dinner, or shopping for a parent or a child. A causal cup of coffee in a small shop decked with holiday trees and lights creates an atmosphere that can melt any heart.

Cozy dinners, hot chocolate by the fire and walks in the snow are small steps that will quickly reunite you and bring trust back into the relationship. You can start now to get your ex back before the holidays with these simple tips.

Murcia Festivals Make Spanish Holiday Villas Magnificent

A Spanish holiday at a luxury resort or villa has much to offer a traveler. Combine beautiful beaches, great food and good old-fashioned rest and relaxation with culture and you have the makings of a great vacation. Murcia offers all that to those who choose to visit the resorts of La Manga.

Festivals in Murcia are year-round. Pick a month and there is sure to be some type of festival to suit your needs. A well-known musical event is the Las Minas Flamenco Song Festival. This festival takes place in the mining town of La Union in July. The harbor town of Cartagena holds the La Mar de Musicas Festival every summer.

The International Festival de Mediterranean Folklore takes place over three days every September. This event brings many groups from all over the world to the region to celebrate its culture. They play music, spotlight traditions and perform dances to entertain and educate visitors to the festival.

Another wonderful festival is the International Festival of Theater, Music and Dance in Almansa. This festival features top performers from Spain and around the world. What’s unique about this festival is the way it displays classical works alongside modern works across the various disciplines represented.

January brings La Fiesta de las Cuadrillas in Murcia. This festival celebrates the present-day culture of the Murcia region and highlights the music common to the area. Every February sees the town of Aguilas celebrate with carnivals that have a 200-year tradition. These carnivals combine costumes and disguises with lots of music. The month of March has Las Incursiones Berberiscas, which takes place in Los Alcazares in Mar Menor. This three-day festival has music, dancing, games and a medieval market.

The town of Lorca celebrates Holy Week every April with many colorful processions that give tourists a closer look at the area’s religious traditions. Following the Holy Week processions are the Fiestas de Primavera. The month of May sees the town of Cieza in Murcia filled with crosses made from flowers for the Dia de la Cruz.

The period from June through December has the town of San Javier hosting many festivals. These include jazz, theater, music and dance. For even more variety, there are the celebrations of the Dia de los Santos in Calasparra. These have everything from open-air dances and floats to rice tasting and even a bull run.

In the town of Torre Pacheco, the Fiesta del Melon each July celebrates the cultivation of melons. In August, the small, quiet town of Aledo hosts festivals to commemorate its history. September sees Murcia giving its citizens and visitors the Feria de Murcia, a festival filled with concerts, bull runs and a very popular procession.

Spanish holiday villas in La Manga offers a traveler access to all that goes on in the Murcia region. Of course, there’s the sun, surf and sand. Even with that, though, there’s always time for a museum, art gallery or festival. When you want to venture out from your apartments, villas or luxury resort accommodation, try the festivals Murcia has waiting for you.